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  1. Awesome! Thanks for your help.
  2. Free is definately better, so thanks. I'll give this a go before I go an buy the software.
  3. Just wondering if there is an adaptor that I can buy that will allow me to use my iPod hard drive via USB or even an enclosure like those external 2.5 or 3.5 hard drive enclosures? My 60Gb iPod has died but the drive is still good. So I swapped my 60Gb drive into my 20Gb iPod (and obviously removed the 20Gb drive) There now I have a 60Gb U2 edition 4th gen iPod. Problem now is that I have a spare 20Gb iPod drive that works, but I haven't been able to find an adaptor or enclosure for it. Also, I can't even find broken 4th gen iPods here in Australia on eBay. Any help would be appreciated. TIA TC
  4. Thanks for the tip. I'll give Visual Hub (looks like the full version of iSquint) a try. This looks like something I need, something that can take any input and convert to any output easily. I bought QT for my PC but it can't convert everything, therefore QT for Mac is probably the same. PS. I gave Handbrake a go but it only encodes DVDs and MDF? files.
  5. Hi all, I have music videos that are MPG or MPEG (from my PC days), which I have imported into iTunes (not sure what the difference is between importing and adding to library). The videos play in iTunes but will not play in Apple TV. In fact, the videos aren't even recognised by Apple TV. How can I get the video to play in Apple TV? Also, my Apple TV freezes every now and then, is there a way to reset it without removing the power? Finally, I am using an Eye TV Diversity with as a DVR and then exporting the shows to the Apple TV (no TV/Movie shows in Australian iTunes). I use an iBook G4 1.33GHz. Price aside, what will give me more performance, upgrading to the new MacBooks or the Elgato Turbo 264? Cheers, TC
  6. tykal

    WM5 and Macs

  7. tykal

    Call 4 quick help!

    Thanks for that, I've already done that, but still no joy :cry: Anyway, I switched to entourage so that I can sync better with WM5 (as soon as Missing Sync develops it.) and I'm currently manually syncing my Outlook with Entourge. Unfortunatey, I have to use Windows for my Mindmap and Project software. I can't wait for Project X
  8. tykal

    Call 4 quick help!

    Yes they are very annoying and I've also disabled them. I'll probably do a clean install of Tiger this weekend. System is running real slow for some reason.
  9. tykal

    Call 4 quick help!

    I would prefer to find the setting that is making it do that. I've not intentionally closed Entourage near the top of the hour. As a consequence I always seem to miss it. Hopefully someone knows how to get this setting changed. :oops:
  10. tykal

    Call 4 quick help!

    I thought I'd start this thread about little things that are annoying (from a switchers perspective) but can't find a solution to. To start off, I've got an annoying alarm clock chime that rings on the hour, every hour, and I can't switch it off. I've had this for about 8 months now and its driving me crazy. I've made sure that the "announce the time" check box is unchecked under Date and Time in the system preferences. I have a feeling that it is Entourage but havent been able to find a way to switch it off. Please help? :shock:
  11. tykal

    WM5 and Macs

    Why is it so hard to get a Mac to sync with a PDA? I recently acquired the new O2 Atom running WM5. Couldn't get anything to make it sync with my Mac. I ended up buying another laptop just to maintain my contact list. No wonder why the business world won't touch Macs. I've looked at Missing Sync and Pocket Mac...both do not have anything. Does anyone know how I can sync my PDA with my Mac? Cheers, Tyrone
  12. I use my iBook for as many tasks as possible especially managing my media, but I got a PC so that I could sync with my O2 Atom. Now I have a problem...can I maintain my iTunes library on both machines where the iPod is the authorative/definative library of my media. I would very much appreciate any help on this. Also, is it possible to connect to a windows pc without it reying to reformat the iPod? I thought that I could do this by enabling the ënable disk usage"on the iPod but this didn't work. Anyway I appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks. TC
  13. tykal

    Sharing iTunes folder with other users

    OMG, you know sometimes the most simple solution turns ou to be the best one. I guess I was over engineering what I was trying to do. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I travel between Sydney and Canberra (approx 3hrs) every week during which, I use my 60GB iPod with iTrip. After about 2 hrs I get a lot of noise (sounds like static at approx. 1s intervals) from the iTrip. It almost sounds like the iPod's spinning disk is broadcast through the iTrip. This stops when I pick up the iPod with iTrip still attached and hold it in a vertical position. I actually believe that the spinning action of the HD is resonating and playing through the iTrip. I would like to know; firstly, has anyone else experienced this and secondly, how do I fix it? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Tyrone
  15. Hi, I've searched a fair few places for this and as yet have not found a how-to on enabling multiple users on my Mac to use one iTunes folder. That is, I want them to use my music library. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks is advance.