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    Review iSkin eVo3 for ipod with video.

    Just to follow-up (with myself)... The iSkin eVo3 case for my 60 Gig iPod with video WAS INDEED the culprit behind the iPod freezing on me. Since I removed the case my iPod has not froze on me once in nearly 2 weeks (compared to 2-3 times a day with the iSkin case on it). I highly reccomend NOT buying this product. It is more trouble than what it is worth.
  2. ageis

    RAZR v3 Photos to Mac

    Hey, I was just about to post the same thing. After I enable/setup Bluetooth on my RAZR V3 I can retrieve photos, videos and ringtones with my iBook (w/Bluetooth running Tiger). Same goes for adding pictures and ringtones onto the phone from the iBook. A very easy, painless operation. Btw, I'm also a Cingular customer.
  3. ageis

    Review iSkin eVo3 for ipod with video.

    Hey, I finally received my iSkin case for my 60G 5th Gen this week (I ordered it in December, they sent me the wrong size, and I had to go through an extremely annoying return process). So...I like it. Yeah, not easily being able to access the hold switch is annoying. And every piece of lint or fuzz or cat hair clings to it. And I'm kinda annoyed at the rubber friction when using the Click Wheel. And the visor has scratches already and it is only the 3rd day I have had it. But...believe it or not I DO like it. It covers every inch of the iPod so I know the iPod is protected. I like the material. And really, case-wise and protecting-wise...I haven't seen anything better that I have liked. I do have a question. Ever since I put my iPod in the iSkin case I have had weird issues with the iPod playing. My iPod has been "sticking" in Play Mode. I can access all the menus, Play and Pause, Scrub, etc. but there is no audio and while in the menu it states that it is "Playing" the time is frozen on my audio tracks. I was wondering if this has happened to any other iSkin owners? It seems too coincidental that it started happening after I put the iSkin on my iPod. Yes, since I updated my iPod with updater last month I have been having video problems, but this is the first I have had audio problems. So I'm thinking it could be a heat issue? The silicone case, even though it has vent holes, probably still doesn't breathe too well. Any thoughts?
  4. ageis

    iPod video 1.1 update: don't do it

    My 60 Gig 5th Gen hasn't been the same since I updated it
  5. I recently updated to Tiger on my iBook G3 (Snow model). It runs surprisingly well...although since updating I cannot properly shut down my iBook. I click "Shut Down"...the process goes as normal...icons disappear...Finder bar disappears...finally all that is left is my Desktop picture.......and then it just sits there until I hold down the power button for a few seconds to force shut down. This also happens during restarts. Anyone else have this problem (or heard of such a thing happening)? And what, if any, damage am I doing by forcing shut down every day? Thanks! :wink:
  6. Unfortunately, it didn't help. But thank you so much for taking the time to respond. But there is good news! I finally figured out the root to the problem this evening while searching for a couple of hours on Google for people with similar problems. Turns out an application called Speed Tools (a disk utility that shipped with my firewire hard drives) effects Macs in this way. Speed Tools installs about 5 start up items in your Library-->StartUp folder. After deleting these, all things are back to normal. Thanks goodness I don't have to reinstall everything!
  7. ugh....I so don't want to do that, but I may have to (yes, I did an update not a clean install) Thanks for your reply and advice!
  8. ageis

    iPod 5th Gen Video/Sound glitch fix?

