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  1. campdig

    Vintage Macs (to a good home...)

    Hey, sorry. Ended up taking all of these to a thrift store not too long ago. Forgot I had posted this here! Thanks for the reminder. Hope you find another Macintosh II
  2. Hey folks. Posted a listing on my local CraigsList page and haven't gotten much interest, but thought maybe this might be a better place to post such a thing... here's what I posted there: If you're interested, leave a message here in this thread, or there's probably a way to private message me here? I'm not using these, but someone out there's gotta want them!! :-) Hope I can hook ya up. :-)
  3. Hey folks I posted a new thread on this on Apple's discussion boards, but thought I'd try here too. I don't need to re-explain here, please just click the link and read the issue as described on the Apple support site. Basically, I think I'm doing everything right with Boot Camp, Windows XP Home SP2 and my intel Mac Mini... but it's not working. The display is a standard TV (connected via a DVI to RCA adapter or something) and somehow I think that might be the issue when trying to install Windows. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Here's the link: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...38&tstart=0
  4. Hey all A friend of mine was trying to open and use GarageBand tonight, which he has done before, but this time it would crash as it was loading up. The little "Initializing..." window shows up for longer than normal, and then it just crashes. We deleted the com.apple.garageband.plist preference file, but that had no effect. The quick fix for tonight was to create a new user, and use GB in that account. That worked. So, it's obviously some preference setting, or file that GB is trying to load in that main user account. Anyone have a suggestion for what file might be causing it to crash as it loads? Thanks in advance for your help. Greg C
  5. campdig

    New iTunes Update

    When I first saw the MiniStore, I said, "Cool! Now, how do I close it?" I couldn't figure it out ... but saw this article on the MacWorld site, and thought I would pass along the info: To close the MiniStore, just click Command-Shift-M, or you can select that option under the Edit menu in iTunes. (Select, "Hide MiniStore") Just thought I would pass that along for anyone who, like me, was unable to find that option just yet. Apparently, the software follows what you click, and recommends some related links for you in the iTMS. A neato idea, but, I'm glad I also know how to turn it off now :-) I got the info from this article, by the way: http://www.macworld.com/weblogs/editors/20...p?lsrc=mwtoprss
  6. Hi folks I have a friend who uses an iMac G5 (previous gen) for running the slide shows and other multimedia for his church. They found software (for OS X) that requires (utilizes) two screens... but the iMacs don't natively support that. He was referred to some software (I believe) called Screen Spanning Doctor. Here's a link: http://www.rutemoeller.com/mp/ibook/ibook_e.html Has anyone heard of this? The guy who referred him to it said, So, that was not very reassuring. Anyone have any other ideas for linking up another display to an iMac? Thanks! Greg Campbell Apple Fan
  7. You guys rock. Thanks for helping me find that software. It worked perfectly. I may even purchase it :-) Thanks again! Greg C
  8. Wow! Good stuff! I will try it out and post the results here in a little while. :-)
  9. Thanks guys 1) I used both my PowerMac G4 with SuperDrive and PowerBook G4 (newer) with SuperDrive burning on CD-Rs (two diff brands) ... software was just the Mac OS CD burning software? 2) How do I change the format? I checked in Disk Utility... didn't seem to have the option to change it? It only gave me the one (Mac OS Extended (journaled)) option. Thanks for your help. gregc
  10. campdig

    [VINTAGE GAME SEARCH] Mini Golf Games?

    Thanks for the links, but yeah, they are all OS X games. I might grab one for my computer... :-) ... but still looking for something for OS 7.5-9.1 or 9.2. Thanks! gc
  11. We have a mini-golf game for an old Performa that my son loves, Gopher Golf. It's a shareware game downloaded a decade ago now. Anyone know of similar games? We're looking for other mini-golf games especially for OS 7.5 to OS 9.1 o 9.2... any help would be grand. Greg C campdig
  12. Hi All Anyone out there got a Performa? We're running OS 7.5.3 on this classic computer, and wanted to transfer some free/shareware games I found online to a CD so I could load them onto the Performa. Trouble is, it is unable to read the CDs I burn so far! Is anyone familiar with this issue? Is anyone trying to use their old Performas still? :-) (that's probably the better question) Thanks. Greg C campdig
  13. campdig

    Mac OS on non-Apple Hardware

    I saw a comment on the main maccast page about people not switching to Apple because they actually like Windows OS better... I am still not sure that's true. I think there would be people out there who would happily keep their windows box and slap the Mac OS on it because that really is a big part of what makes a Mac a Mac. Anyone know specific #s on how the Mini has done sales wise? Is there any way to know how many Windows people made the switch because of the lower-priced hardware? Just curious.