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    Mac OS X 10.6 Lion

    apple can improve its gaming if it were to open up its GPU APIs. as for directX: apple uses OpenGL. wht DX9 we were way ahead.DX10 has caught up. but what makes DX so "sweet" to developeres is that it not only a Graphic rendering engine creater,but also inlcudes audio, networking etc. apple need to work on it stratagies & create engines which are liseneed on GPL to get anywhere now. it must realise that Mac market share ois still small & that it need to work harder esptha fact tht most Mac are MB wich have weak GPUs.
  2. Extreme343GS

    Change Icon?

    i was wondering how to change icon in Mac OS X. i mean i want to change my external HDs & machintosh HD etc.
  3. Extreme343GS

    Show off your Desktop

    hey great (&large) desktop. post in some links for wallpapers. BTW what is the bar thing you guys have in the left corner?
  4. Extreme343GS

    Mac Notebook Tune-Up

    does that go for the MB blacks to? My MB is full of finger prints. it looks sick. ever since my MB has come, i have a urge to keep cleaning my hands. BTW can you tell me specificly what alcohol you are talking about?