    I tried to defrag my iPod but 1 1/2 hours later it was only 12% into the process...so I gave up. I wish the videos on my iPod worked again I so don't want to start from scratch and have to load everything back on. Re-creating playlists is a job in itself. And MicroMat's Podlock won't even scan my iPod...
  9. ipodman... Ok...I understand the concept...but when I browse my iPod I only see 4 folders (Calendars, Contacts, Notes & Photos). Here's a screenshot: What am I doing wrong? (btw, my iPod is in Disk Mode) Thanks (Edit) Thinking this might be a Terminal thing, I did the steps in the Terminal application. I messed with the two string of numbers that you referenced (buildID & visibleBuildID) and when that didn't work I went back in and adjusted the HddFirmwareRev field...still, nothing. In iPod Updater it still states that my iPod is up to date with the current 1.1 version, and when I reopen the SysInfo file all of the fields that I adjusted have been reset. Any ideas?
  10. You totally lost me ipodman. I can't watch any videos on my 60Gig iPod without severe video freezing and audio drop outs. I refuse to restore my iPod to an earlier version while erasing everything at the same time. Is the method you described a way to revert to the previous firmware without erasing, and if so, can you go into a bit more detail for this Panther user? Thank you!
  11. The folks over at www.iSkin.com have world-class customer service (notice the sarcasm?). A bit of a warning... I ordered an eVo3 iSkin case for my 60 Gig 5G iPod two weeks ago, and paid for express shipping (24-48 hours). It shipped fast, although I received the 30 Gig size case instead. No big deal, mistakes happen...I stroll on over to the customer service area of the site and it reads "Returns and Exchanges received after December 09, 2005 will NOT be processed until Feb 17, 2006." This infuriated me, because if someone is handling the shipping of new orders someone should be handling returns/exchanges, especially when the problem originated from the company. And furthermore, I paid extra for express shipping to get my iPod protected as soon as possible. Basically, I went ahead and filled out the online form for an exchange and have heard nothing back at all, not even an automated response...the company is probably a "mom and pop" establishment and the owners are out of the country or something. Oh! The best part is the phone number on the site! It belongs to a cell phone. Great. So...I'm waiting until late February to get my case that I ordered the first week of January. My advice: The product is great, although I'm not sure it is worth the $47 I paid for it, but it doesn't disappoint. I would suggest searching for this product through an online store that stocks iSkin's merchandise, because iSkin's customer service is horrible. I will never deal directly with that company again.
  12. ageis

    iPod artwork glitch?

    I'm in the same boat with my video iPod. I was really hoping the last iPod update would have fixed this...but nope.
  13. Nice review! Yeah, I liked the product, and in my opinion it is still the best option for a a padded case (that doesn't detract from the appearance of the iPod) with a belt clip at this point in time. I just wish the company was a bit more solid.
  14. ageis

    New 5th Gen iPod scratches easy too

    Mine is prone to screen scratches. In fact, after i removed the factory "sticker" a scratch appeared almost instantly. I was able to cut down that same sticker to fit on just the screen, and re-applied it immediately until an appropriate case has been released. I have no issues with click wheel scratches at all...looks flawless after...um...has it been three weeks already?
  15. Sorta off-topic, but I dragged (is that even correct grammar?) about 75 videos in various formats onto my iPod icon in iTunes and surprisingly two *.mov files loaded and plays flawlessly on the iPod. Anyone else try this? I've been using an old G3 iBook to convert my personal collection of music videos and I'm averaging about 10-15 minutes per video. I can live with that. I've been doing about 4 a day and taking it slow.
  16. ageis

    Question for video iPod guys

    I encountered problems with my purchased video freezing, but since the iTunes 6.1 update I have been good to go, no problems. I was "skipping" through music videos almost as fast as one can skip through songs. Correct, the quality is better than a VHS, but not up to DVD standards...of course I guess this could be controlled? It all depends on how you encode it / export the video I suppose (I'm more of an audio guy). But the content that Apple is currently selling, the first sentence holds true. And btw, I'm using a standard 27" TV. Nothing fancy. Apparently any audio / video cable will work. Over on the discussion boards at Apple people were having luck with standard RadioShack cables, although I guess you need to plug the red into the video jack and the yellow into the audio. I dunno, some switchero that Apple did to confuse average consumers and to increase sales of their cable. Speculation of course, and none of that is my opinion, I haven't tried a standard cable yet. I am very pleased. The new iPod is more than I hoped for. Tomorrow my dock arrives, so I'm excited to try out my remote! A question, is Apple selling a wall charger for the new iPod? I guess I could go and do a search. It sorta sucks to have to rely on a computer as the only means of charging your device. I have a USB hub which I tried to use, but with it not being 2.0 I couldn't achieve a full charge. (EDIT: Ack, $29 for a USB power adapter. I remember the good old days when these used to ship standard with iPods!)
  17. OK, solved my own problem. I ran software update, installed iTunes 6.1, removed the problem videos then reloaded them, PRESTO!
  18. anyone having problems with their iPod "video"? i can view videos that are 'non-itunes music store' on my television with no problem, but when i try to view music videos that i purchased on itunes nothing happens...it just sorta freezes and goes back to my video menu. any suggestions?
  19. ageis

    iTunes 6, where's the video?

