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  1. Hey all, I know it's been forever since I posted but I wanted to pass on an article that was written about the Center City Philadelphia Macintosh User Group. Even though the article is mostly about our group, it does have meaning for other user groups out there who may be suffering from the same problem: http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2008/10/...nst-the-techies Please send me your thoughts. - MT
  2. mTorbin

    RCA through Cat5 to LCD TV

    Oh it definitely can be done (check the link) but those were on small scales and not in a corporate office. Any suggestions on the wireless? - MT
  3. Hey folks, Long time, I know. I haven't posted here in almost FOR-EVER. I'm trying to run video/audio from a G4 tower to a LCD TV. The caveat is that my boss doesn't want the computer and the TV in the same room (and thus no cables showing). Behind the TV is a CAT5 jack so this is what would make the most sense. Has anyone ever done this? Is there any suggestions anyone can make? My thought was to go this route: G4 > 35mm>RCA & HD15>RCA > RCA>CAT5(see link below) > CAT5 through wall > CAT5>RCA(see link below) > TV http://www.elephantstaircase.com/wiki/inde...oCAT5conversion Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. In case you're wondering why I'm attempting to do all of this, its due to the fact that the AppleTV cannot loop videos and we don't want anyone making looped videos in FCP. Thanks, - MT
  4. This morning I was writing an email at work and it sent by itself (or at least appeared to). This happened three more times to me during the day and finally I found out that COMMAND + RETURN sends the email. Excuse me for asking, but WHO THE !$%!@$ THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?? I mean, why pick two of the most commonly used keys (and probably even more commonly used in close association with one another) and made them a keyboard shortcut?? A keyboard shortcut shouldn't be something easy to remember, not something easy to accidentally hit. What's wrong with COMMAND+OPTION+RETURN or COMMAND+SHIFT+RETURN? I mean, those are all easy to remember and yet don't have the same high level of accidental hit rate. At any rate, is there a way to hack this and change this keyboard command in Entourage? Thanks, - MT
  5. Hey all, I have a problem with the new Mac Mail on Leopard and I'm hoping I'm not the only one becase I simply don't know how to solve this. When I import my old mail folders, I get multiple "On My Mac" dropdowns in the application. To make matters worse, it seems like only one of the dropdowns actually works. Has anyone seen this? Thanks, -MT http://att.macrumors.com/attachment.php?at...mp;d=1193694329
  6. mTorbin

    The CCPMUG Needs YOU!

    The Center City Philadelphia Macintosh Users Group is currently in need of help in maintaining their existing infrastructure. Specifically, the following areas are in need: Raffle / Promotion Organization: We are currently seeking individuals to help us maintain and respond to the large amounts of email inquiries that we receive from various companies as well as contacting new companies to request help with upcoming presentations. Promotional materials are a large part of our monthly meetings and having a strong support will help us greatly. Bloggers: We have an open blog available for anyone who wishes to write. Our web site, on average, receives approximately 16k to 18k hits per month (which is very good for a regional non-profit computer group). If you would like to write on any subject (so long as it's not illegal or adult in nature and has something to do with computers and/or Macintoshes) please contact me immediately. Newsletter Editor(s): Our newsletter really needs to be taken to the next step and we are looking for that person who has the drive and the creativity to do it. The more available we make our content, the stronger we are as a group. Web Site Content Administrator(s): Maintaining links and event dates on our web site can become quite a task for just one person so we are branching out and asking for help. As mentioned above, our web site see approximately 16k to 18k of hits per month and we would definitely like to increase that. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get their feet wet with web development. Video Tutors: This is a brand new idea that we are hoping will take off. If you would like to help create simple "novice/intermediate" level video tutorials on Macintosh-related subjects, please contact me. We have the studio and the equipment available to shoot a low-budget video and I believe this will help the members greatly. Podcaster(s): We would definitely like to get a podcast started for the group, but we are unsure of the focus yet (maybe a post-meeting wrap-up?). If you would like to help get a brand new podcast started or have some great ideas to share, then we'd love to hear from you! Product Reviewers: We have the potential of receiving a large amount of review products but unfortunately, we don't have anyone to review them. We need people who are diligent and time-sensitive who want to review products (that they will receive FOR FREE in most cases). If this sounds like you, please contact me. Group Promotions: Obviously a large part of a non-profit group is getting our name out to the public. We are looking for ambitious people who can help us promote the name and the goal of the group using any means necessary (within the legal limitations of course). If you would like to help create advertisements, promotions and promotional materials please contact us immeadiately! While this is a NON-PAYING gig for a NON-PROFIT group (as in nobody who works with/for the group gets paid including myself), we are offering anyone who helps us on a regular basis free access to our meetings as well as our monthly raffles (excluding yearly member raffle items). Come be part of something truly great in the Center City area. There is a LOT of potential for this group, but we need the right people to help us make that happen!
  7. mTorbin

    So who is getting one?

