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  1. punica888

    new iMac has arrived

    Quicksilver is awesome, I anyway wanted to get it, cause I had heard so much about it. Now I can control iTunes without using any Mouse at all or actually switching to iTuens really cool. Azureus works, and there is already anew thing I noticed. Azureus asked me to download the update for soemthign, so I did. And I noticed it saved the download at /private/... which seems to be a hidden folder. To I have to keep this hidden folderns cleaned up? Cause it seems to me if all kinds of programms or Azureus save stuff there, then it will fill up quite quickly. Well I guess a reinstall would fix the problem. But it kind of reminds me of Windows. The harddrive filling up withut reason and I don't know why.
  2. punica888

    new iMac has arrived

    thanks a lot yalskey I will try Disk Utility right away. And while searching for it another thing I noticed: I am using a German Mac and I always have to go to the Utilities Folder and search for the Programmes you mention and find it in German. It would be nice if Spotlight or something would ust recognise the English name when I type it in. Ah well not everything can be perfect Well I have now just deleted the Test Version of Office 2004 from my Mac. Dragged it into the bin. When I run the uninstall wizard it also find Office X files don't ask me why. A bit strange. BUt can report that Words works like a charm, not problems. The only other thing I was sort of disappointed about yet is that Azureus even though its a Java application does not run on my Mac. I have to copy some files from eclipse into the Azureus folder to make it work. Haven' tried that and don't think I am going to don't feel like experimenting yet
  3. punica888

    new iMac has arrived

    Yeah your right, it does stick out a bit, ah well, I can definetly live with that BUt about Front Row I am actually now thinking of maybe doing a reinstall at some point, because FrontRow might be fixed. And I noticed after I installed office, that the iMac had test version on it. Does the deinstall really emove everything? Or should I just drap it into the rash and not wory what office did to my libraries? And while I am asking questions. How can I copy a DVD? Do I have to get toast or can OSX do it, or is there some free proram? Its a normal DVD with some cliparts nothing special. Thanks guys
  4. punica888

    new iMac has arrived

    Oh a joke. Well bite my ass Yeah the new machine is awesome, i love it unfortuanetly, it will be my moms until the new MacBooks are ou. 'Cause she needs a new machine more urgently than me, but she wants a Laptop, and the MacBooks are just a teedy bit too expensive
  5. punica888

    New iMac Ordered!

    How do you mean the whole picture thing, you have examples? My mac is now standing on the desk it has arrived at 2 p.m. jey I fully agree on the harddrive part. And I guess I should call Applecare abit since I don't understand some stuff. See my new post in hardware.
  6. punica888

    new iMac has arrived

    Hey Guys Well my new iMac Intel "20 has arrived. 1GB Ram and 256 vRam Now this is my first iMac so I cannot say if its better than the last one. But I will still like to give my impressions as a switcher and a new iMac user. Now I have used this iMac now for about 1.5h of which I first tried out video playback, photobooth and the internet. Now the display is awesome and photobooth was lots of fun. DVD Play was real easy once the DVD is inserted it just started playing and easy to control with the remote. But now this is where the 1st Problem accured. When I stopped the DVD playback with the remote and switched to FrontRow and started it playing in there, there were lines all over the display especially at the bottom. So I thought maybe because the DVD is now playing on the Desktop in the DVD player and Front Row. So I went back to playing the DVD on the desktop but later when I tried out the trailer feature of FrontRow I also had lines all over the bottom when I played the trailer of Casanova. the second problem was getting the iMac connected to the internet. With my Windows laptop I just plug it in and it gets the IP Address from my router and "It just works" With the iMac it did not just work. I tried around lots until I noticed that on my laptop the subnet mask is and on the iMac it was when I noticed that I manually configured the network access and since then the Internet connection works. I don't understand why the iMac couldn't configure itself and in the router it still doesn't show up as a networked computer all the Windows PCs do thow. Maybe its my router don't know. I use a AVM router www.avm.de its a very common router in Germany and I have the newest Firmware installed. Also the lines in FrontRow are kind of annoying they kind of make FrontRow useless at least for DVD Playback. Ok lets see how my Mac experience continues. So far not off to a very good start especially the frontRow thing seems strange. Maybe a clean install would fix it but I don't want to try to be honest. At least for now my first experiences on a Mac don't have to be to clean install the system . Let the fun continue
  7. punica888

    New iMac Ordered!

