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  1. I have iMac with the standard Apple keyboard. I love them both and use the keyboard shortcuts alot. Recently though, the iTunes shortcuts have been really annoying me. I have been using an application called Spotify alot recently and LOVING using it. Thing is though, when I am using the application I have to keep loading the window up and clicking on the pause button (or use the dock menu) as if I click the shortcut on the keyboard on the keyboard it will stop the music and then load up iTunes and start playing music off that, which I don't want. I don't want to stop using iTunes as I have alot of purchased music on there, but I would like to be able to control Spotify more easily. Does anyone know how to do this. It might be something really simple to do but I can't find out how. If there is a way to do with with a Logitech keyboard/software then I might consider getting a new keyboard
  2. eXtreme

    iPhone crashes, anyone else?

    I think Huskermn is right, I think it is app related. Most of your apps might not be 100% ready for 3.0 although they should be, give it a few days and let some of your apps update and see if it is still doing it. I have had some of my smaller apps crash but not the recently updated ones
  3. eXtreme

    HELP!!! QUICK!!!

    Ok so I downloaded the 3.0 update, it went into installing but iTunes has stalled on the install, its stuck about 10% into it and won't move, the bar that shows the update on the phone is full but I think it is waiting for iTunes to tell it the next instructions but it can't as its crashed/stuck. What do I do? I have waited about 20 minutes and nothing, If I quit iTunes will it brick my phone? what are my options PLEASE HELP!!! UPDATE After about 2.5 hours of waiting i decided to force quit iTunes, risking bricking my iPhone I thought that I would just get a 3Gs on Friday (which I didn't want to as I also have to fix my DSLR, its been a bad week). Anyway, Quit iTunes and after a few seconds got the 'Plug into iTunes' message. Loaded iTunes back up and it told me to restore the iPhone, did that and so far everything is back to normal, its also got the 3.0 software on. Thanks Apple for making one of the additions of my bad week into something I can be happy about
  4. Hey guys, I currently having a problem figuring out if I should by some albums from iTunes (or even Amazon MP3) or to by the full CD. I normally download albums or songs that I like but this time it is for 2 bands that I would class as 2 of my favorite bands of all time (Porcupine Tree and No-Man). I know that iTunes has got better with all the iTunes plus stuff but would you buy albums that you know you will love by artists that you really expect and look up to or just download it. Pricing wise iTunes is cheaper but the CD's do come with the odd bit of exclusive postcards and stuff like that. The other thing is that one of the masterminds behind both of these bands is Steven Wilson who not only sings, plays guitar, plays piano etc etc but he is also a producer, and produces alot of his own work. He is a master at this and his music reflex's it. There is little things in the background all the time as the music changes, You could hear the songs a hundred times and still be hearing things you have never heard before. The point to all this is do you think that even with higher quality iTunes plus music i will still get that same feeling. I wish iTunes would download in .FLAC but that is just not going to happen anytime soon. All though the band's website does let me download in .FLAC, but at the same price as the CD What would you guys do?
  5. eXtreme

    Podcasts that us MacGeeks listen to

    I tend to watch podcasts more than listen to them as I normaly get to see them when I am at home where i'll sit in front of the iMac and catch up Top 5 Vidcasts Diggnation TRS (Totally Rad Show) Tekzilla Carpool (with Robert Llewellyn) Scam School
  6. eXtreme

    What do us macgeeks listen to? (Music)

    Ai Otsuka (大塚愛) Porcupine Tree Opeth InMe Bullet for my Valentine Den Ständiga Resan - Opeth
  7. eXtreme

    Show off your Desktop

    I have my wallpaper to randomly change every 15 minutes. This is the one that it happened to be on when I took the screenshot
  8. eXtreme

    Finance Software

    If your looking for an application over a website then try Cha-Ching. This is a great, well put together and graphically pleasing app. It's also got an iPhone/iPod touch version that works great for money management on the go. I can't seem to find out how much the app is though, I got it through MacHeist 2. they only thing is, I don't know if it does everything that you want it to as I don't tend to use it that often as there are a few things missing that I need. For example. I want it to take x amount of money out every 4 weeks as that's when I get paid, but I can only select it for monthly on the app. This may not effect you at all but download the demo and see what you think.
  9. eXtreme

    iPhone headphone jack problem

    Update: Went to Sheffield (UK) the other day for some shopping, went to the o2 store there and they basically turned round and said that they didn't want to touch the phone and that it was Apple's job :s Went to the Apple Store there (conveniently about 10 feet away). Went to the genius bar, they had a quick look and blew the crap out with air. Still didn't work. Made an appointment to see the genius for a proper look an hour later. Went in and the guy looked properly at it and said that their was still loads of crap inside. He went off to blow it out again, about 5-10 mins later came back looking like he tested it. I then tested it there on the spot with my headphones and it worked great. Great to have my iPhone back and in working condition
  10. eXtreme

    Data migration from eMac to iMac help

    Again thanks for that. As far as I know the drive hasn't got a problem as it was the logic bored that failed. I think i'll do a clone of the drive just to make sure everything is fine. Well I think everything should be set now, I am looking at getting this from eBuyer.com. I don't think there is much else I can think to ask. Thanks guys
  11. eXtreme

    Data migration from eMac to iMac help

    That's great helps guys. I have found a 'Universal Drive Adapter' that is quite cheep so i'm going to get that as right now I can only see it being used one (but you never know). So when I get the drive plugged in and turned on, I am assuming the drive will pop up as normal. What will I see when I open it? will it just be a folder structure to navigate? If so how easy will that be? or will I need some software or anything to help me get the data off? Also when I go to my relatives to do this I will of course take my MacBook (just in case) do you suggest anything else I might need, like a external hardrive or anything?
  12. eXtreme

    Data migration from eMac to iMac help

    Unfortunately Harry, after I got the hardrive out my uncle took the rest of the eMac away and I think they have been put in a skip . All I have now is the hardrive. I'll have a look at Maplins, never really thought of them. Roogie. I have seen something like that but I wasn't sure how well they work. Don't the drives need to be mounted in a bay or something or will it work fine just placed on the desk with something like that plugged in?
  13. eXtreme

    Data migration from eMac to iMac help

    Thats great, thanks. One last question which I feel dumb asking as I am ment to be a geek lol, but I will need an IDE hardrive case and not a SATA case. I don't want to buy the wrong one as its not my money. Is there any sites that sell cheep cases. I live in the UK and I have tried ebuyer.com, I want to stay away from ebay as well if I can
  14. eXtreme

    Data migration from eMac to iMac help

    Here's an update. they brought the eMac here tonight to get it fixed. With not having a firewire cable on me and with the state of how the mac looked i didn't bother trying target disk mode. I set about taking the eMac apart and after a long but enjoyable dissection I got the hardrive out of the mac. I am now looking at getting an external drive case. Will I just be able to get a USB cable to transfer files or will it have to be Firewire?
  15. My uncle and auntie have just upgraded from an eMac to a brand new iMac after the logic board went on the old PowerPC eMac. They have asked me if I can get the documents off the hardrive so they can read them on the iMac. Will I just be able to use the migration assistant that came with the iMac or am I going to have to physically take out the hardrive and put it in an external enclosure? 1 problem I have at the moment is that I can't remember what OS they ran as I only seen the mac a handful of times and it was hardly ever on when I was there. I think it was either Puma or Jaguar, I know it was running OS X and not OS 9 or below. Any help would be great. This is one thing I have not had to do on a mac yet