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  1. Dragon6

    3.5" SATA Firewire Enclosures

    OK. I did purchase the Newer Technology ministack v3. I have had it for a few months now and have been very happy with its performance. Data transfers have been very good and I can boot just as fast from it as I can my internal. One negative note, however. I purchased it from OWC with bundled software for an additional price. I already had backup software but wanted the speed tool utilities. Waste of money because it is not a fully licensed version but a crippled one that does not include updates. Some have commented about fan noise but I have not noticed it sitting next to my iMac. Installation was easy and it even includes a temp probe that provides temp data you can monitor using iStat Pro. Overall, though I have been very pleased.
  2. Dragon6

    3.5" SATA Firewire Enclosures

    Ok, I pulled the other hard drive and found out one is SATA and the other is EIDE. So I sold the EIDE and purchased the newertechnology ministack V3. I expect delivery this week. I will update the post after I have installed the SATA drive and used it.
  3. All, I have two USB 2.0 WD My Book essential external hard drives: 1 320 GB and 1 500 GB. Their performance is horrible. The enternal drives are 3.5" SATA. I want to take them out and install them into 3.5" SATA firewire enclosures - preferably ones with firewire and USB 2.0 so I don't loose my firewire and can daisy chain them. I plan on using these for data storage and backup with my intel iMac Core 2 Duo. I was surprised at the lack of SATA enclosures and their prices. I have looked at the following three. http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20Wor...ng/MEFW924AL2K/ I like this one because of what it appears you get for your money. Same price as the newer tech ministack v3. I can store two non identical drives in one enclosure on my desk. OWC claims: OWC Mercury Elite Pro -AL RAID FW800 Drive Enclosure for 2 SATA Drives: Can be configured as Hardware RAID - 0 Stripe - for the fastest speeds Span, to use 2 non-identical SATA drives, or JBOD - 2 individual drives. I have never used raid and am wondering if the JBOD setting treats each drive as a separate individual drive and if this has any impact on data rate performance. http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20Wor...ng/MEFW924AL1K/ Not my top choice although this single drive enclosure is $10 cheaper. http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer%20Tec...ogy/FWU2ESMSV3/ Nice form factor. Has firewire and usb 2.0 hubs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Dragon6

    Switcher with iMac OS X Issue

    Thanks Cassiope.
  5. I think you would find a lot of switchers with similar stories. I work in a technical field and have noticed several of my peers switching over the last year for very similar reasons.
  6. Huskermn, I listen to several mac podcasts to get smart on macs including this one. the community has been great. And again, thanks for help in the software section this weekend. Things are up and running again with little pain.
  7. Mac may never take over but has had some great financial quarters recently and I am convinced more and more are coming over from the dark side because they are fed up, tried an apple product, were impressed that it worked as advertised and made the switch. I plan on getting a mac book for my wife and daughter and possibly a mini for my son. Soon I will have everyone converted. PC makers better wake up - consumers are voting with their feet.
  8. Dragon6

