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  1. Wondering if anyone has written a script for automatically checking iTunes for application update downloads? I checked "Doug's Scripts" and didn't see anything there.
  2. I should first say that I read the posts from "Using a Drobo as a Media server Question...will this setup work?" I've been investigating this issue. I have my Drobo connected to my iMac (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM) through its 800 GB firewire port. Not many issues with the Drobo (configured as 4.4 TB using Western Digital disks). I have noticed that I've been getting drop-outs of signal to my speaker system. I contacted the Drobo folks and they provided me this advice: One of the issues noted in the above reference forum discussion was about having a Airport Express that is a "G" model instead of having the most current "N" model. Is there anyone out there that is using this basic configuration and using Drobo, with success, as a Media Server? lorentzd
  3. Greetings to all! I hope that you are enjoying the MacCast and its forum. I'm a big fan. All thanks to Adam!

  4. Donald Lorentz

    Snow Leopard S/W Compatibility

    Let's see, I'll reply to my own post... just got back a response from the great folks at Micromat... here it is: "TechTool Pro 4 is not Snow Leopard compatible. For compatibility, you will need to upgrade to TechTool Pro 5 (we expect a Snow Leopard compatible version will be available within a couple of weeks). For further information about upgrading, you can contact Micromat Sales at 800-829-6227 or sales@micromat.com." So it is not compatible, yet... lorentzd
  5. Donald Lorentz

    Snow Leopard S/W Compatibility

    I just sent an email into Micromat regarding the status of their Techtools Pro compatibility. we'll see. lorentzd
  6. Wondering just how new a topic this is...? Here's what I want to do: I want to use my older Airport (802.11b) not to extend my network, but to segregate it from my Airport Extreme. The basic idea that I had was to have my Airport Extreme ethernet wired to my new iMac and also have it wired (by ethernet) to my old Airport. All of this off the same DSL modem. The basis for approach is that I do not want my older computers, that use 802.11b, to bring down the speed of the Airport Extreme's communication to the Apple TV. I also want to lock down the Airport Extreme with a high security while leaving my current security setting alone for the older Airport connections. My other basic concerns range from: is this possible? what is the basic approach that I need to take when setting this up on the airport software for both the new iMac and the old iMac? are there any dumb-it-down wiring diagrams that illustrate the above approach? and are there any OSX 10.4 vs 10.5 issues that need to be addressed? If this is not the correct approach, how best can I pull this off? I'm looking for references and some guidance from some one that's "been there and done that".
  7. Wondering... is there any feedback out there, good or bad, regarding the OS 10.5.6 installation?
  8. Donald Lorentz

    OS 10.5.6 feedback on the installation..?

    Here's an update from the originator of the post: I "pulled the trigger" yesterday and installed 10.5.6. I've only noticed one issue so far: I had to perform "first aid" to my Keychain Access application via... http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2980#key Otherwise, everything has been working well and has been very stable. I suggest that we keep adding REPLIES to this main entry of mine for the purpose of recording 10.5.6 observations.
  9. Donald Lorentz

    OS 10.5.6 feedback on the installation..?

    Some additional references to observed issues with 10.5.6 were made in MacFixIt. Here's an example: http://www.macfixit.com/article.php?story=20081218235352708
  10. Donald Lorentz

    OS 10.5.6 feedback on the installation..?

    I just saw this entry from MacWorld on their site: http://www.macworld.com/article/137689/200...l?lsrc=rss_news
  11. Donald Lorentz

    OS 10.5.6 feedback on the installation..?

    Listened to MacOSKen's PodCast this morning (after I had posted the above question) and he noted there were some issues being identified by some users in the Apple forums. As I recall from his PodCast, it was something associated with the attempt to install an incomplete download of the 10.5.6 update (?). Weird. That just does not sound very logical. I'm holding off for a few more days before I pull the trigger on the update. Want to hear some more feed back.
  12. Donald Lorentz

    video iChat difficulties

    It appears to be only me. She's headed off to college, again, soon... so I'm motivated to fix it quick. lorentzd
  13. Donald Lorentz

    video iChat difficulties

    I have not been able to set up video iChat with daughter's Intel Macbook Pro. Some information: I have a relatively new iMac (2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Dual). Both computers are here in my home now, but my daughter will be going back to college soon. Both macs are up-to-date in all posted mac software and OS (10.5.4). Since she claims to have no problems with her video chats with friends, I thought that if I simply set up my accounts and preferences to be the same as daughter's, then I'd have no difficulties. Anyone out there have some ideas on what to do?
  14. Donald Lorentz

