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  1. Notes apps

    That's a no then! I must be looking for the holy grail!
  2. Notes apps

    Hi I am looking for a note-taking app that has the following features - Syncs to Dropbox - Input text with both keyboard and Stylus (OCR) - Must work on iPhone and Ipad Any suggestions Thanks
  3. Ipod touch firmware 2.0

    Looks like iPod users will have to pay: http://www.macnn.com/articles/08/07/11/ipo...uch.20.upgrade/
  4. Ipod touch firmware 2.0

    It sent the ipod into recovery mode - had to restore it!
  5. Ipod touch firmware 2.0

    Out of curiosity, I tried installing the iPhone firmware on the iPod touch - Bad Idea!
  6. Anyone know when this is coming out? I thouight it was today (11 July) ? As of yet in UK - no cigar.
  7. App Store is open

    Downloaded iTunes 7.7 today (Thursday) in the UK. It gives access to App Store - Looks good!
  8. New Apple store in UK

    Not for from my house! http://www.apple.com/uk/retail/westquay/we...cid=CDM-EU-1074
  9. iTV Product Announcement

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5339470.stm I reckon these chaps (2nd largest TV station in UK) might have something to say about the name! http://www.itv.com/
  10. Is it Possible to…

    … synchronize my mac address book & iCal to my SPV C600 phone? isync does not work. Thank you
  11. Apple Virus!!!!!!!

  12. Correction. Sorry my OS is 10.4.3 NOT 10.3.4!
  13. Yes, used different cable to connect the other devices. Is it easy/cost effective to replace faulty FireWire ports on one of these iMacs?
  14. Hi My girlfriend and I have the same Mac set up (iMac G4 15 inch flatscreen) and we are both running OS X 10.3.4. The problem is that her external firewire hard drive and external Fireire DVD writer will not mount on her machine. When I plug these into my Mac, everything works fine. I plugged in an iPod into one of the FireWire ports on her Mac, but it did not mount, yet managed to draw power from the port. Does anybody know what could be wrong? Thank You in Advance
  15. Is there a way to share podcasts in iTunes over a network, just like you can share an iTume music library over a network?