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  1. In general everything is working fine in the podcasting section of iTunes 7.01. However it will not download the last episode of both the MacCast (http://www.maccast.com/erss.xml and by the time I post this it isn't the latest episode. Its's the expo special, the episode since then downloaded with no problems.)and my own podcast(http://moviesyoushouldsee.libsyn.com/rss). The error message reads... "There was a problem downloading "Downfall". An unknown error occurred (416). Please check that the URL is correct and the connection to the network is active and try again." Some of my listeners have told me that they are suffering the same problem, but only using the latest verion of iTunes on OS X. I know the file is there and the RSS feed is correct because I can download the episode with no problems using iTunes on the PC, and just about every other way you can download a podcast. I've also tried re-posting the episode but that's done nothing. The RSS feed is made using Libsyn so it's unlikely that I've wrongly programmed the feed. Apart from the problem on these two feeds all is well. Can anyone help?
  2. big_rich1

    Video Camera Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good but very very very cheap Mini DV video camera that will have no problems working with the latest iMovie or Final Cut, I suppose that just means one with a firewire out. I've seen loads with a USB out. Do they work with the Mac?
  3. big_rich1

    Hard Drive Upgrade

    Hey guys, I have a PowerMac G5 Dual 2GHz, with a 160GB Hard Drive. I was wondering if I can either upgrade the HD to a larger size or add a second drive. Ideally Id like to fit a second hard drive myself, using a drive off the net rather than going to an apple store. Is that at all possible? If so is there a particular type of HD I would need to get? Thanks
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    I would absolutely love a GMail account. Id really appreciate it if somebody would be good enough to invite me. My email address is richardrich56@hotmail.com Thanks for your help Rich
  5. Is there anyway I can have a video conference chat on my mac (OS X 10.4.3) with a friend on a pc (XP, poor bugger) using instant messaging software. So far the only cross platform IM ive found is MSN and that doesnt support video on the mac. Thanks for your help mac geeks!
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    Garage Band recording drop outs

    Sorry, I should have mentioned before... I'm running a Dual 2.0GHz G5 Power Mac with 1GB RAM. Unfortunately Ive also tried all the normal things
  7. Hi all, Got a problem with Garage Band 2.0.2 here. When I'm recording (which I do through an M-Audio Firewire Solo) after a short time, the sound from GB will cut out. The program will keep recording, but the sound on the computer will cut out after an audible "blip" noise. This has just started happening in the last week, but not only that its started happening to a friend of mine with a brand new mac, and I've even seen some posts about this on Apple's forums. So far....no answer. My computer is fully up to date and I've installed nothing at all onto my machine for it to start doing this. Can anyone help? I cant podcast again until I can sort this problem. I feel even worse for my friend who switched to a mac to use GB after I told him it was problem free! I look a bit daft now. Thanks for your help.
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    Thanks, much appreciated
  9. Suddenly all my applications seem to close unexpectedly. Ive not changed anything on my machine and its bang up to date. I running a PowerMac Dual 2.0 with the latest version of Tiger. Can anyone help?
  10. big_rich1

    Applications quiting unexpectedly in Tiger 10.4.2

    Its not an end of the world type issue, but Id be interested to know
  11. big_rich1

    Applications quiting unexpectedly in Tiger 10.4.2

    I know its off topic but I would love to know if you have issues with Flash loading times when you are connected to an ethernet port. If Im online flash takes 5-10 minutes to load up but is almost instant when Im off line
  12. big_rich1

    Applications quiting unexpectedly in Tiger 10.4.2

    No worries, any attempts are greatly appreciated.
  13. big_rich1

    Applications quiting unexpectedly in Tiger 10.4.2

    Its mainly macromedia programs like Flash and Fireworks, but it does occasionally happen with iPhoto. Its been better recently, don't know why, I haven't done anything. I've upgraded to Tiger, bought my mac about 2 weeks before they anounced the release date for Tiger so I had to pay for it separately. Don't get me started.
  14. Ok, I know that when you submit a feed to iTunes, it takes a couple of days to show up in there. I also realise that if you submit a Feedsburner feed, the whole thing takes less time. My problem is that my feeds are in iTunes as long as you search specifically for them. They do not show up if you just browse the catagory from the main directory page. Is there a time lag before my podcasts apear in the directory as apposed to having to be searched for? If so does anybody know how long it is? Or is it just an oversight on the part of Apple? Any ideas, much appreciated. Rich
  15. big_rich1

    Today's Top Podcasts

    We've all heard about the recent problems with the iTunes Today's Hot Podcasts chart. You can click the subscribe button as many times as you like and move yourself up the chart. Very Naughty. Then something very strange came to my attention. The BBC holds 7 out of the top 10 places in the chart. Many questions follow. Is the chart international or am I seeing the UK chart because thats where I am? I find it hard to accept that The Best of Moyles from BBC Radio 1 is the most popular podcast around the world! Are people listening to the BBC because they are an established company instead of indie podcasters? If they are then why don't other people like CNN and ABC come even close to the success of the BBC in podcasting? The fact that the BBC are the most successfull podcasting group so far and are destroying everyone else in the charts makes me wonder if they themselves arent cheating at this!