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  1. iTunes 5.0 has been acting unstable and a bit buggy since installation (actually, the installation was a bit buggy). I am not very happy with the Podcasts mounting in my main Library. In an attempt to keep Podcasts from mounting in my main Library, I moved the Podcasts out of the iTunes folder and onto another harddrive. BAD MOVE! Lost my Library and all my setting. I have spent a number of hours redoing my Library. I have had a number of problems with iTunes. The new iTunes does not seem as stable as 4.9 and I have had a lot of problems with the Library updating after a number of cuts and pastes. iTunes 5.0 seems to be slower to start and quit. My experience with iTunes 5.0 is not very good. I have a very large Library of music and record at high bit rates. Maybe, that is the problem, I don't know. Nonetheless, I wish I had stayed with 4.8-4.9
  2. I just upgraded to iTunes 5.0 and I have an issue with how it is working. After installation (I also got the close iTunes message), I rebooted and found that my Podcasts were now in my "Library". Prior to 5.0, your Podcasts were not transfered to your permanent Library without your permission. I want my MP3 music Library in one location and my Podcasts in another. Otherwise, you know your going to delete a song when you intended to just delete a Podcast. Furthermore, one of the best ways to find a new download is the fact that it has no star rating (just like all the Podcasts). I don't like Apple requiring my Podcasts be part of my permanent Library. If I missed a check-box to delete the Podcasts from my Library, please tell me! Otherwise, it may be time to get my Podcasts from another source!
  3. It was the Open "safe" file in Safari. I unchecked it but did not relaunch Safari before downloading. If you are having MP3s automatically launch in iTunes, turn-off "Open "safe" files after download" in the "Safari" "Preference" "General".
  4. I tried downloading with Safari Preferences "Open safe files after downloading" off and it still does it. Good suggestion! I am downloading from a non-iTune site. The mp3 downloads to my desktop and then iTunes will load and begin playing the song.
  5. I don't know whether I hit the wrong setting or this is a new feature, but after downloading an MP3 song file to my Finder it automatically opens iTunes 4.9 and begins to play. Is this a new feature or did I hit the wrong setting. I have tried to disable the feature without success. There are two good reasons why I wish to disable this feature. First, it does not work correctly and routinely misses at least one song when I have downloaded an album. Second, I am usually playing other music while downloading and don't want that music cut short by the newly downloaded MP3 file. HELP!!!