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    Laptop Keyboards

    I have a question about the keyboards on the current Apple Notebooks. The MacBook appears to have a bit more space between the keys and the MacBook Pro seems to be a standard keyboard. I will be purchasing a new Laptop very soon, and as a student and a writer I want the one that is most ergonomic. I would like to hear your thoughts about the MacBook and Macbook Pro keyboards.
  2. Kosmos

    Laptop Keyboards

    The only thing I would need the Nvidia graphics card for would be World of Warcraft, but I'm sure the MacBook would run that game just fine, right?
  3. Kosmos

    Library Software Debate

    I have a huge collection of books as well and Bookpedia is one the best program I have used! All you have to do it type in a barcode and it’s all there! A used bookstore I frequent uses Bookpedia as well and, as you may know, you can buy a barcode scanner to expedite the process. You can also keep track of books you lend out if you like, but I have found that it Bookpedia does not increase the chances of getting that book back by any means. Never lend a book. ;-) I give bookpedia my endorsement!
  4. Kosmos

    How big is Leopard really?

    Thank you TommyW and Graham. I'll try to hold out a wee-bit longer! And, yes, as Graham said, I was thinking about the trial edition thing.
  5. As someone who is doing his absolute best to hold off on getting a new macbook, I have to ask, how big is Leopard really? Would I be a fool to buy a Macbook now with only 6 weeks (?) to go? Also, how many of you plan on buying a boxed copy of Leopard to install on your Macs? How big is the difference between Tiger and Leopard? Would it be possible to upgrade to Leopard the same way most have upgraded to iLife '08, by simply downloading it? I know that true specs of Leopard have yet to be released, but I'm sure most of you who read these boards know what to expect. Thank you in advance for any input you have!
  6. I was looking at the Apple website reading about Leopard and I couldn't figure out if the 64-bit technology is part of the hardwear or softwear. To be more specific, is it something that will come with the computers running Leopard or will current mac owners have it when they purchase and upgrade to Leopard?
  7. Greetings! I am in need of some advice. I currently use a iMac G5 desktop and I have found that it doesn’t fit my lifestyle, by any means. I switched from a Dell Laptop to this desktop a couple years ago, and have since learned that I need the portability of a laptop. I have decided to buy a laptop, but what should I do with this desktop? I don't have a lot of cash (I'm a college student) but I don't feel comfortable selling it. Also, I don't have a need for two computers. Perhaps plug it into my HDTV and use it to watch iTunes? Even though I prefer not to sell it, I have thought about putting it on Craigslist for $700. This all sounds like a tangent, but I would like to get some of your thoughts on this topic. Below are the specks on my G5. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have. Machine Name: iMac G5 Machine Model: PowerMac8,2 CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (3.0) Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 1.5 GB Bus Speed: 600 MHz
  8. Kosmos

    refurbished macbooks and leopard???

    I am in a similar spot. I am going to be purchasing a new laptop, but I have a strong feeling I should wait until Leopard. Do any of you have any predictions on whether or not Apple will release new laptop hardwear? If so, what are they?
  9. Kosmos

    iMac G5 1.5GB Memory and 160GB Hard Drive

    Yes, thank you! The screen size is 17" and it has a 160GB hard drive.
  10. I am selling my iMac G5. Below are the specs. Post any questions you may have. Also, I am only selling in the Los Angeles area (I don't want to ship it). If you are near Burbank and would like to check it out, just let me know. I am selling it because I need to switch to a laptop. Machine Name: iMac G5 Machine Model: PowerMac8,2 CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (3.0) Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 1.5 GB Bus Speed: 600 MHz Wireless Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard. CD/DVD Burner Airport Extreme connects wirelessly to the internet. Comes with box and manuals. iLife ‘06 Also comes with Popcorn 2 by Roxio (allowing you to burn movies to your computer, iPod, and PSP as I'm sure you already know). Apple Care coverage is now in effect and expires on 08/05/2008 Please contact me if you have any questions. If you are interested in seeing the computer and testing it out please let me know. I will be having the Apple Store Genius Bar erase my personal information so it will be like new.
  11. I have experienced a great deal of grief in my search for a printer. My latest trouble came from an HP Photosmart C3100, which was very unpredictable and had poor quality prints. All I print are text, never photos. Please give me your recommendations for a great printer. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give.