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  1. serpico

    Other computers on my network?!

    Thank you very much for your response. It confirms what I felt about the issue and that it is not something weird with her computer. BUT, the weird thing is, that she has had this service for a long time and this never happened. Why would it all of a sudden occur?
  2. There is a weird issue happening on my sister in law's mac mini. Her computer is connected directly to her cable modem and the firewall is on. No file sharing is on but she can see a few other computers on the network when she clicks the Network icon in the Finder. She has one computer and there is no wireless network. How can this be happening? I got her to call the ISP and told her that she is fine with the firewall on and said there was nothing he can do. I have the same ISP but a small network at home behind a wireless router with firewall and my mac mini has no issues. Could this be a problem with her apartment building cable internet node in her neighbourhood? I'm not sure what's going on, and couldn't find any help on Apple forums. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. serpico

    Web browser idea

    I agree it's quite different, but no one thought about something like Flock being created. I think having a browser created for individuals with specific interests is a good idea. As long as compatibility is there when surfing the web, which the Mozilla engine is good as a foundation to build. Firefox is great, but as we know, extension after extension and this program is a resource hog. Maybe Songbird is on the right path but the execution is not clean. I'm not certain but this could work if Flock is successful as an idea.
  4. serpico

    Web browser idea

    I tried Songbird the nightly build last night and I don't really like it. Extensions are one thing, but I don't want that, I use Synergy already in the menubar. I just wanted something different, and Real Player was close. A Music bar on top and a browser on the bottom. It's too bad their browser is very basic, mostly for their Real Guide, but you can type any address in the field. Firefox is big, but Songbird proves that it can be done differently. If Flock can be created for those who love photos, blogs and social bookmarking, why not make one for music lovers? There's always room for ideas, iTunes is not the only solution. Too bad it killed off most of the competition. If this was Microsoft, people would be screaming monopoly like back in the 90's. LOL.
  5. serpico

    Web browser idea

    I've had this idea of a web browser with a music player built-in. Real Player almost had it, but the browser is very limited. I'm not sure if Songbird will have this all but it is closer by using the Mozilla engine and offering tabs within the player. It allows you to browse any site within the program. My idea is a combination of iTunes and Firefox. I think it would be cool to have one application that had these features since I listen to music a lot while surfing the web. In one tab that is always present would be your library, another tab would be the browser. You can easily switch between the two or add even more tabs if you are browsing more than one site like in Firefox. I wish I knew how to make this application for myself and just offer it for free to anyone interested! Can I be the only one wanting such a thing? What do you guys think?
  6. serpico

    How hot is the new MacBook vs MBP?

    It seems the reports are from one extreme to another. All of you have different experiences too. I imagine that Apple will be dealing with these issues soon for all their customers. This is why many people wait for the Rev B of Apple products.
  7. serpico

    How hot is the new MacBook vs MBP?

    Ok, that makes sense.
  8. serpico

    How hot is the new MacBook vs MBP?

    I understand the heat issues between the exteriors of the Apple notebooks. But I guess the review unit at notebookreviews.com must have been a lemon. Hard to believe a MacBook would have as much heat issues as a MacBook Pro since it's plastic.
  9. serpico

    How hot is the new MacBook vs MBP?

    I'm interested in getting a new notebook as a secondary and mobile solution for my business. Now with Boot Camp, I thought I would look at the Macbook. Then I read the review over at notebookreview.com and the writer did not have a good experience with it due to the heat and crashes. Perhaps he had a lemon model. But why is Apple having issues with their new notebooks? Was this a rush job on them to move everything to Intel? Are other manufacturers having issues with their Duo Core notebooks? I've ordered about 4 new ones from Dell for my clients and they have no problems with heat. What do you guys think?
  10. serpico

    Belkin wireless router problem

    We both posted the same unit. I just mislabeled mine as a USB adapter when it was really ethernet. Regardless though the Belkin one says it will work with a mac but in all reality I am sure that any of the game adapters from any of the companies would work. Thanks for all the help.
  11. serpico

    Belkin wireless router problem

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I guess I bought the wrong one. Darn. Oh well, guess I'll sell it on craigslist or to a client. To bad I only got this email reply from maccast forums today or else I would have sold the router to my client on Thursday. No worries. That Belkin gaming adapter and bridge makes a lot of sense. That's what I was looking for since wireless G USB adapters are hard to come by for OS X. For now, I'll make do with ethernet until I find this Belkin model or another solution. Thank you to everyone who posted.
  12. serpico

    Belkin wireless router problem

    See I'm not sure if I need to just turn off DHCP on the router or enable the Access Point feature in order to connect to my current wireless network. In the instructions, it states that in order to use it as an access point, I need to connect a cat5 cable from my existing network to the WAN port still. In my case, if I did that, I wouldn't need the Belkin, I would just connect the cat5 cable into the back of my Mini. Makes no sense. I'm trying to get my head around this with the knowledge I have about networks and I can't. How does the Airport card work or any usb wirless adapter (if any exist for the Mac) ? In my case, I want the Belkin to connect through the ethernet port instead of usb.
  13. serpico

    Belkin wireless router problem

    The other model I have is a d-link not belkin. I know I read this somewhere but wish I could remember. It was the main reason I bought the belkin too.
  14. So guys I picked up a Belkin wireless router (F5D7230-4), here's the link. I read somewhere that I could use this as a wireless access point for my mac mini instead of installing an Airport card. From what I know, a wireless access point, is another point of access to extend your current wireless router and network. It still needs a cat5 cable connected to the back of it. This isn't what I want. I want to connect it to the Mini's ethernet port and use it as the wireless adapter instead of an Airport card. For the life of me, I can't find the info I read in the past about how to do this. Do any of you know what I'm talking about? :?
  15. serpico

    How to create AVI files?

    So I tried Pocket DVD Wizard and the final complete AVI file resolution is too small. Though it worked on the dvd player, you can tell it's being stretched too much. I tried Dr. Divx and it made my computer useless until the process completed. In the end, the file was uncomplete. Is there anything on the mac side that I can use to create AVI's? How do people do it, we see many divx and avi files around from the internet shows? I guess I'll email them and hope for a response. I think command n creates avi files of their show.