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    iPad 2 launch photos

    True. I didn't think of that.
  2. mongbeany

    iPad 2 launch photos

    I apologise if this is supposed to be in the Mac Pride section instead of here....but I was passing the Apple store in Cambridge, UK today and saw some insane queues!
  3. mongbeany

    Macbook and World of Warcraft

    After macworld I intend to buy a new mac laptop. I just about have enough money to get a macbook pro, but the only reason i'm leaning towards them over the simple macbook is because I like to play wow. - £1299 is a lot of money to spend just because I want to play wow... My questions are these: Does anyone here play wow on a macbook? - is it playable? Are you able to turn the graphics settings up? What is your typical fps like (in cities and out in the wild)? Many thanks in advance!
  4. mongbeany

    Apple Remote desktop 3.1

    Thanks for all the replies. It seems that it could have been a combination of things: 1. OSX's own firewall - I didnt realise I had to add the VNC exception in the firewall list. 2. I deactivated some the port-forwarding I had setup on my router so that I could VNC into my home pc from the office...(this may have had nothing to do with it, I plan to test it properly later tonight.)
  5. mongbeany

    Apple Remote desktop 3.1

    What am I doing wrong? – I can’t get my ibook G4 to access my imac G4 or vice-versa… They both have: ARD 3.1 installed. The remote desktop tick-box ticked in ‘sharing’ in system preferances. Can see each other on the network. Is it because i am trying to do this over wifi? I wouldn’t have thought so because I can remote desktop mac – pc with no trouble. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!