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  1. oyah

    Storage solutions on MBP

    Wow, great post, thanks very much! Is it impossible to move the user to the external HD, or just unnecessary?
  2. oyah

    Storage solutions on MBP

    Thanks. How bad is the exclamation point of death? It sounds pretty bad! If I accidentally launch iTunes without the HD connected, will I be able to fix the problem by quitting iTunes, connecting the HD and trying again? The MBP is largely stationary so I probably will get an externally powered drive. Partitioning it is a great idea. Finally, just to be clear, do you agree with Graham that I should only move the iTunes library not the whole user? Thanks very much.
  3. Hi everyone, I've got a MBP with an 80 GB hard drive. I've got four users on it, one of which my wife and I use for music (iTunes) only. That way both of us can log in and listen to music, or add new music, in a common user. This user takes up about 25 GB. I'm running out of space (8GB let on the hard drive) and I want to install Windows/Parallels, so I need more room. The obvious solution is to replace the internal HD. But I also want to be able to take advantage of Time Machine (which seems to require an external HD). So I'm thinking about getting a big external drive. My question is, Can I run a user from an external HD? That is to say, can I move my 25 GB music user to the external drive? Thanks!
  4. oyah

    System Preferences crashing--help!

    Thanks. Maybe that is the issue, since this little MB only has 512MB. I've been meaning to get some more in advance of Leopard...
  5. I'm getting a strange crash in System Preferences. When I select the Desktop and Screen Saver option, the application quits unexpectedly. Other options (Dashboard, Dock, etc) all work fine. I have tried erasing the com.apple.systempreferences.plist file, but that didn't work. I have restarted, logged out, etc. but it hasn't helped. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm looking for a new hard drive to replace the 80GB one in my MBP. It's just too small when you've got Windows installed and lots of photos. I'd apreciate your suggestions on what makes to look at and what to look for. A speedy drive would be nice, but storage (at least 160GB) is the most important consideration for me. Thanks!
  7. oyah

    My new MacBook Pro

    Yep, Vancouver BC. Funny weather today (as usual). Sunny one minute, grey the next. I'm going to get Pacifist and see if it solves my problem. Thanks!
  8. oyah

    My new MacBook Pro

    Thanks Professor!
  9. oyah

    My new MacBook Pro

    Another problem I'm having is with Flash and Shockwave in Safari. Safari thinks I don't have them installed, but I do. I know I do b/c when I run Firefox I don't have the same problem. Any ideas? I'm not sure this is a MBP problem per se, but it's something new since I got my MBP.
  10. I bought a D-Link 802.11g wireless USB Adapter (DWL-G122) for my old flat panel iMac after the guy in the store said it would work after I downloaded a driver from the D-Link site. But there is no such driver. Any suggestions about (1) a driver that will run this thing? or (2) a better USB wireless adapter? Thanks
  11. oyah

    My new MacBook Pro

    I was in a Vancouver shop on Saturday (London Drugs, which, in spite of its name, sells tonnes of computers) and jokingly asked if they had any MacBook Pros. They floored me by saying they had two in the back! I bought it immediately. They said there have only been 64 MBPs shipped to all of Canada so far and that they got 8 of them. That sounds unlikely, but that's the story. Quick review. I love it! But a couple strange issues. First, I've got the noise that everyone's talking about. Second, Safari is redrawing screens badly sometimes when I two-finger scroll. It's as though the screen has been cut into two vertically-divided pieces and then put back together unevenly. So instead of showing maccast forum it shows ast forum macc It doesn't always do this, but it does it enough. Third, the seam on the bottom right of the keyboard isn't quite sealed as much as it should be and occasionally grabs the hairs on my arm! (And I'm really not that hairy!) It hurts. Very annoying. I'll have to start wearing long sleeves more often. So there you go. By the way, I've never had an iSight camera before and am very keen to try it, so if any MacGeeks out there want to chat about MBPs, get in touch!
  12. The thing is, Apple encourages us to hype things up by doing so themselves. Personally I think it's great strategy. But when it flops, it flops big time. As a guy who's been waiting for a thin and light Apple laptop for I don't know how many years, I was doubly disappointed to see that Apple announced leather iPod socks instead of new iBooks. Wow, Adam replied to my posting. It's like meeting a movie star. :wink:
  13. Adam's 1 March podcast was pretty funny. I liked his "physically angry" initial reaction to the new products. You may be taking this all a bit too seriously Adam! Buth then Adam tried to give a bit of a defence of the new products. He more or less convinced me that the new Mac mini was a step forward. But he was way too forgiving about the Hi Fi and the leather iPod cases. Those are ridiculous. I predict they will sink faster than the Cube (which I kind of liked, actually). I wasn't physically angry, but I was bored. One interesting point to me was that one configuration of the mini has a Core Duo chip. So much for the idea that consumer models will go Solo and and pro models will go Duo. Makes me wonder what the iBooks will look like.
  14. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe Apple and PS have settled... The video was very prominently displayed in the top left corner of the iTunes browser.
  15. I'd love someone's help with this. Under OS X 10.3, I used to be able to play music in one user, then switch users (without logging out of the first user) and the music would continue playing in the new user. This was really handy for me because I have one user for me and my partner's music and other users for doing work etc. With 10.4, this feature/bug (not sure which Apple considers it to be) was removed. Now, when I switch users the music stops playing. Any ideas on how I can return to the 10.3 setup?