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  1. someotherkid72

    Can someone give me Quicktime advice?

    iBook G3 900MHz 640MB RAM OS 10.4.8 I'm hoping for a some help and expertise from a super-smart Mac user. My iBook did not always have problems playing video files in Quicktime, but now it does. It can play only the tiniest files without them staggering (and sometimes grinding to a halt). Activity Monitor shows me that when I try to open a video file, my processor use shoots off the charts. I know my processor is pretty slow, but right now I'm actually unable to play most videos. That can't possibly be right, can it? This happens in Quicktime (latest update), iTunes (latest update), and VLC 0.8.5. Thanks for any help, Jack
  2. someotherkid72

    Search Widget

    Sooo I'm looking for a GOOD search widget. I know there are a million out there, but you can't customize their channels! The best I've found is the JackofallWidgets, but to customize it you have to be able to get down and dirty with code. Yuck. If anyone is familiar with AcidSearch for Safari, that's along the lines of the kind of thing I'm looking for.
  3. someotherkid72

    Dangit! FCP rendering problem

    Actually, I thought of something related that may be of interest - since there's no security or limitations, some stupid students who only half-know what they're doing could conceivably, accidentally be messing around with important settings and deleting important system files. It wouldn't be the first time those nosey idiots have gotten their grubby cursors into places they shouldn't have been! Would that have enough impact to create this rendering problem even after a reinstallation?
  4. someotherkid72

    Dangit! FCP rendering problem

    Score! Responses! I love you both. I'm not sure of the version - I believe it's 4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the versions are 1, 2, 3, 4, and HD, right? It's a G5 running 10.3, and I'm not quite sure of the processor. I'm actually going to college but staying and helping my high school with it's Media department a little bit, so I'm not in and out of the classroom everyday. I emailed my teacher to ask about the processor speed though, and will post it as soon as I get a response. I'm pretty sure it's a dual, however. And I know it's unusual that I should have so much freedom on my school's computer. If you want the whole story, my Media teacher is overworked and can't really monitor what we do to the computer (the only one we have, coincidentally - it's not in a lab or anything). He doesn't know how to use it and only bought it because some students told him that Apples were great for video editing. Needless to say I love the man with all my heart, he just isn't great at laying down the law about what kids can and can't do with the computer. There's no real security; if you know the admin passwords you can do anything. Fortunately for him I'm working for him, not against. :wink:
  5. someotherkid72

    Getting Friends to Switch

    I moved to a new state in March 2004 with an iBook and iPod of my own. Since that time, I've had the joy of seeing: 9 friends get iPods or Minis 2 friends get iBooks 1 friend get a PowerBook The question is - was it because I campaigned or because Apple's craftsmanship is so irresistable? I will vote with option two.
  6. someotherkid72

    Dangit! FCP rendering problem

    I've been having problems getting Final Cut Pro to render on my school's PowerMac G5. I've tried rebooting, deleting prefs, repairing permissions, even reinstalling, but the problem keeps coming back. Basically, when I select any sort of render command from the pulldown menu, a small "rendering" info box flashes for a second, but then disappears. No blue bar begins to fill up - nothing happens. In one of the pulldown menus there is a "settings" option. I think it's near or in the render menu. When I select "settings," FCP unexpectedly quits right away, every time. I think the two problems are related. Any suggestions? Thank you all very much!
  7. someotherkid72

    Problem Emptying Trash

    I feel silly asking (being only barely a geek), but have you tried a force-empty trash? Hold down the option key while selecting "empty trash" from the Finder menu.