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  1. I had the unfortunate experience of using windows for pretty much 12 of my 13 years alive. Did I mention unfortunate? I went through computers too quickly, mainly because I started doing *alot* of graphic heavy things... So my computer would crash, and burn, and die. And I got really ticked off. VERY ticked off. Convinicing my mom that Mac's where the way to go for me, wasn't very hard, considering I was the one that introduced her to her current computer, a 12 inch PowerBook. But my dad, that's anther story... My Dad is a hard core windows user. He doesn't at all understand how something could be virus free. Or faster than windows. He doesn't understand how a G5 can be faster than his Athlon 64. But, I convinced him with a simple flash movie Well, I ended up getting my beloved iMac for my 13th Birthday. And all was good (except for my dad not being able to figure the machine out, hey, he IS a HARDCORE windows user). That is my story...