    Same here, but for an additional reason. We all know that the iPod is nothing new, especially iPods with flash-based memory. So what do you think they're going to announce at MacWorld 08? Seriously... If you have $600 burning in your pocket go get it, but an 8GB model won't be worth jack when you can buy a 20GB or higher model next year. I hate to leave Verizon for ATT because in Philly, the coverage for ATT is just about on par with Boost Mobile (Where YOU At? Chapter 11!) but I do want a decent iPhone. - MT
  8. mTorbin

    Games that WORK with the MacBook

    That's the problem.... the MB has limited VRAM. Too bad that can't be upgraded. - MT
  9. mTorbin

    Games that WORK with the MacBook

    For you there are tons of games because the VRAM in the MBP is much higher then the MB. However, in defense of WoW: Monthly charge $12 ($144 per year) Cost of three xBox games $150 It's still the cheapest game in town as far as the cost goes. I felt the same way you did at first, but these days WoW is really all I play. - MT
  10. Hey all, I am going to Poland in a week and I want to pick up a few games to keep me busy on that LONG flight over the pond. As we all know, the MacBook isn't much of a gamer's laptop, especially with the lacking VRAM. However, it does play quite a few games rather well. Unfortunately, there's no list of these, so let's create one! My submission is World of Warcraft! It DOES work on a MacBook. - MT
  11. mTorbin

    6GB Mini Repair: Is it worth it?

    The cost of a 8GB microdrive is WAY more then the cost of an 8GB compact flash. Additionally the workload on the battery is significantly less with a compact flash option. And yes, it would be cool. On a serious note, you're probably right about buying a refurb. The cost of the repairs looks to be about $150 to create an 8GB flash based iPod Mini. I'll also custom design the casing which will cost next to nothing since I'm doing the work. On the other hand, a refurb 8GB iPod nano would be about $50 more and I'd have the option of getting AppleCare.... but I really don't need another iPod (unless we're talking about a shuffle). If I can find the parts for under $70, it'd be worth it (parts being HD and battery). - MT
  12. mTorbin

    6GB Mini Repair: Is it worth it?

    Oh, I plan on it. The problem is finding an 6GB - 8GB compact flash card that's cheap enough to make the repairs worth it. Will any CF card work? Will faster cards cause issues? - MT
  13. Hey all, So a friend of mine just bought a new iPod 30GB and she gave me her old 6GB which isn't working. I've determined that the problem is most likely a faulty HD and/or a faulty battery since the "sad mac" comes up just fine and the click wheel works. I've been looking online and in general, the cost of these two repairs would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $130. It's a shame to see this otherwise functional iPod just get tossed out but $130 is so close to the cost of a new one.... Ideas? - MT
  14. PRESENTATION: Everything You Need To Know to be Slightly Dangerous with HTML… Oh, and Effectively Build/Maintain a Simple Web Page DESCRIPTION: An introductory course on HTML and the basic tags. You will learn what HTML is, what HTML can and cannot do, and how you can use simple HTML tags to create, enhance, and/or edit a simple web page. This is the first part in a two part series on web development. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about HTML or simply how to build a small web site, then this introductory presentation is for you. PREREQUISITES: This is an introductory course that is geared toward inviduals who are new to writing web code. All of the software used / demonstrated will be freeware. LOCATION: Springboard Media - 2212 Walnut Street (look for the giant neon Apple logo opposite the gas station) DATE: May 21st, 2007 TIME: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM COST: FREE - Yearly Members $10 - Monthly Members / Non-Members (payment due in advance) $12 - Monthly Members / Non-Members (payment at the door) REGISTRATION: http://www.whoscoming.com/ccpmug/ (pre-registration is REQUIRED) BONUS: We will be raffling off a custom-engraved 1GB iPod Shuffle plus laptop and iPod cases courtesy of Speck Products and HTML and Javascript code books courtesy of O’Reilly Publishing! This event will also be our FIRST ANNIVERSARY celebration, so please come and help us celebrate one year of being addicted to our Macintoshes! Seating is limited, so please register immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
  15. mTorbin


    Even though a large portion of business users who don't travel much internationally use Verizon. Bottom line, Cingular coverage is not as good as Verizon but sadly I'll have to swtich to get this phone. - MT