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  1. paulbrown83

    Final Cut Studio 2 Tour

    Did anyone go to the Final Cut Studio Tour in Hollywood last week? I was there, and they used a program to monitor their 8 cores while rendering out a video with Compressor. It was really cool to see, and I think it was called XGauge, but I could be wrong about that. It was like 8 nice-looking speedometers on the screen each representing a core. Does anyone know where I can find this piece of software? By the way, if you can go to one of these events during the summer, and if you are interested in getting the new Final Cut Studio, go check it out. It's totally worth it! Thanks, Paul
  2. My Address Book currently has about 1800 entries, and I'm trying to use the sharing feature builtin to Address Book to another .mac account. It takes about 15 minutes to "download" onto another machine, and even then, it didn't transfer entirely. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what's wrong, or do you have a better way to share an address book? Thanks! Paul
  3. paulbrown83

    Desk for my G5

    Hey folks, I'm looking to getting a really slick desk for my "home office" of sorts. I've got a Powermac G5, with a 20" cinema display, and would love to have a desk that matches the aluminum industrial look. I haven't visited IKEA here in town yet... Maybe that's a good possibility? I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good furniture company out there that specializes in Apple-ish furniture design. Thanks! Paul
  4. paulbrown83

    iSight Live Webcam

    Well, just a while ago Digg pointed me to a feature about setting up an iSight security camera. The software used (as well as the guide) can be found at http://www.econtechnologies.com/site/index.html and is called ImageCaster. This software looks like it'll do what I want. I will be looking into this more over the next few days though.
  5. paulbrown83

    iSight Live Webcam

    Does anyone know a good way to have my iSight take a picture every x number of minutes and publish it to my site so that I can have a live webcam feed?
  6. Does anyone out there know how to get the Public Calendars working in Entourage on an Exchange server account? We are using Active Directory here, and one of our few mac users is wanting to switch away from using Virtual PC. The only reason she used it was to use Outlook 2003 to access some calendars located in the Public Folders | All Public Folders area of Outlook. I've read that this is possible with Entourage with SP2. However, i have this installed, and it does not seem to be working. When I hit the little triangle next to Public Folders, I correctly see Favorites and All Public Folders in the menu. Then when I click the triangle next to All Public Folders, nothing happens, except a quick blurb in the status bar about Entourage trying to Retreive Subfolders. Nothing else happens. Any clues?
  7. paulbrown83


    Aren't GMail accounts open to the public these days, without having to have invites? I know it was more than a month ago. Has something changed since then?
  8. paulbrown83

    Mail in multiple locations- how do YOU do it?

    GMail now has the option to send from a particular account. You must verify each account that you want to send from, and then when you go to compose a message, you can select from the menu which account you'd like to use to send each message.
  9. I have discovered that this works in some applications (particularly Safari, iChat, and iPhoto). The program in question here is Filemaker Pro 7, but I know it applies to more than that. In Windows, a user can tab between the buttons in a dialog box, such as the OK and Cancel buttons. I have found this to not work a lot of the time in OSX. Does anyone have a solution to this? Is there some piece of software out there that can get around this? Also, In web pages in particular, tabbing through the fields skips over the pulldown menus. Any way to fix this one? Thanks guys. MacCast rocks.
  10. paulbrown83

    Line in not audible through output

    I got it. I couldn't run it directly through the operating system, but the program I was using to do it with (Isadora) worked fine once I turned "monitoring" on on the Audio Listener actor. And GarageBand does something similar, once a recording channel is active. Thanks.
  11. Hey there, I am trying to run a signal into my PowerMac G5 through the Line In. Right now I'm just using a standard audio cord from my iPod into the Line In on the back of the tower. I've done this before on another PowerMac, but mine is acting funny. I can hear everything except the audio coming from the iPod. Also, when I open System Prefs and go to Sounds, and then Input, I can see the blue bars from the Input Level pulsing with the music that is coming from the iPod. So I know the PowerMac is getting the signal, but I just can't hear it coming out of the speakers. Anyone know any tricks to try? Thanks, Paul