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    12" powerbook wanted

    As long as it works. I want a G4 powerbook that is 12 inches. i don't care about ram or processor or anything else as long as it works, and has a battery, and power adapter. heck even if it doesn't have an adapter, as long as it has a working battery. Willing to pay $300-$500.
  2. weetzie

    12" powerbook wanted

    additionally i dont want a maxed out one just cheapest and lowest you can get even if its missing a power adapter.
  3. weetzie

    12" powerbook wanted

    that's fine i am only asking the prices i have seen them going for on ebay.
  4. I've been having this problem lately. I don't know if it is specifically Leopard because AFAIK I sometimes had the problem in Tiger as well. I have completely erased and installed Leopard, and am still having the problem. Here's the deal. When I try to restart or shut down, it takes a long time, and then I'll get a message saying, for example, "Text edit has cancelled restart." It could be any one program that is currently open. From my experience, isn't shutdown or restart supposed to kill any running programs? I'm going to be upset if I have to shut down every program before restarting. Additionally, if I do close them all, it still takes a long time to restart/shutdown and hangs a lot. Does anybody else know what I'm talking about? Any suggestions?
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    13" Macbook 1GB ram

  6. weetzie

    13" Macbook 1GB ram

  7. weetzie

    13" Macbook 1GB ram

  8. Right now I have my podcasts set to download the most recent episode. However, some of my podcasts update every day. I'm not always around to be able to check every day, and it seems like it's just downloading the latest one, and not the one before that. I feel like if I select "download all" it will download ALL the past episodes... I don't want to test it because I have a lot of podcasts with hundreds of past episodes... Anybody know how to get around this?
  9. haha well... he bought ME the emac, and then after playing on it for a few hours, he asked if he could hang onto it for a few weeks that's when i just decided to let him keep it at the apartment so he could get as much use with it as he wanted and maybe change his mind about mac. his reasons for why mac is bad is really just to get on my nerves he secretly likes it... i know he does. he's just being difficult. the differences won't hurt our relationship. i do like linux too, i'm just more comfortable with mac.
  10. I'm working on converting my boyfriend to a Mac user, in addition to his use of Linux. His main gripe about Mac is that they use opensource things and don't give proper credit. Current examples are spaces, but there have been other things used. Now I can't imagine this is correct. I am not really looking to prove him wrong (learned my lesson!) but I would at least like to know if they are indeed giving credit. I found the www.apple.com/opensource and http://developer.apple.com/opensource/index.html but none of that makes any sense to me... is this saying they do?
  11. ^^ i kind of posted this because i tried to review facts on my own, but i didn't really understand, so i'm here to get clarification. as far as converting goes, i said i would get him to use mac IN ADDITION to his use of linux. i'm not getting him to stop using linux, i just want to show him that mac is not as bad as he thought it was. i never try to convert someone totally. i just show them some cool things on my mac and if they want a mac, they do it. i don't do anything more. i don't hate windows users or windows machines and i'm tolerant of people as long as they don't criticize me for not using a windows machine, right? it only makes sense to me.
  12. haha he avoids windows like the plague. he's a linux user. but yesterday he bought me an emac, and i decided i wanted to leave it at his apartment to use and that i would keep my macbook at my apartment. so he hops on the emac, creates his own account, and doesn't leave the computer for hours. he then sends me an IM via Adium (I'm on the bed in the same room, mind you.) admitting that maybe he did like mac... a little bit. he's trying hard not to admit it. friday when i introduced him to the new GarageBand and he saw that he could play keyboard ON the keyboard, he admitted to "hating it a little less." now at least we got him liking it, and not wanting to get off the emac.
  13. weetzie

    Strange experience...

    ^^ that's what I was going to say... i lived in an apartment with another girl, and her "limewire" folder would show up on the left-hand side of my itunes... only when her limewire was running.
  14. ^^ Excellent, guys! Thank you for your help. And yes, I could just press cancel, but I'm not always sitting there staring at my downloads. Additionally, to another replier, I wasn't talking about podcasts being released more than 1x a day, but if I'm gone from an internet connection for a week or so, I miss a lot of updates, and sometimes more than one for any given podcast, such as a daily radio show, or something...
  15. I don't even really remember there being podcasts when I got one... I think this was like 2001/2002... were there podcasts then?
  16. weetzie

    Internet options for iMac G3?

    Thank you!!
  17. I'm going to be getting an iMac g3 soon because I love old macs. I already have a MacBook, and have had an Apple //e, eMac, iBook clamshell (limegreen!) and iBook G4. The auction states that it comes with an ethernet adapter and network card. Now, does the network card mean it can wirelessly access the internet? If not, is it possible? What would I need to get? Thank you for your help
  18. I hate for this to be my first post, I've been lurking and haven't had anything to post yet, but here goes. I am selling the following items: 1. I have this ram that I'm selling; it came with my iBook g4 and I upgraded, so now it's available. It's still in a static bag. $25 2. OS X 10.4 Tiger for PPC. I bought it for $65 will sell for $40. I upgraded to a Macbook so I cannot use it anymore. 3. I also have all my iBook G4 disks that came with the iBook that I forgot to give to my friend to whom I gave my iBook and have since lost touch with him. If anybody wants these, I'll send them to you $10. 4. Random mac books (mostly for 10.2-10.3): The little Mac iApps, Mac OS X Hacks, Mac OS X Missing Manual (10.2), and 50 fast Ma os x techniques. Look these up on Amazon if you want more information or ask me if you want to know anything about the specific definition. $10 each. 5. Lime green timbuk2 case: http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/products/laptop...omputer-handbag Lightly used, sell for $60 Please don't hesitate to respond if you are interesed. I am in need of some cash. I will take PayPal. Thanks