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  1. KC2MNC

    Imac booting up reaaaallllly slooooowwwwwww

    Was your disc too fragmented maybe? Also, as your drive gets close and close to the inside of your drive, your drive will slow down. The 160gb drive in my imac G5 (no isight) can get almost 57MB/s read on the outside of the drive, but on the inside, i can only get about 34MB/s, This will obviously slow down your boot rate
  2. KC2MNC


    1, dosent support my mac formatted ipod 2, I have a project in auto desk inventer that will freeze absolutly any comp i put it on 3. updates cant take place during user operations 4. most are big and balky 5. some pc mice like the ones my school got for there pcs are shaped like a brike and are painful to use 6. and all this from the very little bit of pc experience i get in school, if i owned one, i bet i would have more
  3. KC2MNC

    Hacking the volume limit...Is it possible?

    Because different volumes might be different for different headsets. What might be too loud for one head set might be far to quiet for another. For instance, my headphones usually need about 1/2 of the ipod's volume were as my earbuds with special noise canceling things might only need 1/10 to be at the right volume and 1/2 could cause damage.
  4. KC2MNC

    Hacking the volume limit...Is it possible?

    I just cheated and used a sweat program called Mac Helpmate to do it for me. So once i I enabled hidden items, I went to ipod control, device but when i got in, there were only 4 unix executable files (clock, preferences radio and sysinfo) What do i do now?
  5. KC2MNC

    Wireless, Portable, Virtual keyboard

    dosen't take a rocket scientist, just google it. Its that box in the upper right hand corner. http://www.virtual-laser-keyboard.com/ Sweet url. Should have thought of that b4 google.
  6. KC2MNC

    Hacking the volume limit...Is it possible?

    Can someone tell me how to do it on a mac. I'd rather know how to do it before i update my ipod.
  7. KC2MNC

    Investing in a G5?

    If not forever. There is no reason for people to make Intel apps instead of Universal, so they will be around until we go to the next processor type, in aq LONG time... Universal apps work just fine, why not keep them? Because like most if not companies, apple needs to make money from return costumers. So, rather then letting you be ok with your comp for several long happy years, apple will find ways to make your model look old so you get a new comp. For instance, tiger only comes on dvds so you cant install them on older mac w/o paying $10 more. However, i have heard that there is technology in tiger that makes it able to run mac X86 programs. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  8. I have an iMac G5 2.0GHZ. I have 1.5GB of ram. I am running Mac os 10.4.5 and itunes 6.0.4. Sometimes if i listen to music while updating my ipod, itunes will unexpectedly quit. If i try to edit the info for some movies (long ones), itunes will quit. When you try to play some of my songs, it wont play and it will never move off 0:00. Weird enough, you can still successfully share those same pieces of music and listen to them on other users and computers. If i find the file in my music library in the finder, it will still play. Dose anyone have any idea what could be causing itunes to lose its normally smooth performance?
  9. KC2MNC

    Wish list for MacTel (Intel based) Laptop

    802.11N wireless charging
  10. KC2MNC

    How to Tiger DVD to CD

    I think If you look inside the box i think there is a little coupon to ship in for like $10 and they send you tiger cds.
  11. KC2MNC

    Dual Monitor Imac

    The link is no good.
  12. KC2MNC


    if apple drops FW 400, it better put at least 2 800s on ALL there comps. I really think the imac G5s at least should have FW 800. If apple doesn't give us expandability through pci card slots, it should at least give us the best of what's out there now.
  13. KC2MNC


    How much cpu power and ram is needed for the full speed of aperture?
  14. KC2MNC

    iMac G5 1.8 crashing all the time!!!

    Did you personally install the RAM? you might a shocked something. Try removing the new ram to see if its the problem. One other thing, do you use classic. My 17" 2Ghz has some problems with classic sometimes
  15. KC2MNC


    however, you want you ipod to work too