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  1. lkennedy

    Played podcasts staying on my ipod mini

    Its set, it just doesn't seem to work properly.
  2. lkennedy

    Played podcasts staying on my ipod mini

    Thanks, But the problem is on the ipod side. If I delete it it works fine. What I want is once I've listen to a podcast for it to be removed from my ipod. That is how I have confiured it, but it doesn't work properly.
  3. Hi all, My Mini is almosty full, so its important that podcasts I have already played are removed ASAP. I have set up itunes to only keep unplayed podcasts, but this does not seem to work - old podcasts are only removed if I delete them manually from itunes, or if a new episode arrived. Does anyone else have this issue ? If so is there a fix ? Thanks, Leigh.
  4. I have a linux box and I have set up an NSF export. When I try to mount this under os x, I get the error "operation not permitted" even though I am running the mount command with sudo. Has anyone gotten this to work ? If so what do I have to do ? Thanks, Leigh.
  5. Maybe things are different in the US (Ok I know ther are different... ) but having lived in the UK, NZ and Australia, Motorola phones are not very popular in the rest of the world If I was to guess on the most popular phones, I'd say they are: 1. Nokia 2. Sony Erricson 3. LG/Samsung/NEC (ie: Asian companies) 4. Specialised (ie: o2, treo, Blackberry, etc) 5. Motorola I think that there are good reasons for this - the OS in Motorola phones is not very user friendly. Given the other rumours abotu the iTunes phone, this could well be the biggest flop from apple since the newton. What do you think ? Who would buy one of these ? :? Not me...
  6. lkennedy

    File manager for OS X ?

    Well I'd appreciate a hint. The help available through the menu is fairly light and the manuals that came with my Mac don't cover it. If I try to copy a folder that already exists, it creates a copy or replaces it. I want it to add to the folder. How do I do this (this is the way windows copies by default).
  7. lkennedy

    File manager for OS X ?

    My problem is when I need to copy a folder that already exists in a non-destructive way. This happens a lot with eclipse plug-ins where I need to copy a whole tree without first erasing what is there. Maybe I am just not understanding the Mac way, but this caused me a few hassles. The only way I can get around this at the moment is by using unix command line utilites :cry:
  8. lkennedy

    File manager for OS X ?

    I was developing some java and found it very hard to constantly move files into my app server's directories without having a separate file.folder view.
  9. lkennedy

    File manager for OS X ?

    I moved to a Mac about 6 months ago and like everything about it except the finder. I am a technical user and the finder is not advanced enough to deal with the sort of things I do. I found a program called Mac Explorer on a mac magazine CD, which is better, but not great. What do people recommend I use ? I could install Nautalus via DarwinPorts, but I would rather find a Native Mac app for this. Thanks for your help !