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  1. sonic84

    Digital Out vs Internal Speakers

    Disappointing, but thank you for the response! I've tried a few software solutions like SoundSource, but they lose the port just like the sound pref panel does when the digital cable is plugged in. Thanks again!
  2. sonic84

    Digital Out vs Internal Speakers

  3. sonic84

    Digital Out vs Internal Speakers

    Hello. I am setting up a 20" imac to function as a media center mac. The imac is hooked up to Family TV via HDMI and Digital Audio. Both work fine. My issue is when I have the digital audio cable plugged in I can no longer select Internal Speaker as a sound output method. I don't want the audio going through the TV all the time after all..... I have tried "LineIn" (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/11333/linein) but the application reflects the sound preference panel. Can anyone offer any advise besides unplug the digital cable. Thank you in advance! -Sonic84 also, I thought these were cool: Mini-DVI to HDMI: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product....=1&format=2 Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product....=1&format=2
  4. sonic84

    Mac server

    Hello, I have a old iBook G3 700mhz that is missing it's screen. But the rest of it works just fine. Anyway I would like to turn it into a FTP/DNS/HTML/mySQL/etc... server to replace the services on my PC gaming rig. (firing up a 800watt computer just for DNS kinda sucks...). Ideally I'd like to install Fedora 8 on the iBook but due to bad video drives I cannot see the installation to install it. The ibook runs fine with a external monitor, but once I get it up and running I'm going to mount it on my wall. So since I can't use Fedora I would love to use Mac OS X. Can anyone suggest a software package or built in tools for the before mentioned services? I looked into purchasing Mac OS X server, but it's way out of my price range.... Thank you! ::edit:: nevermind, I found a way. I used Mac OS X built in services for: FTP, http, SSL I found some instructions here: http://www.perkin.org.uk/2007/12/31/set-up...ver-on-osx-104/ on how to re-config 10.4 named service to serve as a DNS for my home network. My network/services are up and My PC is off Thank you!
  5. sonic84

    Photoshop 7 vs Leopard

    hmmm, shame. thank you all for the input! hopefully Adobe will have some sort of upgrade special I think I may have found the problem just now.... opening the photoshop 7 app package and finding the actual app revels it's a classic app. at least thats where the pointer in the package leads. Photoshop 7 has two versions of photoshop imbedded into it, for OS X and OS 9. the classic version simply won't open. the OS X version appears to be a UNIX EXE file, I added .app to is and it starts to launch but errors out. my guess it Photoshop 7 has too many OS 9 elements to work in Leopard.... I'll keep toying with this and report anything substantial.... thanks again for the input!
  6. sonic84

    Photoshop 7 vs Leopard

    Hello, it would seem photoshop 7 breaks under Leopard. I get the error: "an unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred because of a program error. Photoshop will now exit". I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Yes I know Photoshop 7 isn't exactly up-to-date; But I prefer it to the CS variants. I have tried PS7 on both my current 10.5 PPC macs with the same result. I d/led the CS3 trial in the mean-time (which works fine) but I was hoping to use PS7 for the foreseeable future. I've tried all the usual aids: reinstalling, repairing permissions, etc... but to no avail. Any thoughts? Thank you for your time!
  7. sonic84

    Leopard with G4 chips?

    I just got done installing 10.5 on my iBook G4 (1.2Ghz late 04). Runs like a dream, snappy too. the only abnormality I've found is the apple menu is not transparent. I suspect (shot in the dark guess) that is because the lack of Vram on my mac. Otherwise it was a smoother install than my G5 tower. Hope this helps.
  8. sonic84

    ibook leopard issue

    What kind of install did you perform? Upgrade? Archive and install? or Erase and install? I only ask because I have a similar iBook and had no issues with a Upgrade install. I'd also boot from the OS X DVD and repair the volume/permissions for kicks.
  9. sonic84

    Using a PC RAID to backup files

    I found a solution, I used a program called "iBackup" to create an archive at the destination, this avoiding the "name too long" error.
  10. Hello, I have a PC (Win2K) on my network with a RAID setup that I want to use it to backup my files from my Mac (PM G5 OSX.4.6). The problem is that I have numerous files with names apparently too long for windows to handle and copy aborts. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  11. I'll be looking into a m-audio revolution PCI card, thank you!
  12. Hello, my Question originally was how do I enable "environmental sound" or Audio hardware acceleration for my favorite game on the mac HALO, but now my question has evolved into: is there a killer sound card for the mac? Thank you!
  13. sonic84

    Newton Connection Utility for emate 300

    I already looked there, after a ULA page they give you a dead link to an old apple page. thanks anyway!
  14. hello, I just picked up a pair of eMate 300s, no software included. I had been using Newton Connection Kit for my older Newton 120, but it is incompatible with the emate 300. I need to find "Newton Connection Utility" to sync my emate to me mac (G3, OS 9). Does anyone know where I can find the software? Thank you!
  15. hmmm, I'm not about to replace my nvidia 6800 with something lesser, thank you for your help!