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  1. Obsession88

    Muted Sound

    Never mind I got it! I was trying the quickly plugging and unplugging headphone trick to see if the menu bar would change but nothing happened. Then I tried it with itunes playing something and the plugging/unplugging thing worked.
  2. Obsession88

    Muted Sound

    When i have my headphone plugged in sound output is normal. As soon as I unplug the headphones the volume controls in the menu bar is grayed out and muted. Restarting did nothing, different login did nothing. Thanks for the help. 2.93GHz MacBook Pro 4GB 10.06.2
  3. Obsession88


    Yeah I guess that was pretty vague. It's a "can not connect to server" problem. Ok got it working! For some reason PeerGuardian was blocking the site. Thanks for the help!!
  4. Obsession88


    For some reason I can not connect to cracked.com. I've tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox with no luck, but I can get to it with my iPod so I know it's not my network/ISP. I'm wondering if maybe this problem might have something to do with my WOW problem I posted in the software section? Any ideas?
  5. Obsession88

    WOW Help

    So I've decided to try World of Warcraft, but I'm having no luck getting it running. From what I can tell it' must be a connection problem. I can not connect to run updates. Although 1 updated did install, but the latest. When I enter my user name and password it never connects. I've tried allowing all incoming connections. I've tried setting specific services and applications adding the Blizzard Downloader, Blizzard Updater, and the WOW app it's self. I tried restarting my router, wired, and wireless, and a different network. I would try forums at Blizzard but you can't join till you get your game set up. 17inch unibody MacBook Pro 10.5 Thanks for any and all help.
  6. Obsession88

    Powerbook wirless card?

    I'll check them out thanks!!
  7. Obsession88

    Powerbook wirless card?

    I need a list of wireless cards that will work with my G4 Powerbook please!! I was told that a bad logic board is causing my airport not to work. I've tried a Belkin N1 with no luck. Thanks
  8. Obsession88

    iTunes Lyrics/Artwork - 8/24/06 show

    What happens if you already have most of the cd art? Does it place another copy, or skip that one, or something else? Just wondering.
  9. Obsession88

    f;slfjeifj;;eioij (HELP!!)

    Safari (2.0.4/1.3.1) doesn't render code or isn't reading something right. It does this for all pages (html, php, ect) just displaying line after line of text with random picts. Firefox works just fine. Oddly the stickie widget, and the weather widget do the same thing. The last thing I did before everything went wacky was install Security Update 2006-004 (PowerPC). So far I've reset Safari, repaired permissions, ran Norton, and logged in as a different user. Nothing worked. Any ideas??
  10. Obsession88

    10.2.8 update??

    I am trying to update my fathers iMac 500mgz from 10.2.3 to 10.2.8. Because of his ungodly slow internet I downloaded it from my work, burned it to cd, and tried to install from there. The install went fine, untill it restarts. It starts to reboot and the the gray screen of death pops up asking for a restart. From there the only thing I can do is reinstall. Anyone have any ideas? No combo drive so I think he's sol for upgrades. Thanks
  11. Obsession88

    Mac Games

    I've been spending way to much time playing Civ III lately. I'm really hoping that the whole Mac/intell thing leads to more games [crosses fingers]
  12. If Apple does make a video iPod I'm sure they wont just slap a video player into the current gen iPod, they'll come out with something the right size for watching videos on. Now if they do go with a current iPod player size it can still not suck if... they make it a video player, not movie. All of those quicktime movies you've got laying around of video podcast would be great to have while working out, or waiting for your girlfriend at the mall, ect. My $.o2
  13. Obsession88

    Address Book

    Couldn't you just add your address's in the different formats that you need??
  14. Obsession88

    DVD-R or DVD+R

    I was unable to burn Maxell DVD+R's on my 15' PB
  15. Obsession88

    iBook or PowerBook

    I've been running Dreamweaver on my 15' powerbook for over a year, and loving it. Go powerbook!!