    Dashboard freeze-up in Leopard (10.5.2)

    Thanks--- I've noted some improvement myself. I see that they are working on 10.5.5 now. I sure hope they get this main revision as god or better than 10.4, from a bug perspective. lorentzd
  15. Over the last week, I've notice my Dashboard freezing up (no updating of the AccuWeather, CNN.com News refresh, or the RadarinMotion widget, for example). I've fixed my Dashboard freeze by doing a restart. This will be my third restart in 5 days. Hardly never restarted in Tiger. {No other internet access issues are obvious.} Is there anyone else with this Dashboard freezing issue? Experts/Gurus: An issue that's indigenous to Dashboard and/or Leopard? Or is it my new iMac? So how to fix this? lorentzd
  16. Donald Lorentz

    video iChat difficulties

    Yes, see this site that I prepared for your perusal, that provides the details... "There was a communication error during your chat".... no, ya think? lorentzd
  17. Donald Lorentz

    Anyone else using a G4 as their main Mac? ...

    This past February I replaced my 800 MHz iMac. Basis? Couldn't run Leopard and it was real sloooooow. Never had a problem with it until January '08; the DVD player failed. An impressive piece of hardware. Still runs but I have in cold shut down right now. lorentzd
  18. Donald Lorentz

    iChat video functionality is a joke

    I have two Intel Macs that I purchased. One on-campus with my daughter (Macbook Pro) and my own iMac. I can iChat (V4.0.2) by text with her and have no troubles what so ever. We attempted to have a video iChat session and we get what is apparently a common error message: "There was a communication error during your chat". Really? Apparently I'm not the "lone-ranger" on this one: technology evangelist Anyone else want to chime-in on this one? lorentzd
  19. Donald Lorentz

    iChat video functionality is a joke

    Don't take it personal... but it doesn't work. Period. Sounds like you have success. Others don't. BTW - I drink as much Apple kool-aide as the next Apple-fan-boy. However, if something doesn't work; I call it like that. I apologize for expression of sadness. As an update, my daughter claims that she uses video iChat "all of the time" to call-up kids off campus. Of course, that makes me feel so much better about things. So the explanation that there's a campus SysAdmin is at work blocking external iChat traffic (in this particular case) does not apply. I am now wondering if it is I who has a port closed down?
  20. Donald Lorentz

    Leopard Dropping WiFi?

    Seeing exactly the same thing. An issue with leopard that has not yet been fixed by the most recent updates, too.
  21. Did anyone observe just what changes were included in the version 1.3 firmware update for 5th Gen. iPOD? I attempted to go to Apple/Support and noticed nothing. lorentzd
  22. Donald Lorentz

    Firmware update for 5th Gen. iPOD

    Not that I can remember. I too quickly say "yes" to these updates and this time all I can remember seeing is something about bug fixes. "Dolphbucs" provided more details in his reply... I was hoping to see more about the details of the update. I used my iPOD for about 5 hours today while my wife shopped, etc... and I didn't notice a thing being different. Too bad that we can not download the Classic's firmware onto our 5th Gen. iPOD. While she shopped, I checked out the Classic's new interface. Better. Not significantly better, but clearly an improvement... yet not compelling enough for me to go out and buy one. If anything, my next iPOD will be an iTouch. We need the price of memory to drop. 32 Gb is semi-compelling; right on the borderline of my needs. The price for it is too high. With a significant price drop, disk based iPODs will be "history". lorentzd
  23. I've heard good things about Time Machine recently per Adam Christianson's Mac Mini recovery success. I have a new/clean 500 GB drive ready for this application but did not engage Time Machine yet; I actually was waiting for 10.5.2 to be released. Now I have no excuse. What other things should I know about? Limitations? What does it not backup...? I heard that it doesn't backup email. True? What happens when the new 500 GB is filled? Buy a new one but what then happens to the Time Machine backups on the older 500 GB drive? It seems as if I have no real control over what it backups. True? Is there general consensus that Time Machine is ready-for-prime-time given Leopard's 10.5.2 release? lorentzd
  24. Donald Lorentz

    use of old Airport (b) with my new Airport Extreme (n)

    Graham, Thanks for the quick response. I'll be setting this up 2/12/08... I hope We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the references. Best regards, lorentzd