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  1. idlehand326

    Going to China in May

    Sorry, try this one: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...rnMore=M8794G/B Apple World Travel Adapter Kit For the traveler, charge your iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, or iPod from most electrical outlets around the world with a set of six power adapter AC plugs designed to fit your portable power adapter. Learn more
  2. idlehand326

    Hot Macbook?

    Check out smcFanControl. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/23049 It will help with the life of your machine, and keep the hinge on your Macbook from getting loose (with the constant heating up/cooling down).
  3. idlehand326

    Going to China in May

    If you're one who travels a lot I'd get this... http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...27xwBntAOyENgAq
  4. idlehand326

    iCal date showing...

    I don't know what you've done, but here's where I will start...Check your system settings to make sure your syncing with the servers for time and date, and make sure you're using the correct time zone. If it's syncing with an external server (using something like Entourage) it's possible that (if the date/time zone on the server is wrong there) it may be effecting it somehow. If not, I have no clue. Hope it helps.
  5. idlehand326

    iMovie 08 Exports nothing but a black screen.

    http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=6255193 Check this thread...
  6. idlehand326

    Install Win on MacBook Air without SuperDrive

    Could you have made an image file of the Windows install CD using something like Disk Utility and just mounting it (again using Disk Utility) to install? The only way I think that would work would be if you're using Parallels or VMware. Just a thought.
  7. idlehand326

    Adobe Illustrator CS3

    The only way you can "technically" change the DPI is to export the file in different file format (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.) Enter the DPI resolution and save it. (Just make sure color mode in CYMK for color printing and RGB for web or computer-to-computer sharing).
  8. idlehand326

    Stacks in list view

    Does the program/file reside on a server or another machine or is it local? If local, then I have no clue. If it's in another location the machine might need to have you navigate to it to show that it's on the network/other machine.
  9. idlehand326

    Photoshop Jpegs in Coverflow View

    I've had this issue in the past. The picture needs to be reviewed by the OS again to create a proper thumbnail. If you pause on the image(s) for a few seconds, the OS should (at least it worked for me) clean up the image. If not, try hitting the spacebar to bring it up in Quick Look and that should clear it right up. Hope that works. ~ Steve
  10. idlehand326

    10.5.2 UPDATE ERROR

    So, I was able to fix my machine this evening without having to reinstall the OS. I was finally able to get back to the login screen after logging in through Safe Mode (holding down the Shift key after the system tone, and releasing after the Apple logo showed up on the screen). It was as simple as clicking Restart on the login menu. After I clicked that it continued the update it started before the system halted. After a few minutes (and the computer restarting itself in accordance with the update settings) it returned to my desktop stating that the OS has recovered from a system error and requested that the report be sent to Apple. My machine's back to normal...but I figured I'd post the "fix" just in case someone else experiences this in the future. Thanks for the help. ~ Steve
  11. idlehand326

    10.5.2 UPDATE ERROR

    I can't even get to that point...I'm stuck on the registration screen loop issue I described. Thanks.
  12. idlehand326

    10.5.2 UPDATE ERROR

    So, I'm experiencing an issue with my G5 Power Mac. I attempted to update from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 the other night. After approving the install/reboot of the machine in the message window I walked away for a few minutes and came back to the machine's fans SCREAMING and an error message on the machine stating that I needed to forsibly restart the machine by holding in the power button. So, I did it (assuming that this was going to be a problem because I was in the middle of a system update). When it booted back into the OS I started seeing the registration boxes that you'd normally see after installing the OS (or turning on your new machine for the first time) asking for registration info and whatnot. I filled it all out (still with the gut feeling that this was bad) and clicked "finished"...only to find that it brought me right back to the first registration window again (and so on, and so on). I talked this over with one of my friends (also, a mac geek) and he had mentioned hearing of this in the past, and the fix requiring some kind of Terminal command to be run. Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone know a fix (aside from trying to reinstall the OS). Thanks, ~ Steve
  13. idlehand326

    Mini external drives

    Be aware, if you're looking at the LaCie Mini 500GB Firewire drive IT'S LOUD! The fan on mine is constantly going and is not quiet in any sense of the word.
  14. idlehand326

    My lucky day!

    You lucky bastard! Enjoy it...I love mine!
  15. idlehand326

    Hard Drive RPM

    I'm a Graphic Designer, so I'm always using intense programs (i.e. - Photoshop, InDesign, Quark, etc.) but conserns for that usually reside more on the memory-side of things. But admittedly - I'm a speed freak, so I enjoy my systems running a 7200 RPM drive (especially for opening/working with/saving/moving/etc.) large documents. If you're just doing web, E-mail, and iLife stuff you should be fine. Plus, it's always easy (and usually cheap enough) to upgrade said drive when/if you feel you need more UMPF! in your machine... ~ Steve