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  1. I'm going to be purchasing a new Mac Book Pro this week. I have been waiting for a 13" or even 12" Macbook Pro for a while now. The only thing that stopped me from buying the original Unibody Mackbook was the obvious difference in screen/picture quality (anyone else notice it?). The new 13" Pro claims to have the same vivid screen as the 15".


    Anyway, I hope to get some advice. I do run Final Cut Pro, and play some Sims 3 (addicted). Is there a DRAMATIC difference between integrated and dedicated? I have been looking all over the net to see how Final Cut would run on an integrated chipset. I'm not doing any HD editing at all.

    If any of you have any first-hand experience here I would love to hear it.


    I have installed Final Cut Pro on my White 2.2 Macbook... seems to run fine, but have not done any actual editing.


    Anyway, thank you for reading this.

  2. Is anyone else using the Kindle App for iPhone? I had to move my charger next to my bed so I could read more on my iPhone. It has changed my opinion of eBooks. It has sold me on a Kindle - I want one now! :-D What are your thoughts are on it.

  3. I'm importing a movie into iMovie, and it's taking quite a while to generate the thumbnails. Thats normal - but my laptop is getting HOT! This is going to be an overnight thing... is this safe? I have been putting an ice pack underneath the MacBookPro occasionally (the CPU is not getting wet at all.) Am I safe in doing this, or will the laptop be fine getting hot for a few hours?

  4. MacBook Pro $1600

    Hardware Overview:


    Model Name: MacBook Pro

    Model Identifier: MacBookPro3,1

    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo

    Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz

    Number Of Processors: 1

    Total Number Of Cores: 2

    L2 Cache: 4 MB

    Memory: 2 GB

    Bus Speed: 800 MHz

    Boot ROM Version: MBP31.0070.B07

    SMC Version: 1.16f8

    Serial Number: W8742291XAH

    Sudden Motion Sensor:

    State: Enabled


    I am also including an DVI to HDMI adaptor cable.


    I also have the original packaging and discs.


    I can install Microsoft Office 2008 for you (the disc I have includes 3 installs).


    This Computer has been very well taken care of.


    This computer is covered under Apple Care until October 17, 2010


    Check here: (https://selfsolve.apple.com/GetWarranty.do) and type in the serial number (listed above).



    I just want the new Macbook. I can send photos if you like.

  5. I'd like to get some kind of case for my MacBook Pro, something that is always on. I've seen some plastic ones at the Apple Store, but they don't seem like the best quality... I also worry that these cases may make the Pro run hotter... is this a problem?

    Do you use anything like this? Let me know if you do, or if you recommend I dont use anything...

    Thank you!

  6. I'm also in love with the new macbooks! Especially the new 13" MacBook. I played with one a little today at an apple store and it feels so surdy and strong. I have been eagerly awaiting a 12" MacBook, but the new 13" feels good enough for me. I'm thinking about selling my 2.2 MacBookPro and getting one... The most I use the Pro for in Final Cut Express, but I'm sure the 13" MacBook could handle that easily thanks to the NVidia graphics card right?


    Anyway, I love it.

  7. This may be a silly question, but I am trying to give my old iPhone to someone else on my same family plan, as I have a 3G. I still have the same SIM card inside that came with the phone... is it safe to simply take the family member's SIM from his RAZOR and put it into the iPhone? How have you delt with handing down old iPhones?

  8. Yes, you can do this, but you will be cutting the speed of your network in half when using WDS. But of course, if you're using any 802.11g devices on the N network, then it will be limited to g speeds anyway.


    Thank you so much for that information. Thats exactly what I needed to know. Obviously, I would want to avoid using WDS if I have other options, correct?

    Thank you so much for the info, Graham!

  9. Could you explain a bit more clearly what you're wanting to do? What computers / devices are involved?


    Sure! Right now I have my Airport Extreme Base Station in my office with my Cable Router plugged into it. I just purchased a Time Capsule and will replace my Airport Extreme with it. Now I wonder if I can move the AirPort Extreme into my living room and set it under my Apple TV for example and plug my NON-Wireless items into the Airport Extreme will they be able to transmit info with to the network Time Capsule is creating.


    Can the Airport Extreme act as a receiver or bridge on my network?


    For instance my XBox360 is using a USB network adaprter to conect to the internet... and my TiVo is going the same thing (I'd like to get rid of those). Can I plug both devices into the AirPort Extreme using Ethernet cables and thus connect to the network my Time Capsule is creating?


    I hope that helps, if its too frustrating feel free to let this one go. But I look forward to your thoughts on this.

