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  1. Hi All.... I have a mac...my brother across the country is on a Windows box. I am looking for a relatively easy way to send a group of large files (ie. pictures) to him via the internet. I've tried some of the messenger apps and I've tried a couple other apps. Is there an easy way to acomplish this? Something I can just set up and let it run. Any ideas? Thanks, Daren
  2. Daren77

    Java Problem on Mac

    Hello All, i've been trying to listen to streaming audio from a site called www.smeter.net and it uses some form of a java plug-in. (I think) i don't know much about it really but i get the little java coffee cup in the upper corner of the screen and then it turns into a red X and nothing happens. I've listened to the stream before on a PC but haven't had any luck since I purchased my iBook G4 runnning Tiger. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Daren
  3. Daren77

    Windows Media DRM question

    Is there ANY way to view windows media DRM material on a mac? Daren
  4. Daren77


    Just my 2 cents but I'd stick with Gmail. For what you get with .mac it's not worth the hundred bucks in my opinion.
  5. Hi all, Not sure if this is the place to ask this question but here goes. I recently purchased an HP Color Laserjet 2600n printer and hooked it up to my home wireless network. I can add it on my iBook G4 as a new printer but each time my laptop goes to sleep or is rebooted it looses communication with the printer. It is still listed in the printer list but I need to delete and add it again to get it to "talk" to the iBook. After it has been re-added it works fine until I reboot or put the computer to sleep. I know this can be a tough problem to diagnose but thought i'd give it a try. I've already been on the line with HP tech support but was told since they don't support wireless connectivity, I was basically on my own. When I hook the system directly to my iBook via eathernet, it works fine! I'm using a linksys wireless system and have no problems with my internet connection or any other issues concerning the wireless. Hope someone can help. Daren
  6. Daren77

    Order of my podcasts

    Hi All....when downloading podcasts to my Ipod I'm wondering if there is a way to change the order in which they appear. For example the oldest at the top and the newest at the bottom of the list so I can listen in order. At this time they are loading on with the newest one on the top. I've tried changing the order in Itunes but it hasn't changed things on the pod. Thanks, Daren
  7. Daren77

    Do you turn your iBook Off?

    Hello all... I have an iBook G4 and use it as my main computer. I plan on getting a desktop (mac) but that may be a couple years off as I've just gone back to school and a little short on cash. I just recently switched over to Mac from the evil PC and have heard a lot about Macs being left on for such a long time because they don't "need" reboots like PC's do. But does that apply to the portables too? Not that they need reboots but is it a good idea to leave them on? I love how my iBook pops right back on after its been sleeping. (Try to get a pc to do that....good luck) Also...just wondering. Would leaving my iBook plugged in to the power supply damage the battery? Can it be overcharged or does the system stop charging when it's full? Thanks, Daren