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    On the verge of switching...

    I love it it's almost along the lines of "Lies, damned lies and statistics". :-) OK I found it difficult to justify switching and buying a Mac until I switched, now I find it hard not to justify buying a Mac. The reason I switched, was because an old Mac that I had dipped into the Apple environment with, COULD run the latest and greatest Apple OS. I know this is slightly backward to the question your asking, but I got fed up of having to buy new add-on's to my PC so I could run the latest Windows OS. Plus all the administration I was constantly doing so my family could use the PC machine safely and with some speed. I recently bought a 2005 PowerPC iMac for my outlaws (inlaws lolz) and it's running Leopard, I know it won't run Snow Leopard but hell Leopard is a Brill OS. I first bought Leopard in Oct 2007 so this coming year that will be 2 years, and at this point there is no sign of Apple stopping support for leopard just yet. I'll put a bet that you'll hear from people who are running quite happily older Apple OS's. I'm from the UK but that Thrift store sounds like a pound shop (cheap), my meaning is HOW OLD was the machine he bought, or more to the point how old was the OS that had been installed, I'm pretty sure that G4 iMac would run Leopard, see my point above, if your going to buy a new machine, YOU WILL HAVE MANY YEARS of enjoying the mac with the current OS "Snowy" as some of the fan boys call it :-) And hey I put a bet when any new OS comes out your 'new' Mac will be able to run it, and you'll be surprised how cheap the upgrade is ;-) Hope this helps, from a total stranger to Apple and the Mac just over 3 years ago, but has now found the real enjoyment of using a computer that he never experienced on a Windows PC. I'm not knocking M$ and windows, I'm just stating what I found, all from a totally personal view. Gazmaz.......
  2. Where do you mean in this forum under a website you have ??
  3. Gazmaz

    Converting free video to iPod

    You could also take a look at Miro http://www.getmiro.com/ :-)
  4. Gazmaz

    General Mail Probelms

    Having the same Force Quit issues, think I'll leave the reinstall until after (or just before) the update to see if that will fix it, are you still having issues?
  5. Gazmaz

    Firefox History

    Ah Ha got it so just in case no one knows I'm sure you all do, but you goto view then sidebar then history the sidebar opens up with all the history you can deal with horray..... :-)
  6. Gazmaz

    Firefox History

    OK guys I need some help. Now I know it's in there somewhere but I'm struggling to dig it out. I'm using Firefox, and I need to look at some pages I checked out yesterday, yes I know I should have bookmarked them, but as is always the way was in a rush. Now History in preferences is set to accept 9 days, I haven't cleared the cache, and I want to see those pages now lookning in the istory drop down in the menu bar doesn't show up enough pages, I started looking for the history, I new where it was in Windows, but can't seem to find what I'm after. Can anyone point me as to either find that history in Finder, or somehow get the history further back to show up in Firefox? Your assistance much appreciated :-)
  7. OK guys (and gals) I wonder if anyone can help, I'm a switcher and am now finding that I'd like to not only produce a website (done malpastowers.com) but to start to do some podcasting about my Rugby reffing, I will also use the recording's as a training aid. OK so far so good, but can anyone suggest a (very) portable recorder, I've used my MuVo MP3 players and considering the mic on it and the fact that they are not specialist recording equipment, the results are OK but, and the but is that I put them on a arm holder and positioning is difficult lots of noise. So does anyone know of something that is easily carried, but has a mic that I can connect to say my collar, I cannot reliably leave something at the side of the pitch ie no wireless linked unit, so it needs to be comfortable either in a pocket or connected to my clothing if not then I'll have to persevere with the MuVo type of setup. Does any of this make any sense?
  8. Gazmaz

    BBC Caves

    Haven't checked out if they are going to support us yet, but today found video on ITV and guess what <h3 class="alt">system requirements</h3> Recommended minimum computer set up to be able to watch ITV streaming video Windows XP Internet Explorer 5.5+ Windows Media Player 9+ So here we go again at least the BBC are promising to support the Mac, I shake my head in yet further dissapointment. Now I know how you all feel FRUSTRATED!!!!!!
  9. I had heard that unless your machine came upto spec that you couldn't load any of the elements, if your saying that you can load certain parts of iLife 08 then I wouldn't mind giving it a go as I will eventually be upgrading the machine..
  10. I'm a new user to and I agree with Hushermn in using the help menu's but sometimes that can take time if you don't know the right question to ask. Getting onto some of the forums is good as they are pretty quick in responding. I know it's not a book, but if you are in the UK perhaps subscribing to MacFormat magazine would be agood idea, I'm sure there are equiv's in the US. Plus here are a couple of links, the first is a keyboard one again, I like this one (sounds silly) because it shows the symbols keyboard shortcuts and this one is not a bad forum Mac-Forum they have a sticky which is useful as well here Mac Forum Sticky Not about books I know but every little helps I Hope! Enjoy your Mac I am.
  11. I'll try the suggestions out thanks seems there more help out there than I can handle at the moment. As for iLife 08 I think it won't run as I only have a Mac Mini 1.25 G4 1gb ram and it would be wasted at the present time, but I'll try the hints first on iLife 05 and see how I go. Won't do all just yet experiment first. Thanks... :-)
  12. OK guys treat me gently, here my first slight frustration, I have tried to look for the data but have failed. Now I'm currently only using iLife05 (I am thinking of getting iLife06) and I have exported a couple of photo's from Elements 3.0 on my W.PC, they have some tags, I would like to see those tags in iPhoto 5.04 can this be done? I have thousands of photo's and I do not want to loose that data and have to retag, or will I be able to see those tags in iPhoto 06 ?
  13. OK guys sorry I had not responded but I was on holiday and had not heard that Adam had put the interview with myself out until last night, (and am still catching up with all those other Mac orientated podcasts)! Guess what, no go on guess, yep I am typing this on a Mac. I could not justitfy going and buying a new Mac, especially as holidays in the Alps cost a lot of money, but I bought a second hand via ebay, yes I was careful, and it isn't a intel. But so far the G4 1.25ghz Mini with 1gb ram (I upgraded) along with keyboard, mighty mouse and a Belkin hub, is giving me the taster I wanted. Am I loving it, well for the for the few days I've actually been able to spend with it I do, there have been the few switcher issues but I intend to tell that story elsewhere, ie see if I can do some podcasts or produce a website of my own. Have my family taken to it, well my two girls in the hour or two they have used it, have both produced there own musical composition in Garageband. Do I and the famly want more, yes of course we do, looks like next years holiday has gone down the drain lolz not! Do I wish I could have found this out through my windows machine yes of course, am I dissapointed with the, older Mac I now have, oh no not at all, crikey just how good are those new Macs? I can't wait to swap my household to Apple, see you all in Mac heaven......... Looks like I've converted.. Oh be kind when I'm asking stupid "how do you do" questions.
  14. Gazmaz

    Help For a Soon to Be Switcher

    As this probably won't help but my 2pence worth, (sorry I'm British you know haw haw). What worries me about being someone who hasn't yet switched is, when I see the power and the usefulness of the apps and if I find myself doing the stuff that I never thought I'd do with a PC, video podcasting making movies, look at youtube, and I under specked my machine I'll then be madly saving for an upgrade, and I always pushed my specs in the PC/Windows world as the techno world moved on, I know that a lot of Mac people always ask what do you want to do with it, as a bit of a geek, I'd want just that bit more. I have held back from getting a Macbook and waiting just to get that pro. Probably not much help but an opinion from someone else who has yet moved! But as Yoda 'nearly' said "I will be, I will be" Yes I know it was "you will be" LOLz