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  1. Hey Appleinfi - Just seeing your reply post - sorry. The White 16GB is gone but I have the same with Black 16GB model. Would you be interested in the same type of trade? If wish you can email me at address below or reply to this post. Sincerely - Jeff jsyedinak@gmail.com
  2. JSYedinak

    Any Original iPhone Plastic / Metal Cases Out There?

    Rubbie - Appreciate it. Sorry just seeing this. I ended up finding a cheap source on eBay. I DO appreciate your offer. Sincerely - Jeff
  3. Hello - I'm trying to see if there is any interest in trading a used Mac Mini INTEL-BASED any processor for a like-new 16GB White Iphone 3G with no cell service/contract (Use on Wifi) running 3.x software plus a 40GB Like-New Apple TV w/Remote. If there is any interest or questions please email me and tell me what Mac Mini you have and in what condition, etc. Sincerely - Jeff
  4. JSYedinak

    Any Original iPhone Plastic / Metal Cases Out There?

    Hey Huskermn - I appreciate it. I actually ended up ordering from a cheap source on eBay. It looks like the same types of cases I bought for my 3GS from Hong Kong but this seller ships from Florida - he probably just gets them from Hong Kong. Sincerely - Jsyedinak
  5. Hi Everyone - Is there anyone that may have an Iphone 2G Colored Back made of plastic or metal that may consider a trade for a $10 or $15 iTunes Gift transfer? I am giving an iPhone 2G to my 9-year old daughter this Friday and its slim pickings to find a colored back for it. OR - If there are any recommendations for makers or a website to find such cases in the community I would really appreciate it. I've only really found a source in Hong Kong but dont want to wait 2 weeks to get! Sincerely - Jeff Yedinak jsyedinak@gmail.com
  6. Note to All - This is $30 Total for BOTH, not $30 Each! Jeff
  7. Hello All - I am re-posting this since you may not see the new offer unless I do. I am selling the above two pieces of software with original packaging in excellent shape for a $30 gifted itunes credit or Patpal Exchange. If interested please reply to this post or email me separately. Sincerely - Jeff Yedinak jsyedinak@gmail.com
  8. JSYedinak

    eMac "Please Restart your Computer" Error

    Appreciate it very much. Is it possible even the original RAM stick may be causing the problem? Sincerely - Jeff
  9. JSYedinak

    eMac "Please Restart your Computer" Error

    Thanks Graham as always. Can I ask where I find these Apple Hardware Tests? Sincerely - Jeff
  10. Help! One of our 3 nice 1.42ghz eMacs running OS Tiger is now not starting and giving the above error message in a gray box in Multiple languages. It WILL boot fine in Safe Mode. I have researched this error and have troubleshooted by Repairing Disk Permissions, Running a Disk Verification, Resetting the PRAM, Reseating the memory, ensuring no peripherals were plugged in, and trying to re-install the OS clean...... All to No Avail!! If any nice soul has any potential suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately I only paid $35 each for these Macs from our kids school (and they are in great shape) so I don't want to spend more bringing it into Apple if I can avoid it! Sincerely - Jeff Yedinak
  11. JSYedinak

    My "new" eMac!!

    I bought 3 of these systems from my kids school for our 3 kids for $35 each! Just added a Wireless Extreme card for $20. Also loaded Tiger and in one case Leopard and they run great! Sincerely - Jeff Yedinak
  12. Graham - Crucial is going to send a Replacement 1GB Stick but suggested also that I verify whether I have the latest FIRMWARE VERSION on my iMac G5. How can I do that? Sincerely - Jeff Yedinak
  13. I appreciate it Graham - That was my thought as well. I am sure they will straighten things out at the beginning of the week.
  14. Hello! After obtaining a new 1GB Stick of PC3200 DDR SDRam from Crucial to add to my 512MG Stick my system is only recognizing 1/2 of it!! The Type and Speed in System Profiler between the 512MB stick and the new 1MB stick are exactly the same, and the status for both says OK. Any ideas? I have an email into Crucial Support but if anyone sees this and can shed light I wuld greatly appreciate it. Sincerely - Jeff Yedinak
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    No need to waste your time or money. Plus could slow your experience down -