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    Changing arrow behavior in iTunes 9

    I was able to alter the arrows behavior with an an apple script from http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/searchTheScripts.php As I said it worked great for the past few versions of iTunes. It was not until version 9 that it partially stopped working ;-(
  2. In my previous versions of iTunes I was able to change the behaviour of the arrows in iTunes to actually be useful. Instead of those arrows taking me to the iTunes store, clicking the arrow next to a band name it would take me to a list of ALL songs in my collection by the band. And clicking on the arrow beside an album title would take me to ALL tracks of the particular album. Now that I have updated to iTunes 9 this feature seems to be broken. When I click on a band name it still takes me to a list of ALL songs by the band, but clicking on the arrow beside album titles does nothing ;-( Any ideas how I can fix this? Ronn Roxx ronnroxx@gmail.com
  3. I have just had to put a new hard drive in my mac and have had to start adding all my favorite add on software and apps. I used to have something that would add the url of where I downloaded a .jpg into the comments feild for any item that I got using "Save Image to Desktop" in Safari. It was reat for remembering where I got stuff from. Problem is I can't remember where I got this app/plugin or even what it was that I had installed a few years back. Anyone know what I can do to set this up again so that all my downloaded images will have the url of where I got them in their comments field in "get info"? I hope my explanation makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ronn