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    iphone without data

    thanks but i have another question. with all these people getting new iphone 3g's and with their old iphones deactivated, is it possible for me to take the old iphone, and unlock it- hence use it on tmobile? or is it completely bricked?
  2. [zerophase]

    iphone without data

    hello out there. currently, i'm a t-mobile user due to its low prices. i want to switch to the iphone due to its nice specs but being a senior in high school without a job (time issues), i'm not the richest person out there. i can afford an iphone device, but i cannot afford at&t data plans. i was wondering if there's a way to buy an iphone and not have a data plan. i have wifi in my house, where i am the majority of the time anyways, and besides text messaging, i don't really use data. i'm not really ready to pay 600 dollars on an unlocked iphone either. http://www.ziphone.org/ is what i learned from cnet pertaining to unlocking iphones and i know theres an app called services: http://www.iphoneatlas.com/2007/10/04/turn...h-services-app/ because i don't really care about the data, the new 3g iphone is no real big deal to me. however, how do i get an iphone to do all of this to it? is it possible to unlock it before i activate it? anyone know if i can actually do what i plan on doing?
  3. [zerophase]

    itunes organization

    well in itunes i have everything pretty well organized... but i have a problem. i have a cd of an artist with same songs that are the same exact songs released in a later released greatest hits version. i don't want empty albums with missing songs... nor do i want duplicate songs. is there anyway i could have the best of both worlds and say a song belongs to both albums?
  4. [zerophase]

    burning dvd copies

    i want to make a copy of my dvd's. i used mac the ripper to copy the files onto my computer but now i don't know how to burn them back onto a dvd. i don't have the dvd's anymore (scratched and damaged) so now all i have are the files i copied off. i read somewhere that i could just make an audio_ts folder and leave that blank, along with burning the video_ts file onto the dvd as a data dvd and it would work but it didn't (i'm trying to play these on a dvd player). i also heard a while back i should buy roxio's toast to burn it? i want to burn the video_ts folder and keep things in the .vob format to keep the high quality. what should i do?
  5. [zerophase]

    gmail process

    i have a quick question.. when gmail is being accessed by an pop service is it possible instead of archiving the messages, or in turn deleteing the messages, to have it stay in the inbox but just marked as read? cause when you select the leave in inbox option it stays but still remains unread. also.. can i create a filter with multiply email addresses? do i just seperate it with a comma? and is the an easier way such as creating a filter for all members in one of my groups of contacts?
  6. [zerophase]

    help! no sound from browser

    actually i was unaware of this post: http://forum.maccast.com/index.php?showtopic=9853 but after i did the thing he suggested.. everything worked perfectly again. thanks so much!
  7. my computer's sound works from apps like itunes and such but when i use firefox safari or any browser to play a windows media file it says the codec is wrong and then all it plays is the images (the actual video with no sound) and when it plays flash movies like on u-tube, it has no sound and only the video as well. it didn't use to be a problem and everything use to work alright and i haven't changed any system preferences or anything of suchs. i just can;t seem to get any browser to play sound... somebody please help
  8. [zerophase]

    convert mp3's to midi's

    i wanna use some short mp3's on my computer as cell phone ringtones but the file sizes are too big so is there anyway i can easily convert them into midi's?
  9. [zerophase]

    Bluetooth + Computer

    wow awesome dude
  10. [zerophase]

    Bluetooth + Computer

    I just thought of something... if I have a bluetooth connect between my computer and say a palm pda.. is it possible to use bluetooth to surf the web from my pda using the computers internet connection?
  11. [zerophase]

    itunes screensaver

    the itunes screensaver that is preinstalled into mac osx is one of my favorites but i can't seem to get the album art to show the ones i want it to show. it seems to show all album art in my intunes library including my podcast's album art... is it possible to change it to only show my songs album art and no podcast art?
  12. [zerophase]

    adding an rss feed to itunes...

    http://live.eonstreams.com/citadel_ri_providence_wpro_fm.asf is it possible to add that live stream to the radio section of itunes?
  13. [zerophase]

    adding an rss feed to itunes...

    hey thanks! i didn't know it was that easy. the sad part is the feed is not playable through itunes
  14. well i love all my podcast but i have this rss feed from nba.com which is vidoes they release like everyday... i would love to change the feed into a podcast that would download the episodes automactically in itunes and then i could but them on my ipod.... if the podcast isn't already in itunes is a way for me to add it? the feed i want is right here: http://broadband.nba.com/cc/video_rss.php
  15. [zerophase]

    gmail process

    i cant seem to find the option to email foward.... can someone tell me what its under besides just the word options? (remember i have a free yahoo account.)