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    Separate iTunes libraries

    Thanks, CyberBiker. It looks like the way to do it. I didn't try to import my podcasts, I just re-subscribed to them (and weeded out some of the ones that I don't really listen to anymore).
  2. Hi, guys. I have a macbook, and keep my iTunes Library on an external drive (I don't need to carry the music on my laptop when I have my iPod with me). I would like to be able to have two iTunes icons: one for my music when I have the external drive attached and a separate library just to download podcasts to when I am on the road. I know that I can hold shift down when I launch iTunes, but I would rather have a separate icon for each one. Any ideas, guys?
  3. PhilChater

    iMac Out of Box Photos

    I just got a 17" iBook on Saturday and, like you, took some "out of the box experience" pictures. They didn't turn out as good as yours though (it was freezing here on Saturday, and I was still shivering when I took the pictures). How would you rate your "out of box experience?" I would say that mine was good, but not breathtaking. I remember how amazing it was to open the box that my ipod came in, and had a similar experience when I got the universal dock a couple of months ago.
  4. PhilChater

    iBook Died, options for replacement?

    I think that both options are tempting. When I first saw a G5 imac, I had to struggle to keep my hand out of my wallet. I guess that I am having the same situation after playing with an intel iMac. So as a third option, should I spend the money (RAM upgrade, Airport extreme card) on my Mac Mini, and hold ofF for a while to see what else shows up?
  5. PhilChater

    iBook Died, options for replacement?

    I was even pretty happy with the G4 chip in the iBook (the 768MB RAM upgrade that I got did make a big difference though), so I'm sure that I would like the G5. I think I know what you mean about 1st gen. I am using my 1st gen Mac mini now. It has no wifi, and only 256MB memory. I did consider upgrading it, but the cost of upgrading it seemed like throwing good money after bad. It's a strange time for Mac buyers, eh!
  6. PhilChater

    iBook Died, options for replacement?

    That's a good option. I was comparing the 17" G5 and 17" intel... there was no price difference between them, but there is with the 20" models. Do you think that the intel chip could be a factor in the future though? I'm not a power user (I mainly use iLife, but may want to move to Final Cut Express when I out grow iMovie). In fact the only non-Apple programs that I use are Photoshop Elements -- which I don't even use that on a daily basis -- and Omni Outliner. In the next Three years (I will be keeping the next machine until Apple Care runs out), I don't want to regret not getting an intel. Then again, I don't want to suffer the growing pains of a first generation product.
  7. PhilChater

    iBook Died, options for replacement?

    More than I can afford ;-) I was thinking of around $1500 to $1700, but could go to $2000 if it was a good deal (Canadian Dollars)
  8. My G4 iBook died last weekend (logic board, and no I didn't have Apple Care... don't tell me that I should have got it, I'm bruised enough from kicking myself over it). The Genius at the Apple Store in Toronto said that it would cost $800 to replace it. I could get a brand new iBook for $1249, so repair doesn't seem like a decent option. I am thinking of getting one of the new intel iMacs. It's only $250 more for a massive speed boost, more drive space, etc. Since I moved house, I really don't need the portability of a laptop. Has anyone got their hands on an intel Mac yet? Any first impressions?
  9. PhilChater

    Backpack for Powerbook ?

    It's not a backpack, but I use a Timbuk2 messenger bag. I got the medium sized one, and it has plenty of space. I usually have my iBook, mixer, mic, external HD, desktop mic stand, iPod, digital camera (it's a pretty small one though... hp 315), and all the firewire, USB and power cables I need for the system. It all weighs a ton, but it all fits nicely. Phil.
  10. PhilChater

    X10 Automation in OSX?

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'll be moving in about a month, so I'll research my options now, and decide what plan to follow when I get moved in. I'll keep you posted as I make progress. This looks like it's going to be a fun project!
  11. PhilChater

    X10 Automation in OSX?

    Hi everyone. I have been thinking of setting up one of those cool X10 systems, so I can automate some of the stuff in my house. I have checked out the X10 site (though I swore I never would because of the days when they were the king of pop up ads), but I couldn't find any mention of software that will run on OSX. Does anyone know of any software/hardware combination that will work with a modern mac (mac mini)? Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a combination that would run on a mac classic (better to use it than to just have it as a conversation piece on a shelf).