    Switcher with iMac OS X Issue

    Thanks. And thanks for checking on migration assistant and USB 2.0.
  9. I used to be a hard core PC user but had become increasingly dissatisfied with PCs and Windows. I, like many, was getting sick of constant updates that crashed the computer, vendors and Microsoft pointing fingers when hardware/software didn't get along, etc. But, like so many, I was heavily invested in PCs and used to being treated like crap for so long that I didn't think about my alternatives until the final straws! WMP10 "Plays for Sure" Players that didn't play - especially after WMP11. Last year, I bought MP3 players for myself and my teenage daughter and signed up with Napster-to-Go service. I found this service to be less than stable and predictable. WMP10 and our players were less than stable often requiring restores, etc. Very frustrating, expecially when I was on a business trip and mine or my daughters failed. Shortly after our purchase, Microsoft updated to WMP11 and our WMP10 "Plays for Sure" MP3 players no longer played. The vendors stopped supporting them - no new firmware and no plans to update these players but feel free to buy our new ones that are guaranteed to play until the next update. Well, that was all I needed to start thinking about something else. I travel a lot and saw all these people with iPods and started to think maybe I should give it a try. PCs and Vista, need I say more? My ~ 5 year old HP was on life support. Forget that I had an optical drive fail the first week I bought the thing - which HP would not replace unless I shipped the entire computer back - with my personal data on it - because they didn't think I was competent enough to swap it out myself. Well I started to think about what I would replace it with. Customer service in the PC industry has gotten worse and I was not inclined to try again - even Dell is just a shell of what it used to be. I thought about building my own but that would cost thousands to get 4 - 5 years out of it - hard corps gamer. But wait, gaming consoles are getting to be pretty good and a lot cheaper and their software works with the hardware so why invest that much? Goodbye DirectX and graphics card upgrades! Then I heard about Vista. It was going to come in 5 or 6 versions for several hundreds of dollars. I was not jazzed about dealing with a new OS. Oh, and games were going to start being made for Vista only. Well I did some research on Macs and their OS and found that people were happy. The systems just worked and were stable and that, unlike PCs running windows, you could get many years out of your Mac. With PCs you usually need a new computer with each new OS. And Mac OS updates were only ~$130. Oh, and Macs came with everything I pretty much needed at home. The halo effect - Tried iPod and it worked great! Well, I decided to ease my transition by purchasing an iPod first. It worked great. The software and hardware just fit together! No crashes, no failure to synch, no DRM issues. So after my HP died and, after being so pleased with the iPod, I made the jump and bought a 20" Core 2 Duo iMac.
  10. Dragon6

    Entourage vs. Mail, iCal, Adress Book

    I switched to in Feb 07. I opened entourage once and immediately did not like what I saw, closed it and haven't looked back. I like the ease of mail at home. Some will say mail does not meet their needs. I have not run into that.
  11. Dragon6

    Switcher with iMac OS X Issue

    All, Thanks so much for your advice and efforts.
  12. Dragon6

    Switcher with iMac OS X Issue

    Everyone, I think my USB 2.0 drives were overheating. I had them stacked inside my desk and that was the cause of the eratic behavior. The program crashes seem to be associated with programs that were reading and writing to those drives, i.e. iTunes, iPhoto, Finder, Data Backup, etc. So I moved the drives onto the desk and found that they were more responsive and performance was much more stable so that problem has been solved. I also move my iTunes and iPhoto libraries back into my shared directory on my internal drive. When I do a clean install, I plan on doing a secure erase first then installing the OS. Is there any benefit in partitioning the internal drive and putting data one of the partitions? I also noticed that I do not have access to other user's directories in my backup. I am wondering if that would be a problem when I go to restore. I am assuming the backup has all the files but that I do not have permissions. Can I log in as root to manipulate those folders if I have to do a manual restore?
  13. Dragon6

    Switcher with iMac OS X Issue

    Everyone. Thanks for the effort. I will check back first thing in the morning. I am backing everything up tonight on both external drives just in case. If migration assistant doesn't work, what are the key files I need to transfer? Can I install iTunes again, move iTunes library back along with key iTunes library files and then transfer other key files back to the internal drive? I know I would have to configure the user accounts and preferences again and then transfer safari and firefox bookmarks and preferences; mail preferences, email accounts and mail boxes; iCal databases; address book backup; and keychains. Should I wait to import keychain archives until after I reinstall all apps? Afterwards should I do a clean backup?
  14. Dragon6

    Switcher with iMac OS X Issue

    I understand that migration assistant requires either a bootable copy on an external hard disk or on an internal partition. Is that correct? My external drives are USB 2.0. I heard that you can boot off those with the new intel macs although I have not tried it. Has anyone done that? And yes, someone already asked that in this forum. I have issues on all user accounts.
  15. Dragon6

    Switcher with iMac OS X Issue

    Thanks. I just downloaded a trial version of Superduper. I have not been impressed with performance of Prosoft's Data Backup. I did not realize it would erase my external hard drive and I did not think of using migration assistant. Will migration assistant migrate all user accounts, preferences, email accounts, downloaded email, safari and firefox bookmarks, applications, etc?