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    Leopard with G4 chips?

    I'm sure I am not alone in having an older machine with a G4 chip. Specifically, a Powerbook G4 1.5 GHz, 1 Gig ram. Do you think I would have issues upgrading to Leopard? I know my machine meets the "official" specs, but will it be an overall slower user experience than what I have now with Tiger? I'm just curious if anyone has thoughts on this. For example, are there specific Core Animation things that use newer Intel-based Mac hardware? Just trying to get a feel for whether or not I should rush out to get this on Oct 26.
  2. stealthboy


    Merry Christmas! Thanks Adam, I appreciate it. All of this political correctness is killing our culture completely. I can't stand it when people say "happy holidays"... and when someone says that to me, I respond with a hearty "Merry Christmas!". Stick that in your PC pipe and smoke it! ;-)
  3. The reason I have an iPod is to get away from the corporate advertising and boring content. The main reason ads will NEVER get onto my iPod is because I get to choose what I put on it. Nobody will put ads on my iPod for me. It's that simple. And I'm glad that companies are struggling with this, because it shows that their standard models of advertising are no longer working. Who assumed that ads simply must exist anyways? They're annoying, and when I'm deciding on a product to buy sometimes ads turn me OFF from a potential product. Sometimes companies that advertise less have better products because they can rely more on word of mouth. I also DVR all my television shows so I never watch commercials, and don't listen to the radio, so I'm doing my best to avoid ads. I just find them insulting.
  4. Again, let's all remember that with electronic gadgets there is always the next best thing around the corner. If you want to wait for the best, newest product you will always be waiting. Just buy the current model if it suits your needs! The 5th-gen iPod is great! Just get it.
  5. stealthboy

    Odd keyboard issue...

    Yeah, I'm still having this issue. I filed a bug report, but Apple closed it, so I filed another one.
  6. stealthboy

    Cases for 5th gen (video) ipods

    That's good, because I don't like it when the looks of the ipod get all loose. Gotta keep 'em tight!
  7. stealthboy

    Dead cells on 5G ipod

    Take it back! I had dead pixels and dust under the screen. I took it back to the Apple store and got it swapped for a new one; no cost to me at all.
  8. "Apple Packing indicates concern over Nano Scratching" I think you meant to say "Apple Packing indicates concern over Whining Idiots Who Can't Take Care Of Things".
  9. stealthboy

    Space around click wheel on 5th Gen iPod?

    My 5th gen iPod has this same gap.
  10. stealthboy

    iPod 5th gen 60gig case

    Seriously.... I ask about a 5th-gen iPod case and I get a lecture about letting people steal my iPod. I just want a case! Man alive.
  11. stealthboy

    iPod 5th gen 60gig case

    I don't live in perpetual fear that people will rob me, so that's not a concern of mine. that makes you a perfect target. i know a few people who would acquire a new ipod from an unsuspecting ignorant person who wore it on their belt. I didn't say I was ignorant, thank you very much. I just said it was not a concern of mine. There is a huge difference. I'm not paranoid, but there certainly are evil people in this world. It's just a fact. If these people who would rob me would go so far as to threaten my life, then they will be introduced to the other gadget I carry on my belt. Can we drop this line and get back to my original query re: a case? Thanks!
  12. stealthboy

    should i get an ipod or a digital camera

    Is it just me or is this a silly question? Umm... do you want to listen to music or take pictures?
  13. stealthboy

    iPod 5th gen 60gig case

    I don't live in perpetual fear that people will rob me, so that's not a concern of mine.
  14. stealthboy

    vPod Questions

    Why would I hate you? I bought my 60gig almost 3 weeks ago. It would be pretty sad if you bought it for a little ego trip or something. Anyway, on to your questions: 1) No. But USB 2.0 is almost as fast. Chill, man. 2) Yes, it works. I have many DVDs on my iPod that were converted using it.
  15. $100 for an extra 30gigs? No question. I almost was thinking about a 30gig, but I am so glad I got the 60gig. It already has 48 gigs on it! ;-)