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  1. Pre-ordered my iPhone 4 32 GB today. I'm upgrading from a 3G, and it was feeling pretty sluggish lately. I'm excited about the better camera, 720p video, and greater speed and more memory (OS memory, not storage which I'm excited to get more of as well.)

  2. I just downloaded an app called "Voice Band," and it's probably the coolest app around. Basically, it lets you create a song on the iPhone by just singing into it. It has different instrument samples and you can layer them all for a very great rock band effect. Check out this youtube video for more...



    (and I'm just a user, no connection to the developer/s)

  3. With the iPhone app store just around the corner, I'm curious how much people think applications should cost. Will there be a "one size fits all" pricing policy like music on the iTunes Music Store?


    How much would you be prepared to pay for an app which you used every day?


    For comparison, most Mac shareware seems to be between 25 and 70USD.

    I'm thinking $10-15 is the sweet spot. If I use an app more than once a week, it's worth it to pay that, depending on what it is. I've already donated money for a couple of j/b games I play several times a day to unlock all the features (backgammon and pool).


    Palm apps are considerably more expensive, running in the $20-30 range, depending. Many games are $20.


    I think we'll see many shareware apps on iTunes. Free to try, but crippled and "paypal the developer $10 for full functionality" kind of thing. That way they don't have to share revenue with Apple.


    I'm looking forward to some apps that are cross platform, ie, they have a web interface, native interface, and a desktop interface. So they're usable offline, but you can get the benefits of online as well. Say fitness tracking software that has a huge online database to draw from so it doesn't all need to be on the phone.

  4. I was having the same issue of the update showing up again and again in the updates. I finally followed the "more information" link in the update, and learn that the updater is only downloaded to the Applications/Utilities folder. In order to install it, that updater has to be started manually.


    I did this, and was prompted to shut down my computer, which I did. When I restarted I was presented with directions on how to install the update. Here are the basics, if you don't want to have to restart twice, as I did..


    Run the updater in the Applications/Utilities folder

    Shut down the computer when prompted.

    Then hold down the power button until you hear a long, loud beep, or the sleep LED pulses.

    The computer will start up again and install the update, you'll see a progress bar.

    Then the computer boots up normally and give you a "this update has been installed" screen.


    That's it!


    Hope this helps!

  5. There's no real "workaround" needed. You can use Garageband '08 to import your sound, edit it, and export directly to your iTunes ringtone directory.


    If you're using Windows, import the edited file into iTunes, convert it to AAC, then delete it from iTunes (but NOT the file from your computer), rename the extension of the converted file to .m4r, and re-import it into iTunes. It should automatically be put in your ringtones directory, ready to be synced to the iPhone.

  6. I have to wondewr why people are willing to pay for ringtones. It's insultingly simple to make your own.

    I wouldn't call it "insultingly" easy. There are people out there with no audio editing (or any kind of media editing) experience or skills at all. All many people want is a one click solution to download and install ringtones.


    Apple would clean up selling pre-made :30 sec ringtones, just like tunes.


    That being said, there's now a ringtone export included with the latest update of GarageBand, specifically so people can make their own ringtones. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it gives much more flexibility than creating something in QT pro (which not everyone has either).

  7. I am going to be traveling over seas and am wondering if there is a way to disable the edge so that I am not charged those insane fees?


    I forgot to add, without hacking it.

    ATT also offers overseas data packages too. I'm not sure how much they cost though. But they'd certainly be more reasonable than roaming charges otherwise.

  8. have bought an iphone from a seller in the usa and it is unlocked ! ! ! ! !. It works very well too.

    what i would like to know is if there is anybody over there who could buy me a new headphone set as the ones that came wiyh my iphone are crackling like mad. absolutly shocking.

    as i am in australia- apple will not sell direct to me. the aussie store cannot help me as we do not have the iphone down here.

    anybody want to do a good deed for me.




    p/s will pay all costs, of course.

    I'd suggest looking at some 3rd party headphones as well. And there are adapters you can buy with full iPhone functionality.


    I have a pair of Rivet headphones, they work great if you like in-ear phones.




    They're on sale for about $15 at Amazon.com right now! Regularly they run between $25-30. I'm tempted to get a back-up pair at that price.

  9. Has anyone else, in the past couple of days, had a problem with gmail messages not displaying content on the iPhone?


    If a problem messages appears in the list, it will display below the subject "This message has no content" and if I try to view it it says "This mail has not been downloaded from the server" (close to that). The messages aren't anything special, usually just text messages from family/friends.


    It seems to happen randomly one out of every 5 or 6 emails. They're fine when I view them on my computer's Safari, and I forward everything to a Yahoo account on my iPhone, and it displays fine there.



  10. It's when the file you're linking to ends in .php or similar. It needs to end in .jpg, .gif, .png etc.

    Hm. It did in a jpg extension. <_<


    The only difference was the one that didn't work was hosted on my .mac account.

  11. myskitch___philleren-20070715-235151.png

    I'm a newbie to the MacCast forum, but have been hearing on the Loop and on the MacCast how Adam raves about Skitch. I've been a beta tester for awhile now and it's every bit as good as Adam says it is. I'm gonna buy it as soon as the beta ends.


    I have a bunch of invites to burn up, so if anyone wants one, just PM me your e-mail address and I'll shoot one your way.


    (BTW, I tried to post an image and got this message... can anyone tell me what exactly a "dynamic page" is?)


    Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed