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  1. shanmac

    iPhone 4S thoughts

    I really think they should have called the iPhone 4S an iPhone 5. There really are a lot of major upgrades. Especially the new chips that are duo core. Anyone else agree?
  2. shanmac

    Mac OS X Leopard!

    The WWDC keynote was too much marketing fluff. Give me the under the hood details and cut out the BS.
  3. shanmac

    Update to Camino

    The new version of Camino has much better ad-blocking which is great news. Also, it allows you to move around your menu icons. I never liked having my bookmarks icon to the right of the url windows. Now I have it to the left which is fine with me.
  4. shanmac

    safari 3 beta

    Safari 3.0 on the mac is way faster than Safari 3.0 on Windows. On the mac, it was good though - kept all my plugins and bookmarks.
  5. shanmac

    Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard delayed

    Little disappointed about the delay. It seems though that there are a lot of new features in Leopard so they need more dev time. I'm happy to hear about the new UI and stuff. Anyways, looking forward to seeing a preview of it at WWDC 2007.
  6. shanmac

    iPod nano 2G

    I love my second gen Nano. I went to debris design (www.debrisdesign.com) to get a custom case. Worth every penny. Oh, I also dropped it on the floor today. No worries, works fine.
  7. I have been using Firefox 2.0 since it release. It seems that every couple days it either locks up or crashes. I love the browser for all its functionality but its performance really is poor. Anyone else want to weigh in?
  8. shanmac

    Maccast loop

    really enjoyed listening to the maccast loop for the first time. signed up with twitter (Shanmac). I am going to listen to the next one for sure.
  9. shanmac

    Mac Answering Machine Software

    Phone Valet rocks! It is too bad it is over your budget, because it has got to be one of the best telephony apps out there.
  10. shanmac

    Missing Manual Review

    Those of you interested in Web Design should check out CSS: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland. I just got this book in the mail and it is an excellent resource for web designers.
  11. shanmac

    Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo

    Thx for the review, sounds like a smooth running machine.
  12. shanmac

    New Mac.com Mail Interfac

    I initially had problems sending a new message in Firefox 2.0, but I found that all I have to do is disable Adblock Plus on that page.
  13. shanmac

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    I tried out the Apple Wireless mighty mouse for a month but quickly returned to my Logitech MX600 Wireless Laser Mouse. The Logitech's sensitivity is better, it is more ergonomic, has dedicated sound up/down buttons, and dedicated web forward/back buttons.
  14. shanmac

    An excel alternative

    Although Apple may not want to step on MS toes in regards to Excel for Mac, that doesn't stop them from releasing a rumored 'Numbers' app, that is less full featured than Excel, but is easier to use, and is targeted more at Prosumers and Small Biz.
  15. shanmac

    MacBook cases

    Get the Brenthaven one for the MacBook. It rocks!