    I ordered my new iMac on the 19th and the order started to be processed on the 24th January because they had to wait for my wire fransfer to come in. I ordered a 20" iMac with 256vRam and 1GB Ram with Applecare. The machine was built by the 26th but didn't ship out of China until yesterday 2nd February. Or at least that is day when it arrived in the Neterlands. Now on 3rd Febuary Friday morning it has arrived in Germany and is only 45 in from my house. At least that was at 7:06 a.m. this morning, so it should arrive at my doorstep any second now. That was 3 hours ago, oh why does it take so long, you think they deliver to other people before they get to my house :?: :evil: so mean What I don't getis why it took over 1 week to get from China to the Netherlands, I thought Apple is sending them by air freight. Did the plane circle our planet 14 times? Or did they have to wait for a plane to fill full of iMacs to be shipped to Europe? Can you imagine that a whole plane full of Macs and iPods? Awesome Oh any second, any second it will be here...
  8. I also read the article and found it really interesting. cfsporn must be a really special child whenit comes to start up times. Btw. with start up times they mean that the normal Mac OSX desktop is there and that you cna start working. Not that you cna type in your username and password. And I know you said that you have almsot no apps running on your machines and that is why your start up times are so good. But hey when I start up I want to have some apps running. And not wait again until the ones I need to work with are loaded.
  9. I think making mouses is the thing that Microsoft is best at. Microsoft really makes osme great products. Logitech I always recognized as a big player but I never liked any products of them in my hands. They just didn't feel right. But maybe that is just because I am used to Microsoft.
  10. punica888

    What other podcasts do people listen to?

    Check your feed, Ep 1 is out today. roog Yeah, I had downloaded it but damn... That was aweful wasn't it? I won't be subscribing to that for long I don't think. I thought it was alright. It was a few weeks too late, but oh well. They tried. I think that the future episodes will be great. The set looks really really cool! I liked it ofcourse if future epsiode are going to be the same then I will also quit but for a report on MacWorld Expo it was very well done. I felt a bit like being there.
  11. punica888

    iMac Dual Core "20 vs iMac Dual Core "17 vs iMac G

    What is there something wrong with the link, it just comes up with the test results right? Or did you mean the iPod girl? Well if you meant the girl, I am now warning everybody sorry for any inconveniece :oops:
  12. punica888

    iMac Dual Core "20 vs iMac Dual Core "17 vs iMac G

    13 seconds? :shock: How is that possible are you booting with Linux? Or what are you doing? :?: I keep my desktop clean. My permissions reparied and my hard drive close to empty. Wao that is amazing, so theoretically when my new iMac arrives First time boot up it should also bootup in 13 seconds (well maybe even faster since its a dual core)?? Also another questions, do you cfsporn or anybody else know, what actually happens when permissions are being repaired? How does MacOSX change the permission? Not that after the repair somebody has permissions to something they weren't supposed to have. How does OSX decide who gets permission and not? Thanks
  13. punica888

    iMac Dual Core "20 vs iMac Dual Core "17 vs iMac G

    13 seconds? :shock: How is that possible are you booting with Linux? Or what are you doing? :?:
  14. Check out this test at http://web.mac.com/handras/iWeb/Site/intel1eng.html It has some interesting tests with the iMac "17 and "20 as well as the iMac G5. And while your on this guys iWeb Website check out his photo album, I wish his iPod girl would come with every new iPod :wink: PS: For those of you at work, the girl is naked so you might want to check it out at home instead (or turn the monitor slightly )
  15. punica888

    do i need Norton? opinions please

    Well the main reason to get an antivirus software on the mac is: a) help protect the Windows machines out there i.e. if you get an eMail from Windows Machine so you don't forward a Virus to another Windows Uer protect yourself from Microsoft Word Makro Ivruses c) last but not least if there ever is a virus for Mac you will be protected (if your clientis updated fast enough) So really if you don't care about Windows Users, turn of Makros in Word and BackUp regularry you don't need an AntiVirus Scanner