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  1. bnordeen

    Bluetooth Mouse

    I bought my wife a Bluetooth mouse (Kensington) for Christmas. It runs on an Intel MacBook. Is there an easy way to disable this mouse so that she can use her trackpad when she wants to? Bruce
  2. bnordeen

    OS X Services

    I used OS X services a few times, especially Convert, but I suspect I am missing out on ways to make my life easier. Anybody have any suggestions / tricks / tips that might be useful? This also might make a good Maccast addition. Bruce
  3. bnordeen

    use airport extreme as a bridge

    I am in a similar predicament. Does "bridging" mean adding an access point? I would like to use the airport extreme as an access point for an older iMac in my daughter's room (she has no airport card in her computer) and hopefully extend the range of my wireless network as well. If anyone knows how to make this possible, that would be great. Bruce Nordeen
  4. bnordeen

    FireWire peripherals wont mount OS X 10.3.4

    I had this problem after updating to 10.4.3. I updated using the software update. After downloading the full stand alone 10.4.3 update from the apple website, my firewire peripherals were back running again. Good luck!
  5. In pre 4.9 itunes, all i had to do to adjust the order of songs or of podcasts on my ipod mini was to click the arrow in the first column of itunes and then sync. In 4.9, there is only the broadcast date column to change, and it has no effect of the order of podcast episodes on my ipod. What can I do to change the order of podcasts on my ipod from earliest to lastest? Thanks for your help.
  6. bnordeen

    A hodge-podge of questions.

    1 - The last Classic App I used (Online Bible....a great, low cost Bible app) is now in OS X, so I have no further need of classic. Can I just drag my classic folder to the trash with out any harm? Is there anything else I should throw away? 2 - This is no big deal, but still very irritating. In Mail's message count, I keep seeing a count of 1 in drafts, but when I click on the folder, nothing is there. This happens repeatedly, on my G5 imac, and my ibook. 3. I have never gotten Norton Utilities to work in Tiger, even though they claim the newest update is Tiger friendly....anyone else have any similar experiences? 4. I suspect this is basic, and I am ashamed....sigh, because I've been a Mac user for years....but how do you record mp3 voice files to submit to maccast? Thanks for your help.