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  1. SandroinSeattle

    Feeder 1.2 feedback

    Adam, I contacted the support guy at reinvented software and he's been extremely helpful at answering my questions and getting me up and running with Feeder. Most of the problem is my lack of understanding about all the different parts that go into getting a podcast out there and published. Lots of parts to this jigsaw puzzle. I'm getting the hang of Feeder and becoming a bigger fan, despite the learning curve. Thanks! ~S
  2. Does anyone know how to modify the RSS information for an already submitted podcast? Or how to remove old podcasts, that you've previously submited? My podcast is a work in progress and I'm playing around with it, wich means moving files around and creating new xml files. The store doesn't give me a way to change the URL for the feed it looks at to find my podcasts. So, can iTunes support do this for me? Can they remove an old podcast that I submitted a while back? If I resubmit a podcast with the same name and information, with a new URL, will it overwrite the existing podcast? Thanks ~S
  3. SandroinSeattle

    Feeder 1.2 feedback

    Adam, after hearing about Feeder on the maccast, i downloaded it but was completely overwhelmed by it. After playing with it for a few minutes, I couldn't figure out how to do much. Clearly, the program is very powerful, but does not seem to be geared towards those of us starting out. I really was very interested in the ability to edit the iTunes feeds from it. It would be great if the folks at reinvented put up a tutorial for those of us just starting out, though we may not be their target audience. I have a blog with blogger and was not sure how to get feeder to work with that. I'll give it a shot after I'm a bit more experienced with RSS feeds. ~Sandro