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  1. Hi, I am trying to find out how to get the Internet ip address is on a particular Computer when connected to the Internet by a wireless router. The reason for this is I would like to be able to access my desktop computer for my ibook when I am elsewhere. Before I purchased my router I had a USB modem connected to a windows xp pro pc and you could find your internet ip address by clicking on run in the start menu then typing "cmd" then ok and then typing "ipconfig" and then you can use the internet ip address to connect to that computer. But when you are connected to a router it doesn't show up in the command windows it's shows up in the router settings window as WAN IP but that ip is for the router, so I need to find out how to define my computer WAN ip when it's though the router for mac osx and xp machines. Please help! Thanks Email - mdtturner@tiscali.co.uk Skype - tchmmdt89
  2. mdtturner

    I need some software developped

    Thank you keep posting i would be willing to review software on my podcast to! Thanks Mark
  3. Hi I am a 15 year old school student and I use my ibook G4 there I would to have a peice of software which allwos me to have every thing i need for a day at school in one place, so i can get what i need when i need it. If there are any software devlopers out there please can you help! if so please email me - mdtturner@tiscali.co.uk