  10. I am waiting to get my Time Capsule to replace my AirPort Extreme, and was wondering if it will be possible to move my AirPort Extreme to my media center and plug all my hardware into it (TiVo, XBox360) and do away with those USB Adapters. Is this something thats possible? It seems to me that the Time Capsule can act as a receiver, however I'd like to plug that one into my office for faster back-ups. Any thoughts?

  11. Far too often I go to watch a movie or TV show on my apple tv and get a message that says "Authorizing" followed by a "this content is not authorized to play on this Apple Tv" I've done some research online and have found that I have to Deauthorize my itunes account on my computer, then re-authorize it, THEN re-sync my apple tv. I would like to know if any of you have experienced this issue, or do you think I have a whack apple TV. Please help! I am so frustrated with this product.


    I have run the Apple TV Diagnostics: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305190


    And it worked, so if you are having that problem try that... Also, I've gotten it to work before and then it stopped authorizing again... I'll post here again if it happens... I'd still like to know if any of you have experienced this.

  12. I just recived my Apple TV with the Take 2 software, and am in the process of setting it up. What I would like to do is move all my TV shows and movies off my mac and leave them on the Apple TV but take them off my mac.


    One other thing I would like to do is move my backed-up DVD's (video TS) to the apple TV and leave them there. Is this possible? I have been unable to find into elsewhere.


    What kind of set-ups or configurations do you use?

  13. I pre-ordered and I can't wait to get it. I already have an Airport Extreme, but I have a TiVo bogging down the signal (Extreme only as fast as its slowest device?) Also I'm looking forward to the easy backups for all my macs (family not so savy). Also, it would be nice to back up all my DVD's with MacTheRipper onto the Capsule and use alias' on my macbook. I love it and can't wait!

  14. I am interested in importing some of my DVD's to my computer (thanks to all the extra room I'll have with Time Capsule). Anyway, it seems as though I am doing something wrong because whenever I open up Front Row and navigate to my Movies > Movies Folder I can see the folder I created. When I click on that folder it says "Loading DVD" then it says "The DVD Cannot be Played." Am I doing something wrong? When I first put the DVD into my computer I simply opened the finder and then dragged that contents [Video TS, Audio TS, Jacket P] and drag them into a folder I created, then moved into the Movies folder.


    I'd love to get some thoughts from you guys.

  15. What would be the best way to import video from a VCR into iMovie? I currently own an EyeTV http://www.elgato.com/elgato/na/mainmenu/products/hybrid/product1.en.html but have been unsuccessful in getting video into iMovie. I have seen a new Eye TV pop up in my local Apple Store called the 250 Plus which says it will work for VCR http://www.elgato.com/elgato/na/mainmenu/products/250plus/product1.en.html


    What product do you use for video importing from a VCR? If you use a camcorder would you mind sharing what it is? I would greatly appreciate it.

  16. The way I read the minimum specs -


    Minimum Requirements to Install All Final Cut Studio Applications

    A Macintosh computer with a 1.25GHz or faster PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, Intel Core Duo, or Intel Xeon processor

    1GB of RAM

    An AGP or PCI Express Quartz Extreme graphics card (Final Cut Studio is not compatible with integrated Intel graphics processors)

    A display with 1024-by-768 resolution or higher

    Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later

    QuickTime 7.1.6 or later

    A DVD drive for installation


    - I'd say "No".


    All MacBooks, as far as I can tell, only have an integrated Intel graphics card.


    Maxing out the memory on any machine allows one to run memory intensive applications but doesn't account for applications which need better graphics cards in them.


    Yickes! I feel like an idiot. Ok, that was my dumb question for the year. Thank you Husker for answering my question. I promise to actually do research next time I have a simple question.

  17. Would I be able to run Final Cut Pro on a Macbook with 4GB of memory? I know the the MacBook does not of a dedicated graphics card like the MBPro does. If Final Cut Pro would not work on the MacBook with 4GB of memory then why, or who, would need 4GB of ram on a MacBook?

  18. If one was to plug their iPhone into the aux port in their car they would be able to listen to music, right? What would happen then if they received a phone call? I can't imagine that the user would be able to hold a conversation like this, right? Would it be possible to have to blue tooth headset in and then phone plugged into the port? Do any of you have any experience in this? (I probably should not have given my 30gb away as a gift, right?)

  19. Leopard will not install on my desktop, which is Panther (10.3.9), do I really have to buy Tiger in order to install Leopard?


    I even tried to install Tiger using the system disk from another computer and it would not allow me to do it. Any thoughts, tips, or advice?


    Thank you!

  20. How much of a difference does the Hard Drive RPM make? I just baught the MacBook Pro and I opted for the 200GB drive @ 4200 RPM. I'm not doing anything outside of iLife, so did I make the correct choice or is 5400 RPM a major factor? I'd like to hear what any of you have to say.