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    Can I run two printers through AirPort?

    Works great! I have one set up for photos and one for text.
  2. lunchbox

    Video Stills

    Hey Kids. I am looking for a way to extract a single frame from a DVD my Uncle made in imovie. He converted an old football highlight film from VHS to DVD for my older brothers. I have never really got into the joy of video editing, so I don't really know what to expect. I know that the quality won't be great, but that doesn't much matter as it will be manipulated(heavily) in Photoshop. I am looking for free to very inexpensive tips. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. Mikey
  3. lunchbox

    Video Stills

    i did try that. worked a little but still noticable. i will check out SnapzPro. Thanks for the help so far.
  4. lunchbox

    Video Stills

    only problem with that is you can't capture in DVD playback, and when I use VLC to playback the video TS files, they looked a lot more distorted (i.e. more predominent interlace lines).
  5. lunchbox

    Apple Attuitudes

    and in Apple's defense, any product that is not yet in public hands is considered speculative. i am sure that it is in the beta stages at best. i am willing to bet it is only as complete as was needed to show at WWDC and be sent to developers. i think we will all agree with you in that the Apple boards can be somewhat fruitless, and that is why we find refuge here.
  6. lunchbox

    Digg frontpage stories

  7. lunchbox

    Mighty Mouse Software?

    usually OSX won't let you create a disk image of an Apple CD in disk utility. maybe it is different for drivers, but i tried to back up app's before and it wouldn't let me. you shoud be able to download it from Apple's support page.
  8. lunchbox

    Free wifi

    if you make it through Phoenix, i will keep mine open for you.
  9. lunchbox

    MB or MBP?

    the macbook won't run aperture. if that is an issue, the only thing to do is to step up to the MBP. i am going through this same problem right now.
  10. lunchbox

    Airport Express Problems

    here is the footnote attached to the page you used for your rebuttal. 5. AirPort Express can extend the range only of an AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express wireless network.
  11. lunchbox

    Airport Express Problems

    i don't think an AP express can extend a network unless it is connected to an AP base station. try to set it up as an independant network to use as a print server.
  12. lunchbox


    Doesn't iweb reduce the resolution on the photos? Mine always turn out smaller. Is it a setting that I am overlooking?
  13. lunchbox

    Itunes videos/movies...

    I use Handbrake as well for DVD ripping. For converting AVI (and other video files) I use MPEG Streamclip from http://www.squared5.com/ It works well for me on a 1.2Ghz G4 ibook.
  14. lunchbox

    Pops and crackle while playing podcasts

    Are you having the same problems with MP3 files? Or just AAC.
  15. lunchbox

    Unable to re-install iTunes.

    could it still be in the applications folder and you just removed it from the dock?
  16. lunchbox

    how u chose your name

    And there was me assuming you were one of "those people" (Star Wars fans). welcome back matt agreed. welcome home brother. wasn't quite right without you hangin around.
  17. lunchbox

    Apple bags

    use them for lunch bags.
  18. lunchbox

    How do I install a program?

    or once you download and launch from the application folder, ctrl(right) click on the Firefox icon in the dock and select-keep in dock.
  19. lunchbox

    Just One Of Those Days.... I Mean Weeks

    I think our forum family needs a collective hug this week... or we need to smash something. that always helps me. that reminds me, there is an old NEC PC sitting in the garage and I just bought a new sledge hammer :twisted:
  20. lunchbox

    Best solution for video chat between a Mac and a PC

    Really? Thats cool. I had a hell off a time getting it going with my brothers. It only started working well when they updated.
  21. lunchbox

    Just One Of Those Days.... I Mean Weeks

    no matter how bad things get, things like this will always make you giggle and crack a smile. just remember kids there is always a silver lining.
  22. lunchbox

    Best solution for video chat between a Mac and a PC

    the PC side needs to be running the most recent version of AIM.
  23. lunchbox

    Import Track names?

    was he online when you loaded them? i did the same thing for a family member and grayscale(i think thats the name of the track library) had all of them ready to go. chopped up into books, chapters and verses. if he was not online, you might want to delete them and try again while connected. that sounds better than renaming each individually to me.
  24. lunchbox

    Bluetooth, & Front Row.

    i doubt it. it would be a pretty serious hack. you might have success with an infrared dongle and an Apple remote.