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    Ripping "Protected" CDs

    Thanks. Basically, when I put the disc in my computer, it just freezes everything, and to get the disc out and regain control of the machine, I have to re-boot. From what I've read, this seems to be consistent with certain copy-protection schemes.
  2. I use a mac at home, which is where I do most of my music & iPod-related stuff. However, I'd also like to be able to use my Nano to shuttle files to and from my PC at work. Are there any disadvantages to formatting the iPod on my PC, but using it on my Mac? I know there are software solutions that allow a PC to read Mac formatted disks, but I'd be using this capability so infrequently that paying for/dealing with additional software seems like more trouble than it's worth. Specifically, I'm wondering if things like Calendar and Address book syncing would be affected. I realize that I;d have to do any future firmware updates from the PC rather than my main maichine, but that seems like a small price to pay for cross-platform compatibility. -Ray
  3. RAguilera

    Ripping "Protected" CDs

    My better half has been trying desperately to rip a (legal, as in we own the CD) copy of Jet's "Get Born" CD into iTunes. Googling has left me with way too much information about cracking copy protection, but no information specifically about this CD. Are there any Mac tools that I can use. or does anyone know the specific flavor of copy-protection scheme that Elektra used on this record? Thanks
  4. RAguilera

    iTunes Sharing, 2 user accounts, one machine

    Thanks for the suggestions. Both users do have Sharing turned on, and the firewall is allowing Music Sharing. I will check on Bonjour tonight when I get home. I spent more than an hour on Saturday at the Apple Store genius bar in Emeryville, CA where the guy hadn't heard of music sharing in this way. He suggested a rather hacky way of pointing 2 users at 1 music folder, but that doesn't really do what I need it to. I was surprised that he had never heard of this functionality, since Apple alludes to it on their website (although there's not much documentation on it). -Ray
  5. RAguilera

    iTunes Sharing, 2 user accounts, one machine

    I've noticed that iTunes now pauses when you switch users. Glad to know that the music sharing still works, at least for other people. When I turn it on, other users' libraries never show up, athough if I switch back to that user, the preference pane shows music sharing as being "on, with no users connected" (or something to that effect). Is anyone else having this problem? -Ray
  6. Prior to Tiger, I was able to use iTunes sharing with Fast User Switching so that 2 different accounts on one machine could listen to each others' libraries. Since upgrading, this functionality seems broken. Can someone confirm that it's actually gone, or is there something wrong with my setup. I'm not trying to use a single library for multiple users. I've looked on the Apple support site, and it seems to imply that for recent versions of iTunes, the Fast User Switching method is still the way to go. See the first 3 paragraphs of http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93195