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  1. I received a CD and product key for Parallels Desktop 4.0 bundled with my iMac a couple years ago. I have never used it. I would much rather boot into Windows natively and use the hardware to its full potential. I know that 4.0 is a little dated by todays standards, but hopefully it is still useful to someone. I am not sure what to ask for it. How about $5.00? I will provide an ISO image of the CD and the product key via digital delivery. PM me if you are interested.
  2. rrm74001

    Running Unix Commands In Mac OS 9?

    Okay sweet thanks for the reply! I did not know that the Mac OS's before Mac OS X were not based on Unix.
  3. Hey everyone - I have been tinkering with Mac OS 9.0.4 lately, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to run Unix commands in Mac OS 9? I downloaded MacTelnet, but when I try to connect to "localhost" it does not do anything. I assume that I need to have SSH running or something? Or is there no way to running Unix commands in Mac OS 9? Thanks in advance for your response!
  4. rrm74001

    hacking the Apple TV

    Why do you need to block IP addresses to watch Hulu?
  5. I recently enabled the International menu bar so I could find a special character, and after I found the character I needed, I disabled the International menu bar. However, whenever my computer prompts me for an administrative password when I install a program or wake computer from sleep, the Character Map pops up. I cannot seem to figure out how to disable the Character Map from popping up. Any Suggestions?
  6. rrm74001

    FREE movie screen capture application?

    lol no no no. i mean i want my computer to record everything i do on my screen. not just movies, but like switching between applications and stuff. like this: http://osvids.com/vids/0008/vid_0008.html hope this helps.
  7. hello- do any of you know of a FREE movie screen capture application?? i have seen many commercial applications out their, but i think it is rediculous that i would have to pay for something like this...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! p.s. no shareware or demo applications. only freeware (if it exists). thanks -rrm74001
  8. rrm74001

    mac os 8/9 "liquid" theme

    hey thank you very much i found it the exact one i was looking for thank you! i looked everywhere for it by the way, if anyone is downloading any one these, you should probably know that when you are ready to download, click on the one after it, the website is messed up like that. do this for the ones toward the bottom, the ones at the top ususally work by just clicking the actual picture you want to download. here is a link to my what it looks like: (mac os x theme with dock on mac os 9.1!!) (sorry if it i kinda big)
  9. rrm74001

    mac os 8/9 "liquid" theme

    hi, i am looking for the mac os 8/9 "liquid" theme that made ur mac os 8/9 look like mac os x that was created by ben mackin. i have search for it on the internet, but i just find a bunch of dead links. if anyone has it, could they please send it to me, or you know of a working link, please send it to me?? or if you know of another mac os x theme for mac os 8/9, send that to me as well. -thanks -peace
  10. is there a wa to change the "do not diconnect" icon on my ipod to a different icon using a mac?? thanks
  11. rrm74001

    ipod error

    when i attempt to update my ipod, i get a -36 error. : / any suggestions? i have run disk utility and there were MANY errors and i fixed them all but it still did not work. i have also restet and that did not work either. -later-
  12. rrm74001

    my wesite

    hi guys i am starting a website i am going to try to update it often it is still in the works of getting rganized but i will feature apple new and product reviews and other things please give it a few weeks before you decide what you think pot your comments here with any suggestions: http://www.freewebs.com/rrm74001
  13. rrm74001

    ipod problem

    hey these step pertain to macs except for steps 3-5 i do not know much about ipods and windows systems. 1. run diskutility (application>utiilities>diskutility) on your macintosh hd to repair permissions. 2. run diskutility on your ipod. when i did this it found one error and i noticed it impoved my battery life. this might not work since you say your ipod wont mount but launch disk utilt and see if your ipod appears on the left. 3. try running diskutility from inside the ipod by resting (menu+select) and when the apple logo comes up press the back and foreward buttons at the same time and wait until the disk icon comes up before you let go. 4. try connecting your ipod to a differnt bus (if you were using firewire, use USB and vise versa) 5. make sure your ipod is connected to a full power bus. for example do not plug your ipod into the keyboard. 6. see if your ipod appears in apple system profiler (applications>utilities>system profiler)
  14. rrm74001

    Another iPod Problem

    hey if you have a mac try running disk utility (applications>utilities>diskutility) on your ipod, i did this and i foud 1 error and when i repaired it, i noticed my battery started lasting longer. if that does not work, or you have a windows machine and you have a 3G ipod or older, try running the scandisk built into the ipod by resting the ipod, (menu+select button) and when the apple logo come up, press the back+select+foreward buttons at the same time and wait for a disk icon to show up before you let go. i hope this helps you -later-