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  1. chet

    a fewe MacBook questions

    5. to all in your humble oppinion wich isbetter for the student MacBook or MacBookPro? Big Question: What can you afford? If you're trying to save as many dollars as possible, you only have one choice. If you have the money, the MBP will last longer before it goes obsolete, making the few extra $100s worth it. Unless you need cutting edge, the MBP should comfortably last all 4 years.
  2. chet

    WOW and Macbook

    Get an iMac for MB price and MBP graphics. You lose the portability of course, but if you can't afford a MBP...
  3. chet

    25 Greatest PCs of All Time

    Apple takes 1/5 of the slots. And 1st place as well. Worth reading. http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,126692-p...ms/article.html
  4. chet

    Core Duo vs. Core 2 Duo

    I'm no expert, but I can give you some information. The only real world difference between the two processors right now is that Merom will run 20% faster than a comparable Yonah, and, possibly run slightly cooler as well. The L2 cache is extrememly fast memory the processor uses to store its instructions, etc...(correct me if I'm wrong somebody). Just like having more RAM allows more stuff to be going on at once, the L2 cache gives the processor more working space. 64bit has been very confusing to a lot of people, including myself. It's a lot of hype, from what I see, but it's an important step and there are performance gains working with video, databases, and scientific computing. Right now it doesn't really give any performance benefits for the consumer, but could once software and OSes are written for 64 bit (think: Leopard). 64 bit processing opens up some barriers for future expansion, like the 4gb of maximum memory on 32bit systems. 64 bit systems now have a RAM ceiling of 16 EXAbytes (that is, over 16 billion gigabytes).
  5. chet

    What is your homepage?

    I almost never see my homepage any more. With saved sessions, all my tabs stay open in Firefox.
  6. I've been hearing this around. How does one "erase free space"? Probably a stupid question, but it might help others like me.
  7. chet

    Need help-possible new switcher

    Bootcamp is your only option currently for running Windows on the mac, if you want gaming. If you don't like the dual boot idea and want the virtualization of Parallels, it seems Parallels is working hard on getting 3D support for their next version if you're willing to wait awhile.
  8. chet


    Spotlight is a lifesaver when I need it, but I've found I still use Finder to browse for stuff even though it could be found with Spotlight. I thought I would use it more. I'm curious how others use it and of course improvements that are made tomorrow at the Leopard Preview.
  9. chet

    Top Podcast Choices?

    Main Ones MacCast TWiT Security Now! (important if you also use Windows. 51 episodes of security related talks.) Others VODCars CommandN
  10. chet

    MB or MBP?

    If we do though, it probably won't be for sale Monday the 7th, as Intel won't have it ready for mass shipment until later in August. At least, that's what's been stated. I want a Core2Duo MBP as much as everyone else though.
  11. chet

    Top Hard drives

    Seagates are backed by a 5 year warranty, so they're generally considered the most reliable. Samsung's drives are the quietest, if it's noise you're concerned with.
  12. chet

    MB or MBP?

    The Barefeats site has two good comparisons between the two. Using iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, etc...the MB is neck and neck with the MBP. But as soon as you launch a 3D game, the Macbook crawls and the Pro roars ahead. So, basically, if you want to play games or render 3D, you only have one choice. Otherwise, the Macbook is the perfect choice. http://barefeats.com/mbcd4.html http://barefeats.com/mbcd3.html As for the Core2s, if you want an MBP it's probably a good idea to wait a few days at least.
  13. chet

    MacBook and OSX: A Switchers View

    Yeah, there are laptops out there with all that great stuff, but usually they cost $2000+. Bluetooth on PCs is rare, but it can be added via USB or something if you need it. As for the Start Menu, get Quicksilver (http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/) like user jackt mentioned. It is the ultimate companion to OSX. It's faster for me to launch an app with QS than to move my hand to the mouse to click a dock icon. Forget organizing.
  14. chet

    Heat-absorbing lap cushion for PowerBook?

    Wasn't it the Podium CoolPad? http://www.roadtools.com/ Some are sold under the Targus brand.
  15. chet

    gmail process

    I have 2.75 mb now. Yes, it's growing all the time. You might check out GmailStatus. http://www.uebercoders.net/gms/ Works great in combination with Growl.