    I couldn't even get that far about 35 minutes ago. Perhaps it's just taking awhile to get things into place?
  20. ageis

    Hello Video iPod

    I am *so* placing my order when I get home from work!
  21. I know this is probably very irrelevant now, but I had no problems importing my dual disc With Teeth. Did you wind up making an exchange?
  22. I listened to the latest MacCast just yesterday and heard about people having issues with iTunes 5. "Boy, I'm lucky..." I thought to myself. "I've had no problems whatsoever". Until, of course, I launch iTunes to update my podcasts and receive an error, saying that my library was damaged and my damaged library would be renamed to, well..."iTunes Library (damaged)." I restarted my iBook, opened iTunes and...no podcast information...I mean, none...my podcast area is totally empty. I closed iTunes, trashed the new library file, renamed the "damaged" file back to the default "iTunes Library" name, reopened iTunes...error time again. So, yay for me, I get to re-subscribe to all of my podcasts (like, 25 of'em!) and hope I don't experience another iTunes crash...so...needless to say I'm a bit annoyed right now. :x
  23. To Adam (and the MacCast listeners), I'm curious why there is so much apprehension and disbelief amongst everyone about the rumoured iPod Video? I can't imagine anything less than marvelous coming from it. It totally makes sense too...and if you look closely, Apple is putting things into place. iTunes is even beginning to sell albums with videos (which you have mentioned) and digital booklets. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is working with Adobe to create a PDF reader for the iPod Video. Even the current iPod controls would easily adapt for Zoom In / Zoom Out and basic navigational features for PDFs. And being able to hook it up to a television would be simple, all Apple would have to do is sell a modified and expanded dock for the iPod Video. Apple's mission all along with iTunes is claiming that "the customer wants ownership" to the music he/she is purchasing. To have your favorite album along with the music videos from that album along with the liner notes/photos from that same album accessible to you ANYWHERE...I mean, that's the ultimate "ownership". That is how I feel Apple is going to continue its success in the music industry. That is how I feel Apple will maintain higher prices for music. While other companies are trying to keep up with Apple by launching music stores and creating their own digital players, Apple will again have a revolutionary product that will just blow away everything out there. Yeah, an increased screen size would be welcomed on this imaginary product, but really...the gaming fans have been dealing with small screens for years. I loved my GameBoy when I was younger. Even my father loved it. Neither of us complained about the size of the screen. Those old portable TV's in the late 80's were cheesy. They didn't offer and aesthetic value and really, what could you really do with one? This is a whole different story and a different marketplace. I, for one, would love to be able to "watch" my iPod on a plane. Think about sitting at work and having your iPod "music video" playlist on shuffle. That would rock beyond belief. One other topic real quick (promise). This whole hacking iTunes DRM stuff....just burn a CD of the music you purchased, then rip that burned CD, and presto, you have the album in unprotected format. I can't hear any quality loss, but I haven't gotten anal about it and checked out frequencies and all of that stuff. But it's a quick bypass and I haven't heard anyone mention anything about it. Adam, I love the show! When I first subscribed I didn't know what to think about it. By the second show I was hooked. You have a unique, natural talent for this podcast thing, keep it up. Have a good weekend, Aaron
  24. You know, I've wondered for a long time whether this would work or not, and I never heard anyone mention it, and never tried it for myself. Thanks for the verification. Also, thank you for the opinion on the video iPod. You make some very good points, whether people agree with you or not. Thanks for your feedback on my feedback...erm... Yeah, DRM is a joke any way you look at it. There are ways around it even for someone who doesn't have any tech knowledge.