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    Camino or Safari

    I personally use Safari and when I need to view something that won't work in Safari I go to Firefox. What do you think?
  2. twitfan123

    VisualHub's X-Grid doesn't work on Leopard

    I think I recall it working for Cali and Neal at GeekBrief.TV... I don't own VisualHub so I can't test it, but I'm pretty sure they said they got it working... it was on one of the Big Trip audio episodes.
  3. twitfan123

    os x on ipod

    When ever I see something like that I say one word: fake.
  4. twitfan123


    I get some of mine from the Flickr group.
  5. twitfan123

    TiVo across the internet??

    Right... the only thing I can think of is remote control a mac at home to download shows, then transfer the shows over iChat, but that's not a very good easy solution.
  6. twitfan123

    TiVo across the internet??

    You could try the Slingbox.
  7. twitfan123

    720p vs 1080p

    You should also keep in mind that there isn't very much content available in 1080p. The only content I know of is MacBreak HD and Blu-ray.
  8. I actually heard of this first on digg— http://digg.com/apple/Jailbroken_iPod_Touc..._in_weekend_ads
  9. twitfan123

    Help with iPod touch

    I'd restore and jailbreak again. It will totally restore it to factory state, so yes, it'll bring back the app.
  10. twitfan123

    moving music from itunes on a p.c. to new mac

    If you have an iPod big enough than you can use iPodRip to transfer playlists and music.
  11. twitfan123

    Audio Interfaces

    I believe the MicPort Pro will work on Leopard. Never tried it though. It's just a standard USB interface.
  12. twitfan123

    Getting A New TV. HELP!

    At this point I think anyone buying a TV should go HD.
  13. twitfan123

    MacBook 'FacePlates'

    You could try GelaSkins.
  14. twitfan123

    Best AIM Client

    I'd agree, just use skype cross platform.
  15. twitfan123

    Setting up a new MacBook Pro

    If you have to get going quickly, leave it alone. If you're in no hurry I'd say do a clean install and turn things off like additional fonts and X11.
  16. twitfan123

    Best AIM Client

    Absolutely correct Joe. It simply uses flash, so it plays well with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  17. twitfan123

    Setting up a new MacBook Pro

    I would do the same.
  18. twitfan123

    Leopard Takes Forever to Boot

    I don't really see a reason to worry. You could set it up to start up at a certain time.
  19. twitfan123

    unlocking the Touch . . .

    At this point why unlock / jailbreak... the SDK is coming soon...
  20. twitfan123

    Now 32GB iPod Touch

    I really don't see the big deal about entering such a long Wi-Fi password. You've only got to do it once.
  21. twitfan123

    Wireless Time machine?

    If at all possible, use ethernet anyway.
  22. twitfan123

    iPod to Mac

    iPodRip will also do it, keeping the playlists intact.
  23. twitfan123

    Does the iPod Touch have this?

    It sure does.
  24. twitfan123

    Now 32GB iPod Touch

    I misread it...
  25. twitfan123

    Now 32GB iPod Touch

    The iPhone has physical buttons, the touch does not.