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  1. Hello! This is a follow-up to MacCast 08.03.2005 and question asked by Charlie in Springfield, VA. A friend of Charlie's had asked him to convert an old Meryl Haggard audio tape to a CD. Charlie copied it to his Mac, devided the tracks and burned a CD (without labeling the Tracks or the Album) using Toast. When the CD was played in iTunes, all Album information was retrieved by the CDDB. This happened most likely for one of two reasons. Either the Record Company submitted the Total Tracks and Toal Album/Individual Tracks running time, even though a CD was never produced. Or someone did exactly as Charlie had but went one step further by labeling all Tracks and then submitting the Album to the CDDB. I have done this before using Quintessential Player on the PC. It has a feature to submit a CD to the DB. In the past I have created a Mix CD and only labeled the Tracks as track01, track02, etc. After buring the CD, I'll open it with Quintessential (or any other player) and of course it's not found in the CDDB. Within Quintessential I'll create the Album and Track tags, submit this information to the CDDB and from that point on, no matter what OS or Audio Player I use, it'll find the Album information. Hope this helps! Mark Cincinnati