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    G4 Powerbook 12"

    i have a 12inch ibook. and its great for the tasks stated. it lacks when it comes to things that require a large amount of resolution. the best part is the laptop is the same size as some text books.
  2. giantsfan

    logitech g5 hardware issue

    i have a logitech g5 gaming mouse which isn't supported by osx with any drivers from logitech. no big deal. usb overdrive fixes these issues. however. i just reloaded my machine over itsself and after i cannot use 2 buttons on the mouse to change the speed of which it tracks. it has a + and - button on the mouse to change the DPI. from 400 to 800 to 2000 and these buttons don't make the DPI change. they work with other mac's. Where can i delete or change some settings to get back my speed. changing the speed in usb overdrive isn't enought. the DPI is really where it count. any help would be appreciated.
  3. giantsfan

    Wallet vs 1PassWD

    i just bought wallet, and i don't use the auto form feature. but the features of 1passwd look very good. i'm trying out 1passwd trial right now. wow i'm amazed on how awesome 1passwd is. i wish i researched this topic a bit better. they had this on the maccast 2-3 shows ago. but i don't think 1passwd was listed. the downside to Wallet is the lack of firefox auto form feature. it only works with safari. i'm a firefox fan myself.
  4. giantsfan

    iMovie Experts / Pro's

    nice video a bit too much eyecandy transition for my taste. i perfer more action. it depends on what you're given to deal with. ie i saw you had alot of photos instead of video. well i minds well add mine.... video
  5. giantsfan

    iMovie Experts / Pro's

    show us what you got, the movies i've made are to the point. no pizazz
  6. giantsfan

    screen saver mouse problem

    sometime lately after my screen saver comes on i press the mouse button and i dont' have a cursor. i have to press the scroll down button for the cursor to come back. i'm using a g5 logitech. any ideas what the problem is?
  7. giantsfan

    Intel Core 2 Duo inside a Mac mini

    i wonder if there was any heat issues?
  8. giantsfan

    PC Parts

    I'm stripping my PC and parting it out. Western Digital 74GB Raptor 10,000rpm SATA Drive 140$ 1GB DDR 400 100$ Geforce 6800 BFG brand 120$ KVM 2 Port 20$
  9. giantsfan

    Comparing Headphones

    now now now, the bose quiet comfort 2 have been the greatest ever. i use them extensively for metal fabrication ie welding, grinding and for running. These have been rock solid for many projects i've created. i beat the living crap out of these. the coard is constantly yanked, pinched, smashed. The QC2 have a detachable coard, so nothing happens to them during the event they get snagged on something i'm walking around. I used the Bose TriPorts before these and the coard would get snagged up on everything i was working on. and it eventually broke. Btw, with these sets i've heard parts of songs i didn't know exisited. ie echo's of lyrics etc. lemme tell you how the Bose Warranty works. I broke a pair of QC2's after about 8 months of duty in my shop. they were making bad noises from the acoustic part that tries to muffle sounds. so i called their warranty and i was kinda afraid to tell them what happened. Well they said no problem, we will replace them. No questions asked, next week brand new set at my door. I even told the gentlemen on the phone what i used them for, he said thats what their made for. If this were many other companies they would have told me NO WAY. So yah they have a 300$ price tag, but it sure does go a long ways. i used the Apple inear phones and i hated them, they kept slipping out of my ear. i returned them for the Bose and i have never ever looked back. After the Bose i've never even used the earbuds, music needs definition and bass.
  10. giantsfan

    Front Row Update

    i want steve's front row from his itv. where can i get that?
  11. giantsfan

    imac g5 isight disassembly

    i can't find any documentation how to take apart a imac g5 isight? theres 3 screws on the bottom and i took those out. it dosn't work like the older units. the top just dosn't hinge off. any suggestions? frank
  12. giantsfan

    firefox won't go to new pages

    sometimes in firefox i cannot open a new page, i click on a link and i get a very fast spin of the logo in the top right corner and then it dosn't go to the new page. its a speratic problem. i've had it for a while. all different versions of firefox. any suggestions
  13. giantsfan

    firefox won't go to new pages

    well i don't like the way safari stores past pages in the history menu. i like the down arrow of recent pages.
  14. i have green icons on my ethernet and wireless adapters in system preferences. but i cannot get to the internet. i can't ping my address and i can't ping the router. what gives? if this were windows i'd remove the tcp/ip of it, and run a winsock fix but i'm clueless on troubleshooting osx. i could you some help here. thanks -frank
  15. giantsfan

    green icon but no internet

    well the problem has returned. now i have 2, green dots. but no internet. green on airport and green on lan. before the problem was my switch was a little jammed up, had to reset it and reprogram it. now the problem is back and meaner then ever.
  16. giantsfan

    green icon but no internet

    i've reset modem and router, mac like 3 times. the net diag says i don't have a green dot on isp, internet and server. all my other machines get on the internet fine, ibook, 2 windows desktops. the ibook is wireless.
  17. giantsfan

    PC Troubles

    for western digital drives. if its the only drive on the ide chain the jumper must be cable select or stand alone (no jumper). what about a bios update?
  18. giantsfan

    What kind of headphones?

    i love bose triport or quietcomfort2. they are expensive but i can never go back to the earbuds after using them. they just seem so lifeless. i can say that i've heard parts of songs that i never heard before with these. people used to say that on advertisements and i never believed them. but for me it actually did happen. i've used the in ear apple ones and they were horrid. i couldn't shuv them in my ear enought, they would fall out. i tried the different sized cups to no avail.
  19. giantsfan

    Imac raptor upgrade?

    i recently bought a 20inch g5 imac from an applestore. it was their display models that they slashed a couple hundred $ off. I would like to put some more power under the hood. i was thinking about ditching the Maxtor 250GB drive and opting for a http://www.wdraptorx.com/index.asp?bhcp=1 i found a site that tells me how to open the case and all. which seems very easy. On my PC when i installed my raptor i had to put in a disk and run some utilities from a floppy. I suppose booting to OSX DVD should be able to format the drive and take it from there? I know the Raptor will scream but i want to run it by you guys before i purchase. I will do anything to ditch this Maxtor, i've seen so many Maxtors fail. Frank
  20. giantsfan

    Entourage 2004 vs. Mail, iCal, etc.

    well i've been using entourage for some time now. i'm just used to the Micro$oft ways.. i see entourage as different then the PC verion of office 2003, so in my mind its like i'm not using a PC..its like im on a mac. offtopic but what about thunderbird?
  21. giantsfan

    Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro..

    ugh is this a windows support fourm now or a mac support forum?????? perhaps the forum needs to be restructured to OSX hardware and Windows hardware questions? did you set the second display to active under display properties?
  22. giantsfan

    Q - An Awesome Free x86 Emulator

    mine choked on loading win 2000. i guess i'll try xp?
  23. giantsfan

    Are Mac users THAT clumsy?

    i work at a pc repair shop. the problem that happens to pc users is.. the laptop is plugged in and they tip the laptop up like a hinge from the desk. on PC laptops the power adapters plug in from the back (most the time) the creates a nastly occurance. the power socket is now the leverage point for the computer to hinge off the desk. what happens over time is the power socket gets ripped off the mainboard of the computer and the computer no longer charges. this is more prominent in different types of laptops and different types of users/enviroments. however, on mac laptops the adapter is on the side. which dosn't pose a problem for people who pick up things from the front to back. also in my maclaptop there is a tiny board for the power jack all together. which i find as a great idea. this way if i were to break mine, i would just buy a new board instead of soldering a new power jack on. with the new laptops the magnet would just detach.
  24. giantsfan

    20" Imac g5 2.1

    I went to my local applestore for some bose quietcomfort 2 headphones. low and behold in the back they had 3 imac g5's 500$ off. display models from the store replaced by the intel machines. i couldn't resist one of these models. this machine is replacing my 12" ibook, g4 1.25 100gb hard drive, 768mb ram. from what i'm moving from... this machine is noticeably faster. the screen is more vibrent then the 3 screens it lays next to. the ibook screen, a 17" samsung, a 19" nec CRT. isight is very cool, i've had a blast playing around with that. frontrow is a show stopper for me. i can sit in bed and control things. its just a joy. the main reason why i love this machine, screen space. with the 12inch ibook and 17inch flat screen, i couldn't edit images(photoshop cs2) or make websites (dreamweaver 8) like i desired. the speed of the ibook has been lacking for me. also i have no need to be mobile. i'm more then happy with my purchase, even thought the sales person i spoke with told me not to buy it.
  25. when i drag and drop a directory with multiple subdirectories in it iphoto dosn't honor the subdirectories. it puts all the photos in one directory. how can i make iphoto make the subdirectories aswell? frank btw - i just bought a new imac 20inch on sale at an apple store, i couldn't be more happy.