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  1. unplugged68

    Airport Update

    Yep, it happened to my new iBook, but now with the new patch, things seem totally back on track, and that is wonderful news to my ears. Thank you Apple.
  2. unplugged68

    Airport Update

    Actually, I'm not sure if anyone payed any attention to my last post about the iBook losing AirPort after intensive network use, but this update reportedly fixes that. As a recap, or whatever, the new 2005 iBooks had a defect in the AirPort. Basically, when the machine's maximum RAM is installed, the AirPort loses connection and the mouses gets really laggy due to a kernel panic (not ver reassuring). The only options were hasty workarounds like limiting the amount of RAM in the software or physically taking the extra RAM out. Glad to hear Apple finally fixed this, however.
  3. Yes, I'm doing it as we speak. If you go into preferences, you can switch your itunes folder to somewhere other than the music folder on your internal hard drive. Works very nicely.
  4. unplugged68

    6th gen iPod can record 44 Khz

    Actually, interestingly enough, Apple says so. Towards the bottom of the specs page at apple.com, it says there are two options for recording, mono 22.05 KHz mono and 44.2 KHz in stereo. http://www.apple.com/ipod/specs.html It's almost all the way at the bottom in the middle column. I've been looking for this information for a while, as it is a deal maker to me. Can't believe it was sitting right under my nose the entire time. Thank God for Engadget.com This pretty much seals the deal for me (almost).
  5. unplugged68

    ThinkSecret NOW says iPod video tomorrow...

    Yep, they updated the main apple.com page, as well, although everybody's already been there, so I'm just wasting space. Oh well.
  6. unplugged68

    ThinkSecret NOW says iPod video tomorrow...

    Yep, here's an alleged picture of it, found via iLounge.com: http://www.xs4all.nl/~lucasrag/pics/
  7. unplugged68

    BitTorrent makes AirPort lose connection?

    Also, there is a huge thread over at Apple's discussion forums: http://discusssearch.info.apple.com/webx?1...0fK.0@.68b7c1b7 Seems pretty widespread.
  8. unplugged68

    BitTorrent makes AirPort lose connection?

    Yea, I've got everything updated to the latest thing. I thought maybe it was just me, or maybe I had bought faulty RAM, but from what I can tell from several forums, the vendor doesn't have anything to do with it. Just the fact that the RAM is maxed causes this issue. It could be because this is the first time AirPort is standard in iBooks as well as the recent max RAM upgrade. Perhaps all the bugs aren't worked out. I'm hoping it can be fixed with a firmware update or perhaps 10.4.3, but who knows. The problem is just coming to light because people are just now upgrading the RAM in their iBooks. All in all, it kinda sucks.
  9. unplugged68

    BitTorrent makes AirPort lose connection?

    I found this at macnn.com: http://www.macnn.com/articles/05/10/10/ibo...k.ram.problems/ Very interesting.
  10. Hey guys, I'm on an iBook G4 here. I use BitTorrent for a lot of different file sharing activities (pleading the fifth here). I love it's ease of use, but I'm having a problem with it. Whenever I use BitTorrent in any of its incarnations (Azureus, Tomato Torrent, Original BitTorrent), things go fine for anywhere up top an hour, when suddenly I lose my AirPort connection and everything gets really laggy, eg moving the mouse skips a lot. It'll stay that way until I restart my computer. This only happens after downloading via Bittorrent. Could it be some sort of port issue? Maybe I have something set up wrong in my home network, I'm not sure. Any help would be magnificent. Thanks much. -Russ
  11. unplugged68

    Nano Screens

    Actually, Apple is aware of the problem, and is offering replacements to anyone with damage to the LCD screens in the iPod Nanos. I'd say this is a good move. Apple to Replace Cracked iPod nano Screens Man, those Nanos just look so cool...
  12. unplugged68

    External Hard Drive Enclosure

    Hey guys. I just bought an iBook, 12". Just switched, and I'm very happy. However, I'm going from an 80 gig hard drive on my Win 2000 machine to the 40 gig on the iBook. From what I've read, an internal hard drive within an external enclosure is a good way to go. I've found a couple hard drives I like the looks of, mainly a 250 gig Seagate, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for an enclosure for it. It'd be 3.5", 7200 RPM. Should I go for Firewire or USB, or maybe both? What enclosures work well with Macs, and about how much should I expect to pay for one.
  13. unplugged68

    iPod Mini random pausing fits

    Yea, the pausing feautre can be nice, but in some cases it doesn't work as intended. Must be something about slightly different shapes for the headphone plugs or something. I wonder if there's a way to turn that feautre off. Anyone? By the way, what kind of adapter are you using? It might be nice to have something like that so I don't have to be so selective when it comes to headphones for my iPod.
  14. unplugged68


    Lol, no, the Apple retailer. Although, I've never been quite satisfied with the currently selection of gum on the market. I'm sure Apple could revolutionize gum just as well.
  15. unplugged68


    Aren't they under the vow of silence? I'd probably have to agree with him, though. .... What if the announcement was that Mactels are shipping sooner than advertised? :wink: