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  1. desertrose0601

    Bamboo Writing Tablet

    I just got a Bamboo Pen & Touch and highly recommend it as well. I went ahead and got this one because it had touch (as well as pen, of course) and I find myself using that feature a lot! It's not quite as responsive as my MacBook's touchpad, as far as moving around the screen goes, but it's pretty darn good. Plus it saves time from having to move my hand back and forth between my tablet and the touchpad. I think eventually I'll probably upgrade to one of the more expensive Bamboo tablets that have better tilt options, but for a beginning tablet, this one is more than enough for me!
  2. desertrose0601

    Banner help?

    One excellent program for this is Skitch. I believe it's free or at least very cheap. You can set up the exact dimensions you want then color/type in whatever you want. It's definitely a cruder tool than Photoshop, but for a quick and fast banner it's about all you'll need.
  3. desertrose0601

    Problem Syncing iPhone 4 & Itunes since installing ios5

    Oh I shouldve said - I'm using an iPhone 4 and have Lion installed on my MacBook.
  4. desertrose0601

    Problem Syncing iPhone 4 & Itunes since installing ios5

    I'm experiencing this same problem - hopefully somebody has a solution! I noticed it first when I tried to download the Tumblr app. It would just say "Waiting" for days (literally) and never actually download. Next I tried updating other apps on my iPhone. Same thing happened. At this point I opened up iTunes and started running some updates. My iPhone was almost synced (wirelessly) when it lost it's connection to iTunes somehow and then disappeared - iTunes doesn't even see it now. I tried restarting the MacBook but that didn't help. The next day I went to download some new podcasts directly to my iPhone. Three days later, they're still sitting in iTunes waiting to start the download. It's like some weird voodoo took over my iPhone. I haven't tried actually hardwiring it into my computer yet but I'm afraid it'll try to wipe it, since it isn't recognizing it wirelessly anymore.
  5. No one probably knows the answer to this yet, but I was curious if anyone had heard anything about how this new iTunes syncing thing will work if your primary iTunes library is stored on an external hard drive? Would I need to leave this plugged in all the time?? I use a MacBook so currently only plug in the external drive when I'm actually syncing my iPhone. If everything's always syncing all the time, how does this work exactly when I'm not always connected with my iTunes library? On a similar note, I was unclear if this service means that they're going to store everything and we can just pick and choose what we bring down to store on our devices? In other words, could I potentially get rid of my external HD altogether and store my library in the cloud - only pulling down the few albums that I actually listen too more often? Or do I still need to have a local copy of everything?
  6. desertrose0601

    WWDC 2011; What did you think?

    That's a good point. I definitely don't have all my music on my iPhone that's on my Mac or iPad. It sounds like new purchases automatically get pushed to everything. I wonder if there's a way to later manually remove certain things or only have it sync certain playlists, etc.
  7. desertrose0601

    Wireless TV

    http://www.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/ This website shows you what the reception should be in your neighborhood.
  8. desertrose0601

    iPhones and bikes

    One thought I had is - you could turn off your 3G & GPS settings (or put it in airplane mode) when you're using your iPhone for extended periods of time like this. I can use my original iPhone for a couple days w/o it needing to be charged. I wouldn't think one workout should drain the battery if you're just using it normally (as in, no video intense applications). But even then, it should last at least one day.
  9. desertrose0601

    What to charge for photography assignment?

    Lol. Yeah dads should get special priveleges shouldn't they? I probably won't charge him - chalk it up to free advertising. It just made me wonder though, what does one charge for an assignment? A stock photo would just pay a few cents but a portrait shoot would pay several hundred dollars. Where does an assignment fall in that continum?
  10. desertrose0601

    Maccast Forum Upgrade

    I like how the newest topics are on the right side of the front page of the forum. That makes it so much easier to see what's new!
  11. desertrose0601

    What to charge for photography assignment?

    I'm a budding photographer considering going pro. Recently my dad commissioned me to find a certain scene and photograph it. He asked what I charge, and I didn't know what to tell him. I've thought about what to charge for portrait sessions, but never considered what to charge for a commissioned assignment. Any thoughts? He's talking about wanting 1-2 photos, for non-commercial use, on subjects that could be found locally.
  12. I have Microsoft Office 2004 installed on my Mac. Right now I only have Word and Excel on there, but apparently I must've accidentally installed Entourage at one point, b/c it keeps importing an Entourage calendar into iCal. I try deleting it out of iCal but it keeps reappearing on it's own. How do I get rid of this? I've searched through my computer to try to remove all traces of Entourage, but it keeps coming back.
  13. desertrose0601

    Mozy issues w/ my MacBook

    Does it work well with a laptop though? Does it mind being interrupted or does it freak out and have to start over if you shut the laptop in the middle of a backup? I'm sure Mozy works well too in theory, but the constant turning off/on seems to not sit so well with it.
  14. desertrose0601

    Mozy issues w/ my MacBook

    I started using Mozy about two weeks ago. It took probably 4-5 days and several false starts before I finally got a completed backup. Since then I have yet to have any successful backups, due largely in part to the fact that my computer is a MacBook which gets opened and shut a lot (thereby interrupting the backup, which makes it need to start over). I've tried leaving my laptop open overnight (for several days), but more often than not, this backup fails and I just have to start over again. So I have two questions: 1) How would you suggest using Mozy with a laptop? Do I need to just leave it on and open all the time??? This seems highly inconvenient. 2) Is there another comparable solution for backup that doesn't mind the constant turning on and off that occurs with a laptop?
  15. desertrose0601

    iPhone alarm clock suggestions?

    I'm confused. You don't use the built-in alarm, why? I just plug mine into the dock it came with (which charges it) and have it set to whatever time I want to wake up, at which point it rings one of my ringtones. You can tell it to wake you up at different times for different days too. For example, I have M,T,W,F on one alarm. Thursdays I get up early to meet friends for breakfast, so that day has it's own alarm. I have no alarm set for Saturdays!! And then Sunday I have a later alarm so I can sleep in a little before church. Really, the built-in alarm is amazing and has way more flexibility than any hardware alarm clock I've ever used. I mean seriously, what alarm clock to do you know that you can tell it which days to wake you up and which days to let you sleep in? And never again will you have to remember to turn your alarm back on after the weekend, etc. It just remembers what day it is and wakes you up accordingly! I love it! You can also set different ring tones for different alarms, which is cool. I have a different one for the weekend, for example. And you can label your alarms. I have three alarms go off every weekday morning (so I'm not tempted to hit snooze and roll over). My first one just says "Time to Get up!" and the second one ring 15 minutes later that says, "Get a move on!!" The third one is set for about an hour later saying, "Time to go!" (I'm very slow in the mornings until I get my coffee! Lol)