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  1. Ever had one of those boring days, when no one is online in your iChat contacts list? Well it's time to end that feeling right now. Here is my iChat addy: coffe_cheetah@mac.com Add it if you want Now I want you to put your addy up so all Mac Geeks has someone to talk to whenever they want.
  2. Luke1138

    iTunes 5.0

    - Wow! Video search enabled :mrgreen:
  3. Luke1138

    iTunes 5.0

    I think that this big release needs a topic of it's own :wink: New Interface, that I really enjoy, and one new feature that i like is the Smart Shuffle, that alows you to control how the shuffle will shuffle :? he-he So what do You think about this new release?
  4. Luke1138

    itunes reopening???!!!

    I haven't had that problem for a while now (Maybe because I don't close my mainly use appz.) Try to close the widget that uses iTunes, or some third party software that also uses iTunes... That should do it...
  5. Luke1138

    definig your internet IP address

    THIS is a really great widget just for showing you your IP, uses it all the time...
  6. Luke1138

    What is your favorite Software?

    True. Not a day without Photoshop, another app that I can't be without is Alarm Clock Pro It's really neccesary 8)
  7. Luke1138

    id3 tags

    The Lyrics can be showed on the Nano, yes. But I haven't heard nothing about lyrics on regular iPods...
  8. Luke1138

    Mac Falcon

    Didn't find a similiar place to drop this link, please move this if wrong placed Custom Mac Mini Really nice, I'm jelous
  9. Luke1138

    bit torrent

    I prefer reg. torrents. Gives you a little more speed :wink: One for starters is Torrent Leech I think that they're closed for new users but I have eight invites left so if you want an acount you can mail me at: kristoffer.segerlind@samlastarwars.nu and I'll give you one
  10. Luke1138

    Mighty Mouse buttons

    Well I love it I think all Mighty Mouse buyers that doesn't like the mouse because they had higher expectations for it, am I right?
  11. Luke1138

    Do you turn your iBook Off?

    My iBook is always on and I even don't close the lid over night, but I do restart it once in a while, often around every third or fouth day... I think I'll do as soulminer suggested and have the battery run flat once in a while, for the lifetime of the battery
  12. Luke1138

    Dashboard Tip

    I've noticed when in dashboard, you can close widgets without going to press the '+' key att the bottom left, you can simply hold down the 'alt' key and move your cursor onto a widget and the closedown mark will be shown, and this without pressing the '+' sign Hope you find this usefull!
  13. Luke1138

    Great Site

    Thanks! Finally I could get the weather forecast for my own city especially as I live in Sweden.
  14. Luke1138

    Let me see your Mac!

    Tailus Really like your way of setting up your computer with all that white stuff the keyboard and all it just blows my mind, will post a pic of my precious soon.