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  1. mac_hine82

    Beach ball all the time.

    Finally couldn't take it any more and reloaded the entire machine from scratch AGAIN! This time it seams to be running fine. Thanks for your help.
  2. mac_hine82

    Beach ball all the time.

    Do you think that I should try and fresh reinstall everything all over again. Also my wife just got a alum. imac and i put all my photo's and music on hers and installed the usual stuff I run and her imac is running fantastic.
  3. mac_hine82

    Beach ball all the time.

    I was thinking the ram as well but it didnt come up with anything in the diagnostics. Also I have had the same ram in it sense day 1 and never had any problems till resent. I could try moving my music and photo's but I dont see how jpegs and mp3's can trow your system for a loop.
  4. mac_hine82

    If you have an iPhone what is your favorite part?

    My favorite part is Safari and email. I have never had a phone this nice and would always loose it or leave it dead for days. Now that I have had this iphone it hasnt been more then a foot away from me sense i got it the day it came out. I have never used or been more pleased with a electronic toy this much sense my first imac.
  5. mac_hine82

    $100 credit to early iPhone adopters

    Every person I tried to talk into buying a iphone complained about the price. Now that there not complaining about that anymore its back to complaining about AT&T.
  6. mac_hine82

    4gig iphone?

    I bought the 4 gig myself. Coming from a 30 gig ipod it was a sacrafice eather way 4 or 8. It is just as easy to have to load your stuff every time you want something new on a 4 as it is an 8. For 299 that is a steal.
  7. mac_hine82

    Beach ball all the time.

    Sorry for the confusion. The reinstall I did do is the fresh one that is giving me all the problems.
  8. mac_hine82

    Beach ball all the time.

    I just completely reinstalled everything and dont have anything weird installed other then allot of music and photo's. There is nothing in my login items and the only thing in other is flip4mac.
  9. mac_hine82

    iTunes becomes iRentals!?

    I my self would rather rent for sure. Movies to me are not like music. I would rather rent then own. I pray that this turns out to be true.
  10. mac_hine82

    Beach ball all the time.

    I have a 20 inch imac and it has been giving me a lot of trouble lately and I figured its about time that I reach out for some help. I keep getting the beach ball of death all the time and have to completley hard reset the whole computer to get it to be back to normal. It works fine for a while untill i come back a couple hours later to use it. I have zapped the pram, ran Onyx, coctail, reloaded the entire thing windows style. I have ran diagnostics from the installer disk and it is still acting up. Does anyone have any other things that im missing that I could try? Processor Name: Intel Core Duo Processor Speed: 2 GHz Memory: 1 GB OS. 10.4.10 Also I havent put any new software or hardware so I really am lost. Thanks for your help
  11. mac_hine82

    My ibook took a dump, could use some help.

    Thanks for your help everyone. I ended up having to erase and install over. Luckley I had a backup. There were to many errors on the disk to repair and it would not let me install and archive. But it's working again as new. Cheers
  12. mac_hine82

    My ibook took a dump, could use some help.

    Can you boot off of the os x dvd? It just boots into the install.
  13. mac_hine82

    My ibook took a dump, could use some help.

    It goes to the apple logo with the circle and NEVER gets past it. I left it for 5 hours and it never got any further.
  14. I have a 12inch 1.2ghz. Did that model come with a hardware test disk? If it did I cant find it but I dont want to waste my time if it didnt, I cant remember. My mac wont boot and it wont let me reinstall in place. Is there anyway to try and fix the harddrive without booting into osx? Thanks
  15. mac_hine82

    Costco Imac

    I was at Costco this weekend and they have a 20 inch Intel imac for 1500 with apple care . I almost bought it but I really want to get the 256 VRAM. Will the the 256 really make a huge diffarence or should I save my money? I don't play allot of games but I would like to see how nice Quake 4 and Doom 3 look on it