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    WTB: Macbook w/ broken lcd

    So water and computers apparently don't mix. I have a first gen macbook that has a dead logic board. If anyone has a macbook with a broken lcd or something that doesn't work but the logic board is in excellent condition, please let me know. PM me here or email me at memoryleek@gmail.com. thanks
  2. memoryleek

    Belkin 802.11g Router

    I have to agree. I own this router as well and the setup was very simple. I get great range and speed and all in all it works like a charm. Great job Belkin!!!
  3. memoryleek

    Finally free from windows, I will share my story.

    Welcome to the community. I've recently switched to the Mac about 2 months ago. I got a macbook as well and this thing is awesome. Now spread the word and convert the world!!!! MUA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!!!!!!
  4. memoryleek

    Uh oh, Zune player to come tuesday!

    Zune = teh suxxors
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    Congrats and welcome. I think you will definitely enjoy the new mac. I've had my MacBook for about a month now and I love it to death. I honestly dont know how I lived so long on a PC, but better late than never.
  6. memoryleek

    RSS feed reader

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a free RSS feed reader on the mac. Preferably something not part of a web browser. I currently use sage as part of firefox, but I would like to try something better.
  7. With my macbook, I purchased a Belkin wireless G router. It works fine and I can get the signal clear across my house. However when I use a public access point, which also works fine, and then go back home to my encrypted network, the computer doesn't connect properly. the airport icon gets a good signal and appears to be working okay, but I can't access any websites or check email. After turning on and off the airport and restarting a few times, the computer connects and i can get online. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a known issue? Or am I doing something wrong?
  8. memoryleek

    Macbook SMC Update 1.1

    I applied the update. I never had the RSS problem, but installed anyways. All went okay but after the computer rebooted, I noticed spotlight didn't find anything. I tried a couple of ideas I found on the apple discussion forums to no avail. then after some voodoo and trial and error, I got it to work again. Weird huh?
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    MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo

    Finally its here!!! Too bad I got my macbook a couple of weeks ago. Oh well, the macbook is working fine for me. I'll upgrade next year....
  10. memoryleek

    Airport Express

    I have a wired network set up at home and when my new MacBook arrives, I'd like to go wireless. Can I use an airport express as a wireless access point. Meaning, can I hook it up to my current Linksys wired router to get wireless internet? Or would I be better off just getting a wireless router?
  11. memoryleek

    website developmet

    I'm trying to find a good web development tool for the mac. Preferably free. I'm looking to get into web development more and havent really messed around with it for a while. Can any of you web developers recommend anything? Also, if you guys know of some good resources, those would help too. thanks
  12. memoryleek

    Convince me to buy a Macbook

    I've had my white macbook for about 2 weeks now and it's awesome. Youre going to love it. I'm not going to try to convince you to buy one because I think you're already convinced and just need some supporting information. As far as office, this is one of my annoyances with some people. Office is NOT native on intel, but ask yourself, "does that really matter?" How fast can you type in word? I've run office 2004 and it works fine for everyday use. Personally, I only use it for excel now. Try iWork. Its wonderful. Pages is a great word processor and Keynote simply wipes the floor with PowerPoint. And both of these programs read and export as Office formats. As for hooking your mac up to a projector, the most important thing is the connection. VGA, DVI, etc... Just be sure you get the right adapter and you'll be fine. I'd love to post a pic of me using my macbook, but I dont have a good pic right now. I'll have one soon. enjoy your new macbook
  13. memoryleek


    Oh sweetness!!! About 5 minutes ago, the fedex guy delivered my brand new macbook. This thing is friggin sweet. White, 2.0, 80GB, 1GB ram. Awesome!!! I'm grabbing all the updates now and getting framiliar with the new interface. I've been a mac user for a while, but I've never owned one. I'm sure I'll be on here for tips and tricks so thanks all in advance. KICK ASS!
  14. memoryleek

    DING! I just bought my first Mac

    Dude I totally agree. I constantly refreshed the fedex website. I followed the package all the way into town. An RSS feed of your shipments would be a great idea. When is your estimated delivery date? Welcome to the fold!
  15. memoryleek


    With monolingual, i got a question. I know you said everything but even the Intel architecture? Just want to be 100% sure. I'd hate to have to reinstalll the os again.
  16. memoryleek


    Thanks for all the replies! Im loving this thing. I've been updtating and copying over data since it arrived (approx. 9:30am CDT). Right now I'm copying over my itunes library (approx. 30 gigs) and realize that I need more space. I never knew that OS X takes up so much space! Oh well. When this is done, I'll still have 20 gigs to play with. I'm also toying with the thought of running itunes off an external drive. Other than that, I'm good. I do have a question for all: What key pieces of software should I download? I already have Senuti and handbrake. Anything else?
  17. memoryleek

    Good iPod headphones?

    If you really prefer the over the ears, the triports are great. However If you like the "in-the-ear" type, you cant go wrong with the shure's. I got the e2c's for 99 bucks and I am in love with them. The e3c's sound better but they were out of my budget at 179 bucks.
  18. memoryleek

    Ordered My MacBook yesterday!!!

    I had to pay for the nano. No biggie. Its a gift for my girlfriend. I did run into a problem though. The nano has already shipped, and the money is deducted from my mastercard check card. However, today I check the status and it says that the charge for the MacBook was not accepted. I knew that the card has a daily spending limit and I had it lifted when I ordered. I even told my bank rep that I wont really be charged until it ships a few days later and she said it would be ok. Well, I called the bank and got the amount lifted again and re-entered my payment info online. Hopefully this time it works. Good news is that my MacBook is ready to be shipped and could get here soon. The bad news is that this could delay the shipping time. I've been waiting to get a new computer for months and if I have to wait another week, I'm going to explode. What should I do? Any thoughts? update: I just got the email. My MacBook was shipped today. Should get here next week!!!!
  19. memoryleek

    Ordered My MacBook yesterday!!!

    Many of you replied to my other post and I thank you very much for that. Your input was very valueble to me in making my decision. I ordered the white MacBook 2.0. Its known as the Ultimate white in the B&M Apple Stores. Comes with 1gig of ram and an 80 gig hard drive. I ordered it yesterday, Sept 26, with an iPod Nano for my girlfriend. The nano has already shipped and should get here no later than Oct 2. The MacBook has an "estimated shipped by" date of Oct 2 and an "estimated delivery by" date of Oct 5. Hopefully it will get here sooner but better late than never. I'm very excited and look forward to making the switch. There's only a few things I need now, namely a wireless router, external hard drive enclosure, and a good bag. I've decided to either go with the "laptop messenger" from Timbuk2 or the "dreadful embarassment" from Crumpler. If anyone has either, could you weigh in with your opinions. Thanks to you all and I can't wait to officially join the Macintosh community.
  20. memoryleek

    Ordered My MacBook yesterday!!!

    Hey guys I just got back from the store. I found a local retailer called World Earth Provisions that carries both Crumpler and Timbuk2 bags. I liked them both, but the Timbuk2's internal laptop padding seemed a lot more protective. I got the Commuter Messenger (medium) and it looks great. Also I stopped by compusa and grabbed a Belkin Wireless G router for $39 (us) and an external hard drive enclosure for $49. Haven't set up the router yet and I probably won't until the MacBook comes in, but its nice to be ready. Thanks again for the replies!
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    Macbook as main system

    Alrighty mac geeks and fanatics. I've been a mac fanatic for years but I've never owned one. I just use them as often as I can. I plan on getting rid of all my pc's and going for the full switch with just one mac laptop. I'd like the macbook pro, but I'd also like to save the money and go with the macbook so I can get more accessories (airport, printer, etc...). I'm intimately framiliar with the Apple notebooks, I just dont know which one to go with. I've managed to wait this far and will probably wait until next week just to see what happens. I know the Core 2 Duo is coming but if it doesn't come soon, oh well. My question I pose to you, the Maccast faithful, is, if you use a macbook as your main or only system, how do you like it? What do you do with it? Do you hook it up to another monitor when at home? Eventually I'll get a new monitor, but that's probably going to wait until next year. Also internal hard drive space isn't a big concern as I'm converting all my pc hard drives into external. I plan on going with 80gigs internal and 1 gig of RAM on either. I just do everyday websurfing & email, pictures, some video and programming. I'm a Computer Science major and plan on doing all my note taking and class work with this machine. Give me your thoughts and comments. Thanks. BTW has the discoloration been fixed with the white MacBooks?
  22. memoryleek

    Macbook as main system

    After reading all of your replies, I've decided to wait until next week to place my order. Due to financial strain, I've decided to go with the macbook. I have a feeling that I may regret it, but I really could use the cash somewhere else, and I can't stand being on this PC any longer. I'm only worried about the screen size, but I think I can get used to it. If anything, I can hook up my current 17'' crt to it. I hope that some updates are made between now and next tuesday. Or, they can just catch up with demand so I dont have to wait a week after ordering to get it. Maybe they will come out with a 13.3 inch macbook pro for around 1500, but I seriously doubt that.
  23. memoryleek

    Saturday night live

    Did anyone watch saturday night live just now? On the weekend update they had a guy act as Steve Jobs. I cant remember the actor's name, but he was the creepy guy on the train in the movie Eurotrip. Anyways it was absolutely hoularious. He kept introducing new ipods that were increasingly smaller until he had the "ipod invisi". Use your imagination. Just another classic mac moment.
  24. memoryleek

    Pentium D

    While the intel chips may have clock speeds over 3gHz, theyre not that efficient. However, in the mobile chip department, the intel chips are probably the best in terms of power consumption and efficiency. I think this is why Apple is making the switch, and it also opens the possibility for them to use the AMD chips in the future. I dont know the Intel roadmap, but I'm sure interesting things are coming. My problem is that the Mac is known for being the choice for multimedia production (graphic, video, audio, etc.), but I fear that moving to x86 may hurt that. But I could be wrong...That "multimedia edge" may be in the os code and not all in the hardware...
  25. memoryleek

    12'' vs. 15'' iBooks

    How big of a difference is it between the 12 and 15 inch iBook screens? I love the 15, but I'm thinking of getting the 12 inch to save money, but I dont want to regret it later. Also, this is probably a stupid question, but are the video cards upgradable